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While the Geek is a wonderful place , like no other I have ever seen , its also a BIG place . As a result , its easy for a lot of stuff to fall by the way side , and get lost in pages and pages of forum posts and files and , and , and ,........ But the title says it all ............. This blog is devoted to FIRSTE edition Dust Tactics ! If anyone not working for , representing , getting money or compensation from BATTLE FRONT , Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Devils International , or Dust Chronicals (since the last 2 have their own list of hard core conrtributors , and should not need my help growing their sect of followers ) wants to post the info I post here on their own blogs and to their groups , feel free . Just be so kind as to give me credit for the material , and give a link to my blog post . IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY , NOONE IS FORCING YOU TO SIT THERE AND READ THIS , SO..................
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I wasn't born ! I sprang from the forhead of God , as he contemplated a particularly vile joke !
I wasn't born , I was hatched in the deepest darkest part of the ocean , and raised by sharks !

From its inception in 1933 , the Gestapo was a good idea , that like so many other Nazi initiatives was managed incredibly poorly .

In its original form , the Gestapo was designed to be an all knowing all powerful organization that would insulate the leadership from the fickleness of popular politics , by giving the ultimate power of life and death to a small body of party faithful , that would end up being overwhelmed and under staffed .

Despite the much hyped notion that the Gestapo actually was all knowing , with agents and eaves dropping devices everywhere , the Gestapo was horribly undermanned , and the vast majority of its information actually came from scores of informants , as citizens turned on each other out of fear or envy , to destroy a nations character from within .

But with a crazed leaders death , a new day would dawn .

A fortunate aspect of the nazis rise to power is that in many ways , its was more of a political organization than a governmental power structure . While people tend to think of the nazis as the government , and the government as the nazis , its not quite so . Many officials didn’t agree with the direction the nazi leadership had taken the country in . While the nazis did occupy the positions of power , there were still several sections and extensions of the government that they only had marginal control over , control that could be stolen away with just a word and a little courage .

Under operation Valkryie , the emergency powers would allow civilian authorities and the military to take control and secure the country and its power structures .

Many have praised the new leadership with its fast response to Hitler’s death , but what very few know is that his death wasn’t so sudden , it had been planned for months , and all the details of the clean up that would follow were planned to the smallest details .

While the leadership was “new” , the people that populated it were not . They knew all the secrets , and who needed to disappear in order to fix all the mistakes that had been made .

First on the list was the de-nazification of the Reiche . While it may sound simple , naziisim was more than just people , it was policies , and worse yet ongoing “projects” such as the “final solution”

To rid the Reiche of nazis meant dismantling what they created , and fixing the mess they had made , not JUST removing party members .

The 2 most pressing changes that would need to be accomplished with the greatest urgency would be the rebirth of the Gestapo ; taking it out of the hands of the nazi leadership and influence , and the re-tasking of the concentration camps .

The Gestapo , was much too dangerous to leave as it was , they had dirt on too many people , and could sway the public away from the new leadership . But at the same time , a strong national intelligence agency was an absolute necessity in times of war .

Within hours of the initiation of Valkyrie , loyal military police were seizing Gestapo files , and rounding up the agents . While a fraction of the agents were seen as acceptable , the vast majority were considered untrustworthy , and would be rounded up and thrown in with the rest of the fallen .

A new Gestapo would rise in its place .

What most people do not realize is that the old Gestapo was originally a part of the German police , but had been removed and empowered by Himmler . This created hurt feelings as the German police saw their authority being usurped , and the citizens being terrorized by the authorities that should have protected them .

The new Gestapo would take personnel from the military and police and integrate them into the new structure . It had all been decided and planned months in advance , so that within just a couple of days , the new order would rise .

The new organization would receive enough personnel , and be streamlined , so that it could do its job properly , efficiently , ruthlessly .

The Gestapo originally operated as an extension of the nazi party , but now it would operate as an extension of the German government , and in the best interests of the people and the nation as a whole .

The Gestapo’s original mandate to be a tool of terror in the hands of the nazis , meant that they sought to have investigative authority that far out stretched the manpower they had available .

As a tool of the party , the Gestapo’s authority covered areas that traditionally would have been left to the national police . With the restructuring , those areas that should have been left to the police would be returned . While the Gestapo would still have the authority to step in to investigations as needed , it would be the exception , not the rule .

While this was going on , the SS would be similarly gutted and reorganized to cover military intelligence gathering and operations .

With the integration of national police and military personnel into the new Gestapo , the 3 organizations would work hand in hand to share information and protect the new Reiche , with the Gestapo acting as a middle man to filter delicate information between the other 2 .

During the reorganization , the laws enacted by the Nazis were reviewed , and several were quietly repealed . Many laws related to race , religion , and personal freedoms would be removed , as much to win popular support for the new government as to increase support for the “new” war effort .

Under the old leadership there were 18 main departments and sub departments .

Department A (Enemies)
Communists (A1)
Counter Sabotage (A2)
Reactionaries and Liberals (A3)
Assassinations (A4)

Department B (Sects and Churches)
Catholics (B1)
Protestants (B2)
Freemasons (B3)
Jews (B4)

Department C (Administration and Party Affairs)
The central administrative office of the Gestapo, responsible for card files of all personnel including all officials.

Department D (Occupied Territories)
A repeat of departments A and B for use outside the Reich.
Opponents of the Regime (D1)
Churches and Sects (D2)

Department E (Counterintelligence)
In the Reich (E1)
Policy Formation (E2)
In the West (E3)
In Scandinavia (E4)
In the East (E5)
In the South (E6)

Under the new structure , it would change to :

Department A (Enemies Foreign )
Communists (A1)
Counter Sabotage (A2)
Reactionaries and Liberals (A3)
Assassinations (A4)

This department would deal with such people , stirring sentiment outside of axis member nations .

Its primary tool is assassination

Department B (Fringe Sects and Societies)
Occult Societies Domestic (B1)
Occult Societies foreign (B2)
Freemasons (B3)
Majestic 12 (B4)

Department C (Administration and Party Affairs)
The central administrative office of the Gestapo, responsible for card files of all personnel including all officials.

Department D ( Resistance Operations )
Occupied Resistance (D1) This department helps aid resistance cells in liberated territories such as Italy , portions of the middle east , and Africa .
Enemy Resistance (D2) this department sets up “resistance cells” in Allied and Sino-Soviet nations to establish helper groups after invasion , or slow down the enemies ability to produce materials to fight with .

Department E (Counterintelligence)
In the Reich (E1)
Policy Formation (E2)
In the West (E3)
In Scandinavia (E4)
In the East (E5)
In the South (E6)

Department F ( Military Actions and Research )
This department would deal with special military actions , such as those used to capture alien technology , as well as administer the guardianship of special facilities such as those researching alien technology and occult sciences .

Members of Department F are ready to do what ever needs doing , to achieve their goals .

Department G (Labor Camp Administration and Security)
Department G is charged with administration and security of the new labor camp structure .

Under the new government , labor camp detainees are still considered high risk , high security , and in many cases disappear from the system once they are sent to a camp .

Because of the secrecy surrounding the labor camps and the activities that go on there , it was decided that a department of the Gestapo would administer the camp system .

Department H (Enemies of State)
While it sounds ominous , and has in some ways more authority to act than other departments , it is also the most scrutinized by the leadership . This department is not publicized or known about outside of governmental circles because its actions are invariably lethal .

Department H is charged with investigating and hunting down members of the Nazi party , and those that willingly collaborated with them , where ever they may be . Department H has traveled far and wide , even going so far as to send hit squads to deal with Nazi scientists that had escaped to both allied and Sino-Soviet territories .

Because Department H’s mission is so narrowly defined , it has the least field operative . Fully 95% of its staff is administrative and clerical ; pouring over records and doing research then relaying the information to field agents to act upon .


In the days leading up to operation Valkyrie , the conspirators had set in motion their plans to deal with the concentration camps .

While the existence of the camps was not any real secret , the exact locations and what went on there was only fully know to a relative few outside the camps .

Among the new leaderships highest circles were a few of those who knew the terrible truth . While they had been in no position to do anything to stop such stupidity from starting , they could end it , but the big question was how to go about the task .

They knew that no matter what , the secret would not last forever , and that once it got out , it would cause serious problems , just as humanity was about to face a new threat from the stars .

If the Reich was to survive , and be ready for the coming fight , the camps had to be dealt with once and for all , and since the camps had been administered by the SS , with its close ties to the nazi leadership , it would have to be dealt with in the HOURS that followed the initiation of Valkyrie .

Simply liquidating the camps was not an option , the truth as it was was terrible enough , going one step further would make it even worse .

The decision was made to try and control the damage , while at the same time handing the mess off to the enemy , and let them clean it up .

2 days before Valkyrie , a trusted group of military units was assembled in staging areas , and sworn to secrecy , ready to travel by train to each camp , and relieve the existing guard and command structures in the hours after Hitler’s death . .

Each camp commander and his staff would be told that they were being transferred to a new post , to help consolidate power and secure the country . They were instructed to pack any needed clothing , and necessities only , that time was of the essence , and that additional ammunition would be supplied at their destination , so their needed only to take their personally assigned weapons .

In reality , it was a ruse . Each commander and his staff would be shipped one camp over , where the new loyal military units would be waiting to disarm and arrest them . It was believed that this would help capture and control the camps without major resistance .

As each train pulled out , 6 cars would be left behind . One would contain weapons and ammunition , another would contain medical staff to over see the camps , and the remaining 4 would contains emergency supplies and rations .

The idea was to take the camps , and recondition the prisoners , and reprocess them once they were healthy enough to travel .

As the medical staff took over care of the prisoners , they were consolidated into outlying sections of the camps , so that the innermost prisoners barracks were left empty .

In the coming days , as the takeover took hold , trains again began arriving , one after another , this time filled with nazis ; thousands of them that would fill the camps again to capacity . Secret camps , ready to hold prisoners that had to go away , ironically built by the same people they would now incarcerate .

Much to the amusement of the original surviving prisoners , they watched the new prisoners heath deteriorate , as their own improved .

Week after week , trains would come to drop off nazis , and pick up and transport the original prisoners to new holding camps .

As the original prisoners health improved to a point that they could survive travel , they were reprocessed .

POW’s sent to the camps were sent on to POW camps to be integrated with the others from their home nations . Those that were prisoners based on religion , race , or political belief were sent on to a staging area to be dealt with separately .

While the camps them selves were a stain on humanity , their locations made them ideal for harvesting lumber , or mining for materials . The camps would be turned into labor camps , where prisoners would be sent to work to gather raw materials that would benefit the war effort , not just liquidate human lives .

The camps would remain open , used as the equivalent of a high security , hard labor camp for those deemed enemies of the public . Any offense that warranted the death penalty or a term of life in prison would result in the offender being sent on to one of the camps , at which point they became dead to the world .

Human experimentation would still be permitted , but only on prisoners sentenced to death , and then , only if the experiment actually had a obvious practical application or benefit , such as testing new parachute designs , or medical research for practical medical applications like organ transplants and limb replacements .

Within a few months .all the surviving original camp prisoners had been processed , and it was time to deal with the “final solution “

The leadership knew they couldn’t hide it forever , and that what had been done was wrong in every sense of the word , but they couldn’t just bring the prisoners back into society , without risking loosing everything they were trying to save .

Holding them longer wasn’t an option , because the longer it lasted , the more chance that the full story would get out and again , ruin every thing the new Reiche was trying to build .

The decision was made to hand the problem off to some one else , namely the Sino-Soviets .

Knowing that the more elaborate and detailed the lie , the easier it is to sell it , the new leadership came up with “Aktion 1696” , the forced patriation of domestic prisoners to the Sino-Soviet alliance .

Military planners at the highest level came up with a plan to push forward along various areas of the eastern front . Luftwaffe aircraft would crate a safe corridor extending several miles beyond the front lines along rail road lines , to allow trains to move through . .

The idea was to create safe areas for trains to break through the font lines to reach rear areas .

Captured locomotives would be used to transport the prisoners to areas deep inside the SSU . Once they were far enough behind enemy lines , they would be taken for SSU trains , and would be able to pass unopposed to lands farther in . There the prisoners would be released , and left to the SSU to deal with .

Each prisoner was given warm clothing and a quantity of gold to use to buy what they could when they were released .

Once the trains were rolling , it would be announced that the SSU had started a major offensive , and had captured some of the “labor camps” , and taken the occupants prisoner .

All the necessary paper work to document the SSU offensive was fabricated , along with battle reports , and intelligence briefings .

The massive disorganization of the SSU meant that it would take weeks , or even months for the SSU to fully grasp what had happened .

While the prisoners would probably join the SSU forces , they would be much less organized , and less effective than if the allies were to take them in .

While it was known that the prisoners would tell their story , by releasing them into the SSU , planners would spin their stories as the result of torture and brain washing by Stalinist forces , and that mistrust by the allies would always provide the grain of salt needed to keep the truth from fully impacting the war , at least for the time being .

It would potentially be seen as another atrocity on the hands of Stalin , like so many others before .

All those involved knew that one day Germany will have to pay the price for its foolish mistakes , but today cannot be that day if the world is to survive ..

What’s a German military force without the Gestapo ? I found a Heroclix fig named “the holiday killer” . when I saw it , it was obvious that it would make a perfect Gestapo agent .

When I got the fig , it turned out that the fig was out of scale , it would be around 7 feet tall , even in HC . So I clipped its feet off at the base of the trench coat , and it was perfect !

Now as I thought about it , the idea of doing a Gestapo fig , kind of made me want to deal with the “elephant in the room” that a lot of WW2 games run into , and that I have heard people uneasily address with DT , the idea of the Nazi atrocities .

My goal wasn’t to make the new German government heroic , but rather to suggest a movement with the new order toward a more normal governmental strategy where the Germans themselves make many of the changes that happened in the real world , under their own initiative , not having to be rebuilt and restructured by the allies .

In reality , over the years , even the allied governments committed terrible acts against their own citizens , and even medical experimentation , though on a much smaller scale in most cases than did the Germans .

I see the Germans in my games as being still painted very much in the popular Hollywood pulp style , with plenty of questionable acts , though not “evil” as such , just doing what they have to to win .

When looking at an organization like the Gestapo , I couldn’t really see doing one generic catch all character that would take into account the specializations of the various departments . In reality , having an organization filled with “jack of all trades” as field agents would be a weakness since they would lack true specialization in their needed skill sets . So I decided to make different versions of Gestapo agents to work for different objectives .

When looking at the historical Gestapo , as well as my rewrite for them , not every department really needed a figure to represent them . In some cases , it may be that they would not have a representative in the field as part of an active military force , in others , it may be that their area would be to secretive to work with anyone beyond their own few representatives .





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