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Glass Road Solo Challenge #1 with Andrew

OK, sometime last week my friend
Andrew Brooks
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and I came up with the idea of trying to beat each other's scores at a solo game of Glass Road where we both started with the same starting buildings & stacked the building decks so we'd make the same draws.

Now this young whippersnapper friend of mine has played Glass Road SIX times to my 52. I TAUGHT him how to play it. So, of course it's only to be expected that I whupped him at this challenge, right? RIGHT???

Yeah, you guessed it - he beat me 31 to 28 points. 31 points!!!

*sigh* OK, apparently I LIKE Glass Road more than I'm GOOD at it


For the lunatics in the crowd (and Andrew), here are the details of my turns - all caps indicates a card with BOTH abilities used, parentheses around a building shows what buildings were built, parentheses around a card indicates a card that was in my hand but not used

First round - Charcoal Burner, PIT WORKER (Clay Worker)

Second round - Fish Farmer, Carpenter (building firm), CULTIVATOR (swamp hut). (Feudal Lord)

Third round - Supplier (Lumber Storage), Slash & Burn Farmer, Pit Worker, FOREST MANAGER, (Woodcutter)

Fourth round - Fuel Collector, Charcoal Burner, Feudal Lord, Cultivator, CARPENTER (Glassworks) (Water Carrier)

Fifth round - Pit Worker, BUILDER (Clay Depot, then Friends of Nature House) (Pond Builder)

Sixth round - Carpenter (Builder's Depot), Water Carrier, FOREST MANAGER (Woodcutter)

Seventh round - Slash & Burn Farmer, Supplier (Extension), Builder (Sculpture Workshop), CULTIVATOR (Shed) (Pond Builder)

Here's a VERY glare-heavy picture of my final board if anyone is interested -

From gallery of Denise

Starting buildings were BLUE Building Firm, Kiln, Swamp Hut, Soup Kitchen, YELLOW Sculpture Workshop, Log Driver, Clay Depot, Lumber Storage, BROWN Friends of Nature House, Glazier's Workshop, Food Locker and Glassworks. There was a LOT of synergy there with the sand & glass, so I went heavily into those & pretty well stuck with it. 28 points is still respectable though, even if I did get beat!!

Good job Andrew!!
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