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I like to play games, and I like to think of myself as a creative person. This naturally leads me down the road that many have gone before: wanting to make my own game. I have an idea, and I aim to see that idea to fruition. This blog will chronicle my attempt to do just that.
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The Concept, Part 2

sean johnson
United States
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So the first post I described, in broad overview, the basic concept of the game I want to make. My intention now is to go into a bit more depth about how I see that concept playing out.

First, the board

It is my experience that games with variable boards and/or random set ups have more replayability than static boards. My parents for example, love Catan (the basically play it weekly), and they have stated they do not grow tired of the game because it is always different. To that end, I think the board should be geomorphic hexes. These hexes go together to form paths between star systems. The systems themselves will be randomly placed in the locations, kind of like the numbers are randomly placed on the hexes in Catan. This double layer of random set up ensures that every game is different.

Second, how to win

One of the major euro-game elements that I want to incorporate is multiple paths to victory. Often in a euro game, the winner is the one with the most points and there are just different venues of earning those points. I am thinking of taking the multiple paths to victory a bit more literal and having three distinct ways that the game can be won. Here is what I am thinking right now:

1. Control over half the planets in the game.
2. Fully develop two planets and fully research a specific branch of the tech tree.
3. Fully research a specific branch of the tech tree to gain a Planetary Devastator, and destroy one opponent's home world.

Yeah, I know on that last victory condition I am pretty much wearing one of my influences on my sleeve.

Third, how the game plays

So one of the other major euro-game elements I want to incorporate is the feeling of not being able to get everything done, and every turn has hard choices between to many good options. For me the ultimate game that delivers this is Agricola. On a player's turn they will get to do two actions out of a possible five:

1. Fleet Movement: This action allows players to move their star ships and by extension initiate combat and/or occupation of planets.

2. Research
: This action allows players to research technology. The Tech tree will have three branches, and players will have to research them in order.

3. Develop: This action allows players to build structures on individual planets that give bonuses for that planet.

4. Produce and build: This action allows players to collect resources from their controlled planets and then uses those resources to build more space craft.

5. Leadership: This action allows players to draw a card from the command cards. The command cards will be the "wild card" of the game that give players strong bonuses or interrupt capabilities when played.

Fourth, dice
As mentioned in the first post, this game is going to be a die roller. Of the five previously mentioned possible actions, I envision all but leadership to use dice in somewhat. One of the my favorite parts of a game I mentioned last time, Throneworld, is that a late game combat could involve each needing to make 60+ die rolls (or roll 60 at once if you have that many dice on hand). I do not think this game will have that many dice, but for combat I am looking at a bucket of dice approach. For research, develop, and production dice will be used more as resources and players will have to decide which of those three actions to commit their resources to. Right now I am thinking the game will use four sided, six sixed, eight sided, and ten sided dice.

That is a bit more detail to what I am thinking. I have already worked ahead a bit further than this, so my next step is to start making a rough prototype to put the ideas into practice.

In the mean time, I hope in the near future to blog again and begin explaining the actions in a bit more detail. If this interest you, please subscribe and continue to help keep me accountable! Thanks!
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