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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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iOS News Bits: The Octagon Theory • Coffee Masters • Time of Heroes • Alien Frontiers • Take It Easy! • Thunderstone • Kingsburg • Red November • Ingenious • Charades ! • Caylus • Cadwallon • TimeLine • Summoner Wars • RoboHero • Hero Academy • And More

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• Loot and Scoot Updated
• The Octagon Theory Price Drop
• Coffee Masters Released
• Time of Heroes Releasing in January
• Alien Frontiers Demo AI Video
• Take It Easy and Thunderstone Nearing Completion
• Kingsburg Updated
• Codito/Sage Updates Release Schedule
• Deep Tic Tac Toe 3D turn based morpion Released
• Red November Coming Soon
• Shadow Era Printed Cards
• Chad Jensen Confirms Art for Dominant Species iPad
• Ingenious for iPad Updated
• Charades ! Released
• Valley Games Renames Titan App to Titan HD
• Big Daddy's Creations Submitted Caylus
• YamSlam by Blue Orange Games™ Updated
• Cadwallon: City of Thieves to Release Soon
• New World Colony Updated
• TimeLine for iPad Coming in January
• Screenshots from Upccoming Stephane Maurel Games
• Summoner Wars Info Update
• Uniwar HD Coming
• RoboHero to Release on January 15
• Hero Academy Releases

• Loot and Scoot Gets Updated - December 27, January 3
Upon the mid-December launch of their first iOS board game, Loot and Scoot, Victory Point Games had this to say:

Victory Point Games wrote:
Some initial sales numbers started coming in from digital Loot and Scoot, but just as we were getting useful data, the iTunes manufacturer’s support abruptly closed down for the holidays as well! This is particularly annoying as we have a new, customer-driven patch that was approved to go up, but did not go live before everyone there left! So, here we have another several-days wait before we can get a vital patch up and discover our sales data. We’ve learned a LOT from this game’s release, and should have this game finally patched and finished around the end of the holidays. After that, we’ll start releasing the reviewer “complimentary” codes and seek broader advertising venues for the game. At the time of this writing, designer John Welch is at the VPG office meeting with the app game development team and discussing the approaches and features for app game version of John’s Levee en Masse game.

The app was then updated to version 1.1 on January 3rd and included the following:

Victory Point Games wrote:
What's new

- Performance improvements
- Fixed various crash issues on the iPad
- Fixed text visibility when entering player names
- Graphic enhancements

VPG later updated its fans on the learning curve it is facing, including being aware of iTunes Connect shutting down for the holidays. VPG plans to make more optimizations for the iPad to further increase the app's performance, with the update coming as soon as they can get it out.

The next step for VPG is now an iOS and Android implementation of Levée en Masse. These will be the first States of SiegeTM apps for VPG but not the last. Development is in preliminary stages and they will be keeping everyone up to date on their excellent site and blog.

• M&D Enterprise Drops Price on The Octagon Theory - December 28
The Octagon Theory is a slick little abstract for iOS Universal in which the object is to get the most pieces, four-types with various powers, on the board before turns run out.

The price has been dropped from the launch price of $2.99 to $1.99.

The Octagon Theory -

Simple Board Game (a free version) -

• Coffee Masters Released - December 29
Sylien Games has released this "highly original" two-player abstract board game where you need to create an unbroken line of beans of your color, or prevent your opponent from making a move. Features online multiplayer and chat.

• Time of Heroes to Release in January - December 30
In an already exciting month of releases, Smuttlewerk Interactive will be releasing its second app, Time of Heroes on January 19th. Time of Heroes is a turn-based strategy RPG where you control several heroes. Each hero commands units of a certain type that you choose before battle. Then both heroes and units fight against the evil "Hordes of Nether". There will be magic, command range and other stuff like three levels of AI. The app will be universal and available on iPhone/iPod and iPad and iPad 2. It will sell for a special release price of $0.99 and then increase to $2.99 and $3.99 after a few days. As usual when there is video, we'll just stop talking now. Roll it:

• Alien Frontiers Demo AI Video - December 30
Clint Herron continues his updates, right here on BGG, of the long slow development of Alien Frontiers. One of the latest features a video demoing the AI, which is an important part of the app that Clint has been putting a lot of work into. Enjoy!

• Zabu Says Take It Easy! and Thunderstone Nearing Completion - January 3
Here's the latest from Zabu studio, who is working on Facebook implementations of Take it Easy! and Thunderstone that will eventually come to iOS as well, after their Facebook implementation. Zabu reports that "both game[s] are in [their] last throes of getting completed. No date yet but will let you know asap!" As usual we'll keep you updated as we find out more.

• Kingsburg Updated - January 3
The maligned and woe-begotten app Kingsburg has show small signs of life recently as its developers, iNigma, have bothered themselves to update the app to version 1.2.0. Could this mean serious improvements may be on the way. We're not sure yet, but here's what's new for now:
What's new

Retina display support
Fixed minor issues

• Codito/Sage Updates Release Schedule - January 4
Following our interview with Codito/Sage Board Game's own Chris Ewington, they have updated their schedule for this year's app releases.

Le Havre - March 2012
A Brief History of the World - April 2012
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization - May 2012
Age of Industry - July 2012
El Grande - October 2012

• Deep Tic Tac Toe 3D turn based morpion Released - January 4
Holy crap...there are a LOT of Tic Tac Toe clones in the App Store! It's as if developers are making them like some kind of "Hello World" test. There seems to be at least 1000 of them and probably more. This particular app came up when I was searching for "turn based" apps. Lucky me...I guess.

• Red November Coming Soon - January 4
Jim from Gamezebo dropped us a line to let you all know that Fantasy Flight Games is partnering with Fierce Wombat Games to implement Bruno Faidutti
Jef Gontier's cooperative submarine disaster game for iPad, Mac, and PC. The app is another highly anticipated January release. Look for it later in the month. Here is the promo video:

• Wulven Game Studios "Crowd Funding" for Shadow Era Printed Cards - January 4
Shadow Era, the iOS-born card game app, is going cardboard. Wulven Game Studio has begun "Crowdfunding" to gauge demand. We're not sure off the top of our heads which other iOS apps have gone from digital to print. Angry Birds comes to mind, but might this become more common?

• Chad Jensen Confirms Art for Dominant Species for iPad - January 5
In a BGG image thread for Dominant Species, designer Chad Jensen confirmed that a sampling of the new artwork (by Chechu Nieto) commissioned for the upcoming third printing will in fact be part of the iPad version. Here's a peek:

• Ingenious for iPad Updated - January 5
After more than a year, USM has finally released an update to Ingenious and Ingenious for iPad, bringing up to version 2.0 with some exciting new features:

Ingenious for iPad
What's new

- Online multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards via Game Center
- Fixed solitaire high score tracking
- Optimized tile pool (Now resembles 2-player board game)
- Added option for faster handovers in hot-seat games
- Various smaller tweaks and optimizations

What's new

- Online multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards via Game Center
- Retina graphics
- Fixed solitaire high score tracking
- Optimized tile pool (Now resembles 2-player board game)
- Various smaller tweaks and optimizations

Ingenious -
Ingenious for iPad -

• Charades ! Released - January 5
Developer,, has released their iOS implementation of the classic party game Charades. Their app is called Charades !. It is free and compatible with iOS Universal. Though we've yet to play it, we think the game play described below sounds mildly intriguing:

Charades is a game for many players and is a challenge to your knowledge, speed, richness of associations, and manual skills. Invite 1, 2, or 3 friends and acquaintances from all over the world to play with you. Each of you takes turns to draw a randomly selected phrase on the screen while the remaining players hurry to be the first person to guess that phrase. The players are able to see one another's guesses. The sooner the correct phrase is guessed, the more points go to the drawer's and the successful guesser's accounts.!/id472709514

• Valley Games to Rename Titan to Titan HD - January 6
Valley Games let us know that they will officially be changing the name of their newly released iOS implementation of Titan. The app will now be called "Titan HD" as suggested by one of BGG's very own readers. Great suggestion!

• Big Daddy's Creations Submitted Caylus to App Store - January 7
Big Daddy's Creations gave us some short-term disappointment when they delayed the release of one of the most anticipated iOS board game releases of 2011. But it was only a one month delay. The app has now been submitted to the App Store, as has been reported on the web site dedicated to the game.

Review times in the App Store have been steadily narrowing with rumors of reviews as short as two days. If it only takes two days, you will have seen the app by the time you read this. Our estimate is that the app could be available as early as Friday and as late as early next week.

One thing is for sure, we've seen the app and can tell you that it checks all the boxes for a great iOS release. And we don't need to tell you that the darling of 2006 still stands up as a great brain-burning euro that popularized the "worker placement" mechanism. 5 years later we think this release may generate as much buzz around these parts as the print game originally did. This will definitely be one to check out.

• YamSlam by Blue Orange Games™ Updated - January 8
Blue Orange Games has updated their iOS Universal dice game app, Yamslam, to version 1.1. Here's the info:
What's new

- Improved message when not logged into game center
- 20 point end game bonus is reported
- Long player aliases will be truncated to fit (iPad)
- Fixed resume: Resume is no longer prompted for games that were finsihed
- Fixed cheat: rolls for online games can no longer be undone by returning to the menu
- Added additional ad network

• Cadwallon: City of Thieves to Release Soon - January 8
Cyanide Studio will soon be releasing an iOS implementation of Cadwallon: City of Thieves. In Cadwallon: City of Thieves, two to four players each control their own gang of four thieves, competing to amass the greatest haul of loot from the many carefully locked chests scattered about the board.

We don't have confirmed dates, but a bit of noise was made near the end of December saying that the game had already released. We have found no evidence that it has. As of this past Sunday, the developers stated from their Facebook page:

Hello, the submission to the appstore is going to be done. The release date will then be announced shortly after. We'll keep you posted.

We expect it soon, so we might as well add it to the list of anticipated January releases. Oh, and here's a promo video:

• New World Colony Updated - January 8
We could dub him The Most Iterating Developer in all iOS Board Game-dom because he's been on BGG for a while now coding away at his app, sharing his plans, and listening to user feedback and ideas. We're talking of course about about Erik Asmussen and New World Colony.

At the beginning of this week Erik announced that New World colony has been updated to version 4.20 which includes an new adjustable 3D perspective. Additionally, a Lite version of the app has been introduced as well. Here's more from Erik:

Erik Asmussen wrote:
First of all, I released a large update to the game that has been in the works for months, and it now runs in a touch-adjustable 3D perspective which I think greatly increases the visual appeal. The AI has been updated quite a bit, and a number of balance changes have been made. Also, players can choose game settings and map sizes within multiplayer matches, which was a commonly-requested feature.

The second piece of news is that I've released a free 'lite' version in an effort to draw more players into the game. It's highly rated by users, but the audience is still not where I think it could be. So hopefully this will allow new players to try it out and hopefully upgrade to the full version. In the lite version, players can play unlimited matches against the easy AI, but if they want a harder challenge or online multiplayer they will need to upgrade.

Here's a Change list for version 4.2.0 and screenshot of the new look.

Lite Version:

Full Version:

• TimeLine for iPad Coming in January - January 9
Stephane Maurel has been working on a lot of apps and wants everybody to know that the iOS implementation of Timeline: Inventions will submitted to the App Store in about the middle of January and should release this month.

In TimeLine, you place cards with inventions on them in an ordered row, the goal being to be the first to get rid of your cards and have them placed in the correct order. Here's a promo shot from the web site, followed by more screenshots below.

More screenshots:

TimeLine HD

• More Screenshots from Upcoming Stephane Maurel Games - Jan 9
An addition to TimeLine HD, Stephane is working on a few more apps including Cyclades, Haru Ichiban, Yggdrasil, and Olympos. The latest updates are:

- Cyclades (iPad) update is on the way to Apple Store.
Contains: Improvement and corrections.
Stephane is working on a new version (for the next 6 months), that will include AI.

- Haru Ichiban (iPhone / iPad) will be also in the App Store by end of January.

And now for some more screenshots:



• Playdek Updates Info on Summoner Wars - January 9
George from Playdek has posted to the Plaid Hat Games Forums about progress on Summoner Wars:

George from Playdek on the Plaid Hat Games Forums wrote:
Apologies for the silence on the Summoner Wars app. Yes, we have pushed back release from January... We've reconsidered how we are approaching the release, and we're working with Colby on that. And we know that the AI and feature set have to be right, and that's taking some time.

If there is one thing we've learned since announcing this first batch of games, its exactly how passionate and fantastic our boardgame community is and how absolutely invested in their favorite games we all are. As developers and a publisher, we have always been really careful about dates, and the last few months have underlined the challenge for us. We love to announce the games we're doing and we love to see everyone get as excited about them as we are... but development takes time and sometimes surprising twists.

Please know that we here at Playdek are committed to bringing you the best game possible.

The Playdek website now lists Spring 2012 as the availability date. By our lights that puts it out to as late as June 19th. We'll hope it doesn't take that long. At least with so many great releases this month, we will be distracted from it for now.

• Uniwar HD Coming - January 10
Pocket Gamer reports that one of our very early favorite turn-based strategy async game apps, UniWar, will soon get shiny new high-definition graphics as well as a new map editor that will allow you to create and distribute your own playing fields to be used by other players in ranked games.

The app will be iOS Universal, be priced at $4.99, and should appear some time this week. An Android version will be released as well.

• RoboHero to Release on January 15 - January 10
We received word from Stephen at Bravado Waffle Studios that their long anticipated app, Robohero, will release on January 15. You may recall that Stephen has been very active on BGG since they announced development of RoboHero, back when it was called RoboArena, and back when before it was KickStarted. Rest assured that Stephen and Bravado Waffle have been watching the iOS Board Game space for some time and polishing up their app during 2011. We're really looking forward to seeing the finished product. So without further ado read here what it's all about:

Bravado Waffle wrote:
RoboHero is a tactical turn based strategy game combining the best of XCom, RoboSport, and RoboRally into one package. It uses a similar planning game mechanic where you pre-program 15 moves into your Robo and then watch him carry out the commands in real time.

RoboHero will be free with a $1.99 IAP to unlock all the content. Players get to try out all the game modes, the first 10 levels in Story Mode, and a basic set of weapons against an easy AI in Arena and Multiplayer modes for free. Here's some additional features:

• 3 gameplay modes
• 30 single player missions
• 12 Multiplayer arenas
• 3 different AI difficulties
• 15 powerful and wacky weapons and armors (slime bombs, bubble blasters, flame throwers, nukes, and more)
• Pass-and-play multiplayer with online turn-based support coming soon
• Universal support for iPhone and iPad

Release Date: January 15, 2012

And of course a trailer:

• Robot Entertainment Releases Hero Academy - January 11
Robot Entertainment has released Hero Academy. The app is for iPhone and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Brad reviewed the app on January 11th.
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