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In this blog I'll share some ideas about how a board game can be expanded. My main interest at this moment is Eldritch Horror, but this may change in the future.
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Time Travelling Elephants

Krzysiek Domański
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I love the time travel theme. "Butterfly Effect", "Next", "12 Monkeys", and "Predestination" are among my favorite movies.
Ever since I played the "Lost in Time and Space" scenario for Mansions of Madness, I have hoped that FFG would introduce Time Machine to Eldritch Horror.
So far, I have waited in vain. So I decided to come up with my own version.

Two main uses for the time machine are:
1) messing with the history
2) getting more time for your tasks

1) would be hard to implement in EH so I went with 2)

The Time Machine (Artifact)
Item - Device

At the beginning of the Mythos Phase you may return this card to the box. If you do, immediately end the Mythos Phase.
At the beginning of the Mythos Phase, investigators may spend
From gallery of Ignipes
clues as a group. If they do, you may discard this card and immediately end the Mythos Phase.

You don't draw or resolve the Mythos card, but effects that occur at the end of Mythos phase (e.g. Mystery solving) still happen.

Design Notes:
This basically has "Take an Extra Turn after this one" written on it.
The problem is, this effect increases in power with more investigators. I don't have a satisfying idea to balance this, yet.
I have included a cost suggested by Boian Spasov to balance this.

While you're travelling in time you may encounter some big game.
For such occasions I propose you this:

Elephant Gun (Asset - cost: 4)
Item - Weapon
Once per round, you may gain +5
From gallery of Ignipes
during a Combat Encounter. If you do, reduce the Monster's toughness by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Design Notes:
Besides test modifiers, each monster encountered has three numerical stats: damage, horror, and toughness.
While we have quite a few cards that reduce horror and damage, toughness was omitted from such effects.
I suppose FFG wanted to avoid players thinking that toughness is reduced permanently.

What do you think?
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