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In this blog I'll share some ideas about how a board game can be expanded. My main interest at this moment is Eldritch Horror, but this may change in the future.
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Growing Power

Krzysiek Domański
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Fist of Yog-Sothoth
Spell - Incantation

Front side:
When you gain this card from the deck, put 1 Eldritch Token on it.
When resolving a Combat Encounter, you may test
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. If you pass, when resolving the
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test during that encounter, roll 1 additional die for each Eldritch Token on this card. Flip this card.
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: Put an Eldritch token on this card.

Back side 1:
0-1: You feel the power is slipping away. For each 1 rolled, discard an Eldritch Token from this card.
2-3: No additional effect.
4+: The spell keeps growing in power. Put an Eldritch token on this card.
Then flip this card.

Back side 2:
0-1: Close contact with the Ancient One puts a strain on your mind. Discard this card unless you gain 1 Madness Condition.
2-4: No additional effect.
5+: For each Eldritch token on this card, you may also reroll 1 die during the
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Then flip this card.

Back side 3:
0-1: You feel your power is slipping away. Discard this card unless you discard an Eldritch Token from it.
2+: For now, your control of the supernatural power is infallible. No addtitional effect.
Then flip this card.

Back side 4:
0-1: If you rolled any 1's and you have a Dark Pact condition, Yog-Sothoth demands payment. You are devoured.
2+: The Lurker may help you even more. You may gain a Dark Pact condition to add 4 successes to the
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test result.
Then flip this card.

Design Notes:
The main problem with this card, is that the text on the front side won't fit - there's not enough space.
So far, expansions barely introduce new rules. Almost everything is explained right on the cards, and the version above is created with this principles in mind.
For this card (and many similar) to be realizable, one would have to introduce some new symbols and or keywords.
1) One of the top corners of the card (probably the one on the right) could have a number telling with how many tokens the card comes into play.
This allows us to get rid of the long "When you gain this card from the deck, put X Eldritch Token on it" sentence.
2) Instead of writing "Eldritch Token" 10 times, this phrase could be replaced with a symbol, something like
From gallery of haroth9842
With this two modifications, the text should fit, and a whole lot of design possibilities would open.
One should just be careful not to flood the game with tokens lying on every card.
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