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A cautionary tale

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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So I found this picture in my gallery from 2008 - it's of my burgeoning collection at the time and I remember being very fond of it, it showing, after all, the first flush of my collecting frenzy (perhaps two years in)and the perhaps overly ordered way I had arranged it in an IKEA Billy bookcase.
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From gallery of ALGO

So out of interest I decided to take a look at that picture again and see how many of those games are still in my collection. I was shocked!
In the picture below you can see games that are already gone (in red) and games on the for trade list (in green). It's shocking to realise just how many games I used to think I'd play all the time and was so wrong about I couldn't even give them house room any more!

From gallery of ALGO

So out of all the games I had so studiously collected for my enjoyment, I still own only the following

Go - still got two sets, still don't really play enough for that to make sense.

Citadels - which I found I still had during a clear out but I think I'll keep since its house room is pretty small.

Arkham Horror - which has bred, as evil creatures are wont to.

The Lord of the Rings - Which fell apart. I'm pretty sure I have the parts in that brown box on top of the bookcase, now, but the miniatures got destroyed when a guest sat on the box!

Carcassonne - still one of my favourites, though I have been enjoying it more after I removed most of the expansions and now use only Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals in addition to the base game

Puerto Rico - still one of my faves, I still suck at it.

The Fury of Dracula - Which I can't bear to part with. I should see if it is complete and whether I can shift it for the same sort of money I got for the rest of the old Games Workshop stuff.

Tigris & Euphrates - though the one I have now is actually a different copy to the one pictured, ironically!

Agricola - still a favourite

Catan - though this is out on loan

SIMPSONS MONOPOLY and even SCRABBLE are still here for goodness' sake!

Power Grid - still a favourite

Subbuteo - which only gets played at LoBstercon!

What does this mean for the reader of this blog? Maybe nothing, maybe something. I'm pretty sure at least some of these purchases were made from a pure desire to expand the collection and get the big games at the time. Certainly now I would never have bought my own copy of Race For The Galaxy.
I certainly wouldn't have bought Tannhauser in hindsight since the two plays I had were far from being worthwhile - I was still in that crazy "maybe my wife will like it" stage of the hobby, at that point. Why I thought if Descent had too many fiddly bits for her, Tannhauser would be better, I have NO IDEA at all.

For Tannhauser I believe I got Twilight Struggle in exchange which has seen far more plays - if not with my wife (though I did teach her 1960 last week, perhaps one day...)

Do I regret wasting my time buying all these games and the money I spent on postage when trading them? Yeah, if I'm being honest with myself I have to admit this picture makes me feel a bit silly. Yeah, I think so.

I feel more silly that those shelves are even MORE full now. More on that later...

One thing I have been inspired to do is work my way through all the games I own now and write something about them. too subjective to call a review, but may be an entertaining read on each - so as a result I think it would be fun to take another picture (the Billy is still there, though groaning under the weights a bit more in its old age, I think) as the comparison will be interesting.

It's scary to look back sometimes, but hopefully this could be a cautionary tale, inspiring people to do what I have always encouraged them to, which is THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BUY.


P.S. Seriously? This is before I even owned Shadows over Camelot? Crikey that feels a long time ago!
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