Peninsular Campaign

A chronological playing of all the official Peninsular War scenarios with a running score tally in banner counts. Command Card disparity adds banners to the lower command side equal to the disparity amount. French: Mark McG Allies: BrentS
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516 Orthez - French Right (27 February 1814)

Mark McG
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French started with 4 Probes in this game. I can't understand how I get so many probe cards. There are 14 Probes in a 75 card deck. 4 out of 5 cards isn't average.

So the game for the French was pretty much sitting still and waiting to get hit. An initial Short supply got the French Light out of Church. It then turned into a slog, with the British trying to bring up units through wooded terrain. French Left was strong, but the right got beaten up by a large English force, but did put up a determined defence.

An ill advised Bayonet charge into the French Left was wiped out, and the French took the lead for a little while. The English continued to press the Centre, whittling down the French force. Eventually the French ran out of men, and the English broke through to the hills. A tough battle, English 8-6

English: 8
French: 6+1

Campaign score after 33 games stands at
French = 168 +2 +3 +7 = 180
Allies = 157 +8 +7 +8 = 180

Remaining Scenarios in order;
517 Orthez - French Left (27 February 1814)
013 Combat at Aire (2 March 1814)
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