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Summer shopping without Gen Con

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Well, I didn't go to Gen Con, but I'm still getting email from the Gen Con folks--mostly congratulating all of us on another great year (nice to be included). It's odd, but when I think back to the Gen Cons I went to I mostly think of all the gaming I did, and meeting some of the creative folks behind the games I played (awesome). It seems like now though it's all about the shopping. Or, at least, that's all I seem to read about.

So, I'll kick off with what I've shopped for at around this time. I didn't get a subliminal push. Rather, I discovered Miskatonic University was coming out and THAT kicked off the madnesss. I live in Japan, you see, and if I order a game I'm already paying upwards of US$40 for shipping, so I might as well get MORE games.

So, the shopping list (with titles shortened):
Arkham Horror: Dunwich
Arkham Horror: Miskatonic
Arkham Horror: The Black Goat
Arkham Horror: The Dark Pharaoh
Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow
Arkham Horror: The Lurker
Anima: The Twilight
Cutthroat Caverns
Cutthroat Caverns: Relics
Cutthroat Caverns: Tombs
Dungeoneer: Tomb
Dungeoneer, Epic: Call
Space Hulk: Death Angel
Space Hulk: Mission Pack
Space Hulk: Space Marine
Tannhauser: Hoax
Tannhauser: Oksana
Tannhauser: Reich
Tannhauser: Union
Whan Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist

So... splurged a bit (O.o)

When I went in for Miskatonic, I saw that all of the Arkham expansions that I didn't have were available, so it made sense to just go ahead and get them. I think it's worth mentioning here that I originally avoided Arkham like the plague because I DIDN'T want to get all the expansions! But my search for solo games finally made me give in--and I'm glad that I did!

Along with Arkham, I decided to bolster my Tannhauser. Originally, I didn't really want the Troop Packs, but they turned up on sale, so I went ahead and added them. Anima also falls into this category. I like the copies I have and may be on the verge of finding a solo style that I like.

Quarriors! (HATE games with punctuation in the title) came next. I like dice games and I haven't yet found a deck-builder that I like, so I thought I'd give this a try. I think it'll be my last attempt though because I'm one of those people that dedicates to a series, not a concept (and deck-building hasn't really blown me away).

From here, we're looking at on-sale items that were always on my interest list, including Cutthroat and Dungeoneer. Plenty to buy into there if I like those titles, but we'll see how these play out.

Space Hulk was something that I was really interested in (solo!), but it wasn't until I visited Fantasy Flight and saw that they had the Print On Demand Packs there (at great shipping rates) that I decided to get it. Of all the games, This is probably #1 on my looking-forward-to-trying list. POD, the way of the future? We'll see.

Now some older games enter the picture. When Darkness Comes is a game that always puzzled and intrigued me. This won't add any more clarity, but it'll give me a reason to bust out the sets I have and try it again (I REALLY don't like/get the dice system, but then I don't play poker). Then there is the Out Of Print CCG, Hecatomb. Never heard of it, and considering the dark tone, I'm not so surprised. Still, it looked interesting enough for me to pick some up. Curious to see plastic cards used in the game, a material convention already well used here in Japan, but not so much in the rest of the world.

And that's it, my summer shopping splurge! (Of course, I say that, but that's pretty much my shopping for the year... Or maybe not, because my last order in the spring was supposed to be my shopping for the year...)

Well, talking about all this shopping is nice, but it won't be for a few weeks yet until everything arrives. I've placed enough orders now that I'm confident in the system, and maybe the excitement factor in getting new games has ebbed a bit. After all, I've ALREADY found the perfect game in Earth Reborn.

But I am filling existing collections (and starting new ones), and satisfying curiosity for other games. So, I'm happy with my purchases. Gen Cons come and go, but it's the games you take home! Glad to hear tales from everyone that went, but for less than 1/3 the price of airfare I got all this! (^_-)v

EDIT: grammar, spelling, the usual
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