"CLASSIC" DUST IS WARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the Geek is a wonderful place , like no other I have ever seen , its also a BIG place . As a result , its easy for a lot of stuff to fall by the way side , and get lost in pages and pages of forum posts and files and , and , and ,........ But the title says it all ............. This blog is devoted to FIRSTE edition Dust Tactics ! If anyone not working for , representing , getting money or compensation from BATTLE FRONT , Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Devils International , or Dust Chronicals (since the last 2 have their own list of hard core conrtributors , and should not need my help growing their sect of followers ) wants to post the info I post here on their own blogs and to their groups , feel free . Just be so kind as to give me credit for the material , and give a link to my blog post . IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY , NOONE IS FORCING YOU TO SIT THERE AND READ THIS , SO..................
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I wasn't born ! I sprang from the forhead of God , as he contemplated a particularly vile joke !
I wasn't born , I was hatched in the deepest darkest part of the ocean , and raised by sharks !

Some targets are more important than others , and they need a little better protection from aircraft and enemy troops , and those were the design elements that led to the PANZER KAMPFLAUFER II-M “KARL” .

After the allies successful invasion on D day , the axis saw the need for a unit that could be deployed on beaches , and around critical targets further inland . It became even more important with the number of cities reduced to rubble by allied bombing runs .

Designed to fill the air with flak , and chop down enemy infantry in the open , the Karl chews through infantry and aircraft almost as fast as it eats ammo .

With quad 5CM flak guns , the Karl is a fearsome sight to behold . Firing on full auto , it can fill the night sky with fire .

While some allied analysts have suggested that it lacks a MG44 because it doesn’t need one , the truth is that with the amount of vibration and recoil from the AA guns firing on full auto , the MG becomes useless as the violent shaking shakes the MG mount loose , and leaves it hanging by the control cables . Even the AA guns lose accuracy fast during a battle , though allied troops and pilots don’t see it since it pumps out so much lead that its every where .

Initially the Karl was intended to protect high value targets , but as the axis reorganized following Hitler’s death , and went back on the offensive to take back territory , the need to protect infantry from allied air power became apparent . Early attempts to integrate MkI Karls into front line forces saw little success since the enemy aircraft could come in low and fast and strike before the Karl was ready . A MkII was quickly produced that added a short range radar unit , along with an improved radio system .

This new configuration has left a lot of allied commanders afraid to attack if they know a Karl will be waiting for them . As such , Karls are seen as high priority targets , and become fire magnets when ever one is seen .

Another walker I did using the units I got in trade from the comic store trade .

I named it the Karl , because Karl is an old Germanic equivalent to Charles , which is the long version of chuck , which was the stage name of Kevin Joseph Connors AKA “Chuck Connors” , and who was “Chuck” Connors ? He was the “RIFLE MAN” , which was one of my favorite mechs in battle tech , which is as far as I am taking the name thing J

I have been a minis gamer for 20+ years , and I have seen a lot of gamers making power units , wayyyyyyy undercosted, just for the sake of making something that can kill every thing else on the board , power for powers sake .

that’s about as far from why I built the Karl as it could be . I did this because I thought is would look cool , and Holllllllly HELL , it does IMHO !

But as I said , I did this more for the cool than the overwhelming fire power aspect . As such , rather than stating out all the guns at full strength , I used the linked weapons for aircraft option I talk about in the weapon stats blog post . I added in some of the fluff above to justify the lower stats .

And I don’t plan to play it much , mostly for objective games .

In that vain , I chose to keep the AA’s as one stat line , so it can over kill one unit , not wipe out several . Also by leaving off the MG , its further reduces the power .

The advanced radar ability only really serves to help out in games that use aircraft , which while fun ,.we don’t do all the time .

The superior reactive fire is a good ability with this walker , but still risky , and more of a flavor fluff bit than it will actually be used in the game .

The 5 life was more of an after thought , when I saw just how much more bulk there is to the model . In reality , one more life makes very little difference in most games most of the time .

The “ I’ll make you famous “ ability adds to the fluff , and as a further limiting factor to its game play

You will note in the painted pics that I changed the ammo mags to drums as opposed to the standard clips .

The radar units round antenna is based off a pick on a card in the “dust” board game .

I had to replace the upper back tank tread plate so that I could get a flush fit , and trimmed down a power pack from a light walker kit to make the radar unit .

During play testing , this thing chewed up infantry pretty continuously , but was at the mercy of the other medium walkers . In reality , it played much better at 4 points than at 5 , but I opted to go with the higher points value with the idea that while we don’t play with our airplane rules as often as we could , due to table size , that may change as time goes by and we start to play more often on the much larger tables as standard . and thus this may prove to be a much better unit to play . For that reason alone I chose to over point it , though that may change in time , once the new plane rules come out .

It was a lot of fun , but not something worth taking all the time .

Special ability

"I'll Make You Famous # " : this unit is a high priority target , thus if it is destroyed , the unit counts as "#" points for deciding victory points conditions .
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