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This blog is a writeup of our weekly game group. Thoughts on what we played how the game went, etc.
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Tuesday Evening Gamers - Sept. 20th - Schrille Stille, Bang!, Piece O Cake, No Thanks!, Cartagena

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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September 20th, 2011

The 150th meeting of TEG. A small milestone I figured I'd throw out here. This week, we had six of us, all staggering in at different times which sort of dictated the games we played. Last night ended up more of a light, fun game night versus playing something heavier.

Mike, Kevin, Timm and I started out with a game of No Thanks! as Sean contacted us and said he would be by shortly. It's a quick, fun game so off we went. Sean arrived during the first game and watched as we finished it out. I managed the win with 32 points. I forgot my notes at home (grrrr) so I don't have the other scores but that game was actually pretty tight down to the end. Sean joined us for a second game as he had not played it. I'm not quite sure who won but I think it was Mike with 22 points. Another close match. This game is such an awesome filler.

Speaking of fillers, it was pie time. I broke out Piece o' Cake as we were waiting for Jeff. I had not played with five and I think five might be the best way to play as everyone gets only one chance to split a pie. I was the only one who had played this before but it only took us a couple of minutes to get going and cutting up that pie. I think this ended up being another very cool filler. Some tough choices in splitting up that pie trying to get the pieces you wanted. Sean and I tied with 32 for the win in this one.

Still had a bit of time until Jeff would get there so I broke out Cartagena. This one took a little longer than I expected. Jeff arrived as we were about a quarter of the way through and the game took a total of about a half hour (I thought it was quicker). Kevin was the pirate to got all his men to the ship. Arrrrrrrr!

So, now we had six. Six is always tough as there are games to play with six but sometimes you might not be in the mood for them. Games like Around the World in 80 Days, Power Grid, and Die Säulen von Venedig were mentioned but then someone mentioned BANG!. It had been awhile since we played that so we doned our spurs and started to play. I was the Sherrif (first time I ever was) and started by shooting at, geez, I don't remember. Mike (who was the Vice and I didn't know). Noone got blown up by the dynamite and ultimately, the outlaws won by killing me. The Outlaws were Jeff, Timm, and Kevin (Kevin won from the grave).

Instead of one of the games we already knew, I selected a "new-to-us" six player game to play, Schrille Stille. Plays six and was light (like the night had been). This game is chaotic and the chip picking can be quite random but I think there is something to the game, strategy and tactics wise. With four it might be easier to control your own record labels but I found the game fun still. Our big confusion was we weren't our own colors in the game. I had the purple record label and someone else had yellow. Gaaaah! Jeff, fresh off a reunion gig over the past weekend, won with 73. I think I came in second with 70 and third and fourth (Timm and Sean?) were within a couple of points as well. Kevin then Mike to round it out. This game is so wonderfully overproduced and once I got the hang of sliding out the covers it moved quite quickly, as well.

Finally, our long awaited game of Civilization is on Saturday. My fifth game since TEG was started. It's gonna be good, it always is.

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