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In this blog I'll share some ideas about how a board game can be expanded. My main interest at this moment is Eldritch Horror, but this may change in the future.
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Changed Condition

Krzysiek Domański
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Can a Boon condition have negative effects?

I think it can, as long as it's investigator's choice to have bad stuff happen to him.

Condition - Boon

Front Side:
Roll 1 additional die when performing tests.
Once per round, when resolving a test, you may add 1 success to your test result. When you do, flip this card.

Back Side 1:
Regress to the Mean
Your supernatural luck had just ran out.
Discard this card.

Back Side 2:
Drained Proficiency
You gave your all and strained yourself. Impair the skill you have just tested.
Then flip this card.

Back Side 3:
Karma Balance
This incredible luck must surely have some cost. Gain a Bane condition.
Then flip this card.

Back Side 4:
Supernatural Attention
Spawn a monster on your space and immediately encounter it. After the encounter if you haven't defeated the monster, gain a Pursuit Condition.
Then flip this card.

Design Notes:
I tried for this to be somewhat on par with Blessed Condition.
I think 1 additional die in every test, is comparable to Blessed's more-successes-per-die in every test.
Changed should be better when you have a small number of dice, Blessed is better otherwise.
However, Changed can guarantee a success in most situations, while Blessed "only" makes the success very likely.
I tried to make a price for such warranty painful enough to discourage abusing the supernatural luck.
Blessed also gives you a bonus if you would get another Blessed, which isn't the case here.

What do you think?
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