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The Return of Inquisitor (sort of)

Derek Anderson
United States
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There is nothing better than playing board games with my 4 sons!
There is nothing better than playing board games with my 4 sons!
The Return of Inquisitor (sort of)
By Cardboard Carnage

From Games Workshop's Website: Inquisitor is a large scale narrative skirmish game using beautifully crafted 54mm models, and set in the dark world of the Imperium's most covert and mysterious agents. It allows you to play the part of a bold hero or cruel villain in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If character and story are more important to you than winning a battle, then this is the game for you.

When Inquisitor was first released, about 10 years ago, I was the owner of a FLGS at the time and we specialized in Games Workshop products and other similar wargames. Inquisitor was a big hit when it first came out, it offered a new approach to gaming in the 40k universe and allowed you to take a more personal role with a character (or characters) in the game.

I believe the downfall of the game was more or less due to the lack of support given over time. The first year or two I remember a lot of GW support and a lot of magazine articles, these quickly began to fade, as did interest in the game. People wanted more minis, they wanted to keep playing, but it was unfortunately downgraded to a "specialists game" with Games Workshop, and as minis sold out, they were not reproduced and many great sculpts have now gone OOP.

There is still a good selection of minis in stock with Games Workshop, although you can find them for about half price at other online game stores, but recently something caught my attention that made me unpack my Inquisitor minis.

A sculptor in Russia has begin to create and cast (in resin) a new line of 54mm miniatures that fit right into the 40k/Inquisitor Universe. The miniature line is called "Damnation" and currently there are four minis available. This opens up a new set of possibilities with Inquisitor, by allowing you to assemble and paint new minis, as well as giving you many more custom options.

Below are images of the new minis in the Damnation line, and my thoughts on them each.

Damnation - Inquisitor
This is a pretty good addition to the Inquisitor line and easily fits right in. I like the bionic arm, although it looks a little too stiff, I could see altering it slightly to have more of a bend in the elbow. Other than that, the only thing that bothers me is the awkward position of the miniatures right thumb, it almost seems as if the gun is going to fall out of his hand if he tries to walk around.

Damnation - Renegade
This is probably my least favorite miniature of the bunch, he just doesn't look right for some reason. I am not sure if it is the mask, or the combination of a beggars robe with the sci-fi boots, or the Will Smith's robotic arm from iRobot... Something is just not right. The lizard on his back is a nice touch though, and gives the character some needed flavor and personality.

Damnation - Sororita
This may be the butt ugliest nun you have ever seen, with a face that looks to be a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler, but I'll give her credit for one thing - she looks like she can kick some ass. The gun powder pistol on her hip gives her some character too, I can almost hear her uttering the Dirty Harry line "make my day..."

Damnation - Thug
Ok, this is my favorite of the bunch, I saved the best for last apparently. This guy looks like someone you want on your team, not someone you have to fight against. He has the perfect cross between technology and bad-assery (is that a word?).

Some of the chest muscles might look a little funky, but otherwise I am very impressed and look forward to getting this one built, painted and on the table. The subtle bits of bionics on his chin and spine look great too.

If you have any Inquisitor minis stored away, I hope these photos inspire you (like they did me) to take them out and dust them off for a few rounds of combat.

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