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New Game Round-up: Pegasus Spiele in 2015 — Mages & Monkeys, Mokka & Mombasa and Much More

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
• I added a half-dozen new releases from Pegasus Spiele to BGG's Nürnberg/New York 2015 Preview in early January 2015, but since they were German editions of earlier releases, I didn't highlight them in this section. Now's the time, though, since I've added still more from Pegasus to the BGG database, giving the weight of those titles nigh-unstoppable crushing power on the wall that separates that preview from this blog. The titles in question include:

Crazy Coconuts, a German version of Walter Benjamin's awesome Coconuts from Korea Boardgames
Empire Engine, a German version of the AEG release of the same name
GemBloQ, a German version of the Justin Oh release from Korea
Golem Arcana Grundspiel, a German version of the Golem Arcana base game, with three expansions being announced at the same time
Imperial Settlers, a German version of the Ignacy Trzewiczek/Portal Games release that you've probably heard of a few times
Kling Klang Klunker, a German version of Justin Oh's Bling Bling Gemstone, a game that's as much fun to introduce to someone as it is to play
Munchkin: Jäger des Schatzes, a German version of Munchkin Treasure Hunt
oddball Aeronauts, a German version of the Nigel Pyne release of the same name
Puzzle Strike: Das Deck-Hau-Spiel, a German version of the third edition of Puzzle Strike
Seventh Hero, a German version of the AEG release of the same name
Simsala... Bumm?, a German version of the Gary Kim release Abraca...what? from Korea Boardgames
Smash Up: Kuschelattacke, a German version of Pretty Pretty Smash Up
VivaJava, a German version of VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game
Why First?, a revised German/English version of the 2012 release Why First? from Runadrake and Simon Havard in which you want to place second in races in order to score points, while also ending up with the second-highest point total to win

Board Game: GembloQ
Board Game: Imperial Settlers
Board Game: Bling Bling Gemstone
Board Game: Abracada...What?
Board Game: VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game

Other titles that are original to Pegasus or co-published with Pegasus but not yet out from other publishers include:

Brains: Japanischer Garten, a set of fifty logic puzzles from Reiner Knizia that won't get a listing on BGG since the puzzles appear to have fixed solutions and won't get a listing on PuzzleGeek because it doesn't exist yet

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Istanbul: Mokka und Bakschisch, which is labeled on the box as the first expansion for 2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Istanbul

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Mage Wars Academy, which Arcane Wonders is releasing in English and which Pegasus lists with a May 2015 release date. Here's an overview of that spinoff in the Mage Wars game line, followed by preliminary cover artwork:

Mage Wars Academy features gameplay similar to Mage Wars Arena (né Mage Wars) with two mages in head-to-head combat to see who will be victorious.

Mage Wars Academy is a two-player starter set that features two mages, two spellbooks, and a new "boardless" gameplay design that's more portable and fast-playing than Mage Wars Arena. All of the spell cards included in Academy are compatible with those in Arena.
From gallery of W Eric Martin

Mmm!, a Reiner Knizia game that may or may not be related to the Knizia Twilight Creations title Mmm ... Brains! from 2006.

Speed Snacks, an Ulrich Blum design about which I know nothing

Die Zwerge: Das Duell, a two-player-only, German-only game based on the novel Der Triumph der Zwerge that includes scenarios for use with Die Zwerge board game.

Board Game: The Dwarves: The Duel

Finally, Pegasus Spiele has preliminary artwork for two releases from its publication partner eggertspiele that I covered in this BGG News post: My Village (now with a May 2015 release date attached to it) and Mombasa (September 2015):

From gallery of W Eric Martin

From gallery of W Eric Martin
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