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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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iOS News Bits: BGG Ascension World Cup • Volcano Island • Let's Play Checkers • Battleline • Cabals: The Card Game • Thunderstone • Disc Drivin • Tichu • Kard Combat • Full Deck Hold'Em...and Much Much More

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• BGG iOS Ascension World Cup Tournament
• Volcano Island Released
• Let's Play Checkers Released
• 3-Card Brigade Poker Update
• Scryptic Released
• Battleline Update
• Words with Friends Update
• Cabals: The Card Game Public Beta
• Battle Planes Released
• Chapayev Pro Released
• Tichu Updated
• Kard Combat Update
• Neuroshima Hex Update
• Full Deck Hold'Em Released
• Jenga Updated
• Tien Len Released
• thegameofthegoose Released
• Trademark Filed For "With Friends", Not Zynga
• Fits Release Schedule Update
• Disc Drivin' to Get Customizable Discs
• Splut! Release Set For Winter 2011
• AEG and Zabu Studio Announce Thunderstone for iOS and More
• Codito Updates Release Schedule

• BGG iOS Ascension World Cup Tournament
User red turtle of the BGG iOS Board Game Community Guild is planning to run a massive 64 player World Cup style tournament of the very popular Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. The deadline for entries has just been extended. A bit over half of the tournament slots are already filled but there's still room for more, but you bette hurry! For more information visit the tournament thread: BGG iOS Ascension World Cup Tournament.

• Volcano Island Released - July 17
Developer Little Shop of Adventures released its turn-based strategy game app, Volcano Island. An island is gradually sinking beneath the ocean before a volcano erupts. The object is to move the inhabitants to safety while being challenged by wandering sharks and octopuses. Also there are some people who can't swim. It all sounds vaguely similar to the Parker Brothers classic, Survive: Escape from Atlantis!.

• Let's Play Checkers Released - August 2
Developer, Mirror Match Games released it's slick Checkers app for iOS Universal and priced at $2.99.

• 3-Card Brigade Poker Update - August 3
Michael Powers has updated 3-Card Brigade, an app inspired by Battle Line and Schotten Totten to version 1.2.0 with the following new stuff:

mpowers wrote:
What's new

Game Center Achievements and Leaderboard for longest undefeated campaign streak. Also: cleaned up graphics, added sounds, previous move indicator, rearrange cards in hand, and various minor things. (Asynchronous multiplayer is in testing and ready for the next update -- get ready.)

• Scryptic Released - August 4
It's a word game. Wait, it's a war game. No, it's both! LKS GameWorks has released its unique game app Scryptic for the iPhone and priced it at $1.99. This game appears to blend elements of Scrabble into a strategic combat game. wow Needless to say, we'll hopefully be checking this one out soon to see if the pen really is mightier than the sword.

• Battleline Update - August 5
Just about a week after their 2.0 release, Rational Brothers again updated Reiner Knizia's Battleline to version 2.1. Here's what it includes:
Rational Brothers wrote:
What's new

Improved online lobby experience, making it much easier to find and post online games and play multiple online games at once.
Receive in-game notifications when another posted game of yours is ready to start.
Fixed a bug which showed open Lost Cities games from in the Battleline iOS client game list.
Fixed a bug preventing users from changing their password in user preferences.
Improved several dialogs to be more intuitive.

• Words with Friends Update - August 5
Zynga has updated its popular Words with Friends app to version 4.06. The small update includes:
What's new

Here’s a small, but wonderful, update for you Words Fans! We quickly fixed up some very rare issues that cropped up in the previous version, and those fixes are now ready for consumption!

Specifically, we addressed:
• Back and Chat buttons can no longer become stuck after making moves
• Improved app stability when multiple apps are hibernating in the background

Game on!

• Cabals: The Card Game Public Beta - August 5
Kyy Games sent out a press release inviting users to try out Cabals: The Card Game on your Web browser. The game will ultimately be released for iOS and Android in addition to web-based, and still scheduled for Summer 2011.

• Battle Planes Released - August 6
Pixiusoft Corporation has released its take on Battleship with some additional twists and tweaks on the rules. Battle Planes is a Universal app and priced at $1.99.

• Chapayev Pro Released - August 8
Kynitex has released its take on the dexterity game known as Chapayev that is apparently "crazy popular" among former U.S.S.R countries. It's like checkers meets billiards. This app features cool block print style art and military pieces with special powers to mix up the flicking fun.

• Tichu Updated - August 9
We don't get to mention Tichu enough in this blog. "Addictive" is a term that gets thrown around a LOT when it comes to describing iOS apps. Players of the print version of Tichu, however, I think have a more accurate idea of what "addictive" really means.

Because this app is pretty solid as is, I would guess that Steve at House Full of Games does not need to update this app all that often. So we're glad to point out even a minor update to the iOS app of the legendary card game played by over 642 million Chinese. Bring it Steve:
House Full of Games wrote:
What's new

* The wish picker dialog can now be cancelled.
* Minor improvements to computer opponents.
* Minor bug fixes.

Thanks to all of you for giving the last release of Tichu so many five star ratings! Over 90% of Tichu's ratings have had five stars! Since Apple resets all of the ratings with each new version, please don't forget to go to iTunes and rate Tichu again! Many thanks!

• Kard Combat Update - August 9
Hothead's mage battle card game for iOS Universal, Kard Combat, got a huge update to version 1.2. So let's just list the goodness:

What's new

★ Sound options and the ability to listen to your own music added
★ Four new playable magi
★ New “Challenge” single player game mode
★ New “Timed Mode” for quick multiplayer games
★ Button added to restore all purchases in our store
★ Pause Menu is now transparent when inactive
★ New mage select screen
★ Ability to change difficulty level during campaign
★ “New” tags added to newly received items or features
★ New animation for when cards move
★ New main menu background reward for mastering all eight magi
★ New game icon
★ Oracle to be unlocked as soon as the KC Facebook page reaches 1000 likes
★ Various screen flow improvements
★ Footman and Automaton are vulnerable to destroy
★ Various bug fixes, including:
- Mana numbers always correct at beginning of turns
- 20 multiplayer slots available for everyone who has made a purchase
- +5 maximum health value discrepancy fixed
★ Facebook button
★ Updated credits

• Neuroshima Hex Updated - August 10, August 16
Big Daddy's Creations has updated Neuroshima Hex! to version 1.31. It's an update with a lengthy list of bug fixes and some other good stuff:
Big Daddy's Creations wrote:
Added features:
- iPod music after using multitasking
- store banner appears only if anything is available to buy

Fixed bugs:
- frequent crashes
- problems with Pusher
- picking up Roots by Move
- Roots placed on units after Undo
- possibility to put Mine/Roots on Mine/Roots when board is full
- problems with Spy and between Spy and Scoper
- lack of score and HQ kills for Venom
- Neojungle used to gain bonuses from enemy’s modules
- modules used to provide bonuses to Motherland if connected only to Roots
- castling between our and an enemy unit
- added missing Gamma module to Neojungle
- Sharpshooter and Rocket Launcher sometimes didn’t shoot
- blocked buttons after canceling Battle when board was full
- hand view was disabled after canceling Battle when board was full
- small tweaks in AI (AI placed a module directed to an enemy’s Spy, improved Medic and Transport tactics)
- some problems in Game Center’s area
- spelling errors in Manual, Army library and Achievement’s descriptions

And a subsequent update to version 1.32 occurred a week later to make the app compatible with iOS 3.1.3.

• Full Deck Hold'Em Released - Aug 10
GRL Games has released Full Deck Hold'Em for iOS iPad and priced it at $2.99. The coolest thing about this Poker app is that it features video chat for up to four friends. I think Lady Gaga had it right when she sang about "My my my poker face!" I mean, what's Poker without tells? Perhaps this game could bring that element back to video game Poker. And when you display the iPad 2 video on an HD TV? Oh the possibilities!

• Jenga Updated - August 10
Another update for the iOS versions of the now classic dexterity game:
What's new

Why would we stop? You clearly love the game so much we’re giving you even more awesome stuff.

Introducing “Tap, Drag, Drop” – a simple and memorable tutorial to get new Jenga players started.
Red Alert! – You haven’t noticed that a red highlight indicates a more difficult block? Never mind, we’ve made it super-obvious with our new ‘Tower Topple!’ warning sign.
Slickness – Why did we make you go back to the main menu when you toppled the tower? Who knows?! Well, now we’ve sped it up so you can retry faster in your pursuit of that elusive high-score.
Online Stat Tracking – You want to know how many wins you’ve racked up don’t you? Now we tell you!
Online win notification! Get direct notification of your win when your opponent topples the tower then choose to watch their demise at your leisure.
Online smiley sending! Left your opponent with a particularly nasty tower? Really show off your move with style.
There’s also some cool stuff going on behind the scenes but you’ll have to wait until the next update for that!


• Tien Len Released - August 10
Pixel Stream has released Tien Len: Killer 13 for iOS Universal and priced at $1.99. Tien Len is a climbing game (like Zheng Shangou, Big Two, Tichu, Gang of Four, or President) and has been considered to be the national card game of Vietnam. This iOS app version features multiplayer and "full 3d environment" among other features.

• thegameofthegoose Released - August 12
Those with little ones who are allowed to user their parents iOS devices might find this app interesting. ManualiPc has released thegameofthegoose (yes, lowercase and no spaces in that title) for iOS Universal and priced at $3.99. The app takes its inspiration from the ancient children's classic which may even trace its roots back to the even more ancient Egyptian game of Mehen. Thankfully, for all of the ancientness, this app looks pretty fresh even if the mechanics are not.

• Twelve Trademark Applications Filed For "With Friends", Not Zynga - August 14 first posted an article about a company called Roxy Friday LLC, whose CEO Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment has recently filed applications for twelve "With Friends" trademarks. Zynga owns the rights to "Words With Friends".


Then Gamezebo picked it up and used it as an opportunity to point out how iOS 5 "will include a ready-to-use asynchronous multiplayer option through Game Center that developers can take advantage of, and at that point the floodgates are going to open." We expect that news like this can only be good for fans of async. Stay tuned! Post - August 14 Post - August 15

• Fits Release Schedule Update - Aug 15
Torulf of Tribeflame let us know this weekend that Fits for iOS has received from feedback from the doctor himself as well as possible collaborative interest from large game publisher who will go unnamed. In any case the current expectation is the app will be released before Spiel (Essen) in October.

• Disc Drivin' to Get Customizable Discs - August 16
Either the guys at Pixelocity just dropped LSD (Love Some DiscDrivin') or this is a mandala-collage demonstrating a new feature for customizing discs into millions of combinations as posted on their Twitter feed Tuesday.

• Splut! Release Set For Winter 2011 - August 16
BGG user tocoking reports that Splut! for iPad, which is still in development has had its last bug fixes and multiplayer interface is now working smoothly. Next up...AI and release in Winter 2011. Here's that pic with either the really big iPad or really small hand, again.

• AEG and Zabu Studio Announce Thunderstone for iOS and More - August 16
In a press release Tuesday, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announced that they will partner with Zabu Studio, makers of Facebook game apps, to develop and release Thunderstone for the iOS, Facebook, and Android platforms.

The app will apparently opt for freemium business model and will support single player complete with campaign mode and multiplayer in both realtime and async.

• Codito Updates Release Schedule - August 17

Le Havre - Nov 2011
El Grande - March 2012
Tigris & Euphrates - September 2011

Codito reports that they are working with the original source art for a change on Le Havre and T&E is getting close to final testing and could see a realistic release of mid-September.
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