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Step-by Step detailing the work I'm doing converting/updating the components on a classic Ameritrash dungeoncrawl.
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The Rulebook

Justin N
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This post has been edited to remove links to individual files. To get any part of this project, see this post.

Getting back to this after a few absurd weeks at my real (paying) work. Sorry for the delay, to the few people paying attention to this.

Here are links to the rulebook.I consider it version .9.

They are identical (and less than 1MB each!), other than the fact that the first one has been interposed for printing as a booklet (shrunk, rotated and rearranged so that each page fits sideways on a US Letter sized sheet- just print 2-sided, fold in half and staple in the middle).The following images are just captured and saved images from the .pdf. The real versions are, of course, actual .pdfs with selectable text, higher resolution, etc.

Upon rereading it this morning, I'd like to re-write the introduction; most of it was copied from the Cadwallon Players Handbook, and I realize now that it seems kind of disjointed and janky. But anyway, it is there, and playable. It contains all the rules from Mutant Chronicles:Siege at the Citadel, rewritten and reorganized, clarified and expanded. I also included the rules from the Brotherhood expansion for that game. This is one of the areas that I'd really like to expand in the future. I also realized that I need to put in the optional rules for firing from the Brotherhood expansion (Automatic Fire, Aiming, Push, etc.)

Very little of the art in the book is mine. In attempting to keep with Rackham's style of graphic design, I pretty much just culled from their body of work. The page backgrounds came from a downloadable .pdf adventure they released for the RPG. The fonts used are pretty much the fonts they used in all their products. The portraits for the Free Leaguers are pulled from the rulebook for Cadwallon: City of Thieves, where the figures representing them came from. I invented the cards for the Arcana myself. They don't look too out of place, I think. I need to get a piece of art for the cover.

What changes did I make to the game? Well, for starters (as seen in the first image above), I had to switch the dice out. The dice for MC:SotC were custom, but really simple. Essentially I just replaced them with standard d6's, because that was all the original dice really were. I included a rule about facing for figures, but that has no current game effects. There are rules for a six-player game, extrapolated from the rules for 2-4 player games, in case the players want to use the sixth faction (corresponding to the Brotherhood faction in the MC expansion)- the only difference here is that the new League doesn't get specific Event cards in this version. The Brotherhood-specific Art cards (their version of Doomtrooper Events) have just been folded into the larger set of League Events.

I obviously also changed the setting. This game is much closer in spirit to what I was hoping for when Cadwallon: City of Thieves was announced. That game bastardized the lore so much- it was really disappointing. This game has the Corporations of the MC game replaced by the Free Leagues, semi-mercenary, semi-official gangs in the city of Cadwallon. This fits the MC theme very well of independent organizations that are working together but all want to get a leg up on one another. Instead of the demonic forces of the Dark Legion, the Leagues face off against the Paths of Darkness, generally evil and corrupt factions in the Confrontation Universe. Cadwallon is a neutral city in the war, but more often than not, they are defending themselves from the power-hungry Darkness factions. For example there is an immortal necromancer named Sophet Drahas under the city who plots its destruction- I plan to explore that in a future campaign. In the initial release, though, they'll be exploring an abandoned lab filled with the twisted alchemical mutants of the Scorpions.

I may have to abandon the 'Darkness' approach for a future campaign against the faction of the Lion. They are pretty much the 'Good Guys' (aligned with the forces of Light) in the Confrontation universe, but again, the city is a neutral place, and I could see them coming to odds in some diplomatic intrigue. I picture the Free Leagues swashbuckling through the city streets against the Lion guards in their gleaming armor like an Alexandre Dumas novel. Mostly I think this because I have a ton of Lion figures, and a bunch of city maps I'd like to use them on.

Next post: The Campaign.
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