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Games played yesterday (2011-10-14)

Surya Van Lierde is pure Eurosnoot and proud of it!
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Last night we went to the Speltafel game club in Gent and met up with some friends

We started out with Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, which I had played before, but Nico and Philippe hadn't. My goal was to have at least 10 trouble markers on the board. I tried going for the city that lets you put those on the boards, but that didn't work out, as I never had any cards to actually build. And getting those trouble markers down proved pretty hard to as everyone was removing them to build themselves. Until a certain point where it was clear Myriam's goal was to have control over 4 districts. And she was close. So everyone started adding minions... generating trouble markers that way. By the time they had noticed that one player could have that goal and would win, it was too late While this game is chaotic and light, I do enjoy this one. I like how you have different goals but still do things to sabotage the other players while going for your goal. It's clear that those player goals are well thought out!

Next up we put Deadwood on the table. First game for all 4 of us. Myriam started out by grabbing the sheriff - why wouldn't she - and placing it so that no one could duel in the saloon, the source for new cowboys. The next player grabbed the saloon. So there was no way for me to get new cowboys was to kill the sheriff to open up the saloon to duels. Even though I grabbed some bullets to increase my chances, I lost all 3 duels for the sheriff's office, killing all my cowboys, ending the game. That seemed really dumb to allow a game to go this way. I always had more dice than the sheriff player and this greater chance of killing him, yet, due to luck, I was out of the game in no time. I don't think I'll be playing this any time soon.

I had just received my copy of Fortuna, a game I had played multiple prototypes of. The final one was the best, and I'm glad that's the version they published. 3 of us had played the prototype before, but I was the only one who had played the final prototype.
During the whole game I hardly managed to do anything I wanted. The cards I wanted to grab where always turned face down by the time it came to my turn. And grabbing the fortuna card and becoming start player wouldn't have helped as I would play before the players with these cards would turn them face up. I was quite lucky to grab a bonus card that would give me 2 points per priestess, so I set my goal to get all 3 of them. That proved hard, as the card to buy them was one of those always in use by the other players. But by the very end I did manage to max those, at quite a cost, as I used the card to bribe an other player to use the card.
I was also having a hard time getting towards Rome, falling behind about 4 spots. I was in danger of not even making the 10 spot. If you don't, you can't win, even if you have the most points. In the very last turn though, I did manage to break the 10 barrier.
I was convinced Philippe would win, as he was the one with the most points on the board, being the first to get to the palace in the middle, and I knew he had 2 of those bonus cards in front of him. So I was confident he was winning. Turns out 1 of those was actually a resource card he didn't need, and the other one only gave him a single point. I on the other hand, had the priestess card for 6 points, and an other card with 2 points for each building, of which I had one, for a total of 8 bonus points, beating Philippe by 1 point!

We finished off the night with Cornerstone Essential, a request of mine as I like spacial games. I liked it, but there is quite a good amount of luck with the die rolls. I ended up not placing 3 pieces, while other players rolled doubles a lot, giving them way more options.
I did enjoy it, but I think I'd prefer to play without the dice, letting players choose every time on their turn. This will add some AP, but in my group that's not too much of a problem
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