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Admitting Defeat

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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It was always a little tongue in cheek, but wow did I ever underestimate how little I would game in the last two years and how that would affect my playing of the 10 games I wanted to push up.

While it's almost certain I passed 100 plays of the Tichu app - I'm probably nearer 500 - I never got anywhere near that mark face to face and none of the others managed to break through the 50 barrier since my last post almost a year ago (until Cosmic finally did so last weekend) and almost all my plays have dried up, right down to the level where my solo plays of games outnumber face to face ones.

Groups dissolved, my work became night shifts, friends moved away or lost interest...

So... screw it all - I gave up.

Do I think the whole endeavour was dumb? No, not really. If I was playing even half as much as I was at the time I came up with the idea, I'd have been done by now.

Anyway, we had a lot of interesting conversations, a lot of people were very nice about my writing and I got to play games I already loved a lot more. So I call that a win/win - but, eventually, I had to break down and trade stuff overseas.

The trades were:

TZAAR and DVONN- I finally found someone willing to send these to me and now I am the proud owner of all 6 "core" GIPF titles. Yay, I guess (though they remain unplayed). And I got them for Defenders Of The Realm which had been replaced in my gaming life by Pandemic anyway (for why, see my last post: Humble Pie)

Takenoko - the little panda came into my collection in exchange for Wasabi!, which was a game that I found tedious and hated playing, despite the fact my wife enjoys it. I got the panda because I thought (and I was correct) after watching the Tabletop episode in which it featured, I would play it more than the sushi meets connect four game.

I also traded my completely unplayed copy of Alien Frontiers for a new, nicer Mahjong set (with Arabic numerals to stave off complaints!)

So for the most part those have been positive changes, meaning unplayed games for games that will get played - the only true **** up I have made in trading is in bringing in Mansions of Madness to replace my Android and Through The Ages - which has turned out to be replacing one unplayed game with another paperweight so if you're looking for a copy, make me an offer!

However, I have still only actually bought a couple of things with my own money since Feb 2012.

These were:

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Voyage of the Beagle (Vol. 1) - I fricking love Robinson Crusoe after I got it for a birthday gift - even solo - and holy cow when I heard they were releasing a Charles Darwin (my hero) expansion... well, I had to have it. I've not played it yet and still have four scenarios to play from the original box, but I know that either alone or with others (I taught the original game 4 times at Lobstercon 7 despite suffering Laryngitis) it will get played.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is probably a less excusable purchase. In terms of slipping off the wagon it's a big fall (I have a whole bunch of extras in the box) but I console myself with those fateful words "it is being played" whenever I feel too bad. Mainly I bought it becaue even if I'm on my own, I love playing a new combination of heroes and trying to make them work (even if Parse and Setback are still causing me trouble)

So - there we go. I'm not the man to get this done after all.
I'm not perfect, and I'm not playing that much these days, despite Lobstercon finally pushing me over the 50 games played of Cosmic, so I'll happily pass the mantle on.

I'm also going to have a big clear out of games soon, which will hopefully offset the money spent on the new games and make me feel a bit better about that. (I've still got a War of the Ring with its expansion if anyone's looking.

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