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While the Geek is a wonderful place , like no other I have ever seen , its also a BIG place . As a result , its easy for a lot of stuff to fall by the way side , and get lost in pages and pages of forum posts and files and , and , and ,........ But the title says it all ............. This blog is devoted to FIRSTE edition Dust Tactics ! If anyone not working for , representing , getting money or compensation from BATTLE FRONT , Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Devils International , or Dust Chronicals (since the last 2 have their own list of hard core conrtributors , and should not need my help growing their sect of followers ) wants to post the info I post here on their own blogs and to their groups , feel free . Just be so kind as to give me credit for the material , and give a link to my blog post . IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY , NOONE IS FORCING YOU TO SIT THERE AND READ THIS , SO..................
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“Hubert“ is the German designation for the Japanese “KOUKI” medium laser walker .

While most axis walker designs originated in Germany , and were released to be used and built by the other axis national forces , this is a case of a Japanese designed variant being copied by other axis nations .

After the release of several Hermann light walkers , to the Japanese war ministry for testing , it was determined that they lacked the armament to effectively deal with allied forces . It just didn’t have the weapons load needed to compete . While the military officers were not pleased with the laser on a light walker , they were still very impressed with the laser and walker separately .

The Japanese weapons development teams removed all the lasers from the Herman’s they had been sent and set about trying to mount the lasers in pairs onto medium walkers to test . , and even went so far as to replace the MG44 with an infantry portable laser .

With the scarcity of materials available to the Japanese war effort , laser weaponry provide a much needed boost to their arsenal . While lasers are generally considered too short ranged for most front line combat walker units , the dense jungle foliage of south east Asia provides the perfect terrain to equalize the ranges .

Initial field tests were a resounding success , and the KOUKI was born , made into a standard frontline unit for Japanese occupational forces .

The Kouki’s success , came to the attention of German walker designers , and though it was not seen as a very promising idea , they none the less built a few for field testing of their own . The problem facing the German forces is that they often fight in much more open terrain , where the lasers low range is considered a hindrance . Thus far , the only real successful tests have come on the eastern front , where they are used to stalk the streets of Russian cities , though the reports from those units are very promising , so the full German adoption of the design may still come .

Even with the poor performance in other theatres , the idea of the walker gained much traction amongst some segments of the German command , eager to unveil yet another wonder weapon to awe the public and drum up more support for the war . Enter the Schwer Panzer Kampflaufer III A WOTAN , rushed from drawing board to production in record time .

As I said in my review of the operation Sealowe , I do like the idea of a laser armed walker , but the light walker was just to lightly armed to make it worth taking .

By putting 2 on a medium walker , I can get at least a second die , and with the infantry laser , in some situations , a third die .

Because the lasers armor plates are intended to be used on just one side , I chose to just make new ones so that they would match

This is a very hard walker to use , and I don’t see my self playing it very often at all , but with the 5 squads I have of laser grenadiers , and the upcoming release of heavy laser grenadiers , AND because I had an extra walker I could convert , I figured I would do it , if for no other reason than because it is a cool idea .

I gave it superior reactive fire , which is pretty risky , even rolling 3 dice .

While not the best work I have done , I am satisfied with it so ……………..

You will note in the painted pics that I added in an energy cable to the hatch laser .

During play testing , it was very hit or miss . Lacking weapons that role more dice , and having a max range of 6 really limited this walker . In order for it to really have any effect on the battle field , it really needs to be fielded in low point games , or have atleast 2 other harder hitting walkers there to support it .

Additionally , while I built it to look cool , and be fielded with other laser units , the best results came when I fielded it with recon grenadiers to clear away the infantry so they couldn’t just wipe it out .

When fielded with recon grenadiers and 2 Luwigs , it did OK , managing a few good hits , but with any other units , it just couldn’t hit hard enough to keep it self alive to justify the 4 points it cost .

While some might see having 2 Laser Kannone over powering on a 4 point walker , their short range and limited dice pool makes them far under powered compared to most other walkers SINGLE main weapon . At 4 points , its still on the bubble of needing to be dropped to 3 . The only saving grace is that when in the right company , this walker works OK , not GREAT , but at least ok , and it was fun .

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