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Mini Review and Overview of the New Baseball Highlights cards.

Dustin Crenshaw
United States
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Here I'm taking a look at the new 2017 cards for baseball highlights. As someone who plays the game a ton, it's very exciting to get new abilities into the game. But is it all good?

Home field has mattered little in baseball highlights. But that all changes with this cool but situational new ability. An ability that only works when you are the home team is neat.

JEDD FORSYTH - A solid card that's worth having around even when you are not the home team.
BRETT ZOBRIST - I hate how they've added situational texts to old abilties. More on this in my final thoughts. This card is alright.
NOLAN SEAGER - Will make for an excellent addition to a team. If you have a lot of clutch on your team, she sets the stage as a lead off hitter.
EDWIN RIZZO - Providing 3 money and a PH means he's a very strong card. Can be used early with closers to great effect.

My least favorite of the new abilities. It's just too situational. But the cards are not all bad.

EXTRA-EXTRA - If you got 3 bucks to burn, he's likely an upgrade to something in your hand early on in a series.
JAY DUVALL - While it's nice to see a 2 cost card finally, it's merely ok. I personally would never buy it.
TREA KINSLER - A good card to have in extra innings, most of the time you've overpaid for 2 singles. At least he does provide 2 money.
READ-ALL - I can get behind this card. Without the hero ability it's still a solid card providing money, PH and solid ability. Auto HR in extra is just a little icing.
ABOUT-IT - Good abilities all around. The problem is that 10/0. That's likely to make him a late series buy only.
GARY LUCROY - Nothing exciting here. Unlikely buy as that slow speed is a bummer.

The pitcher's extra inning ability. Honestly I think they went the wrong way with it. The biggest problem you have in extra innings is auto offensive abilities. I would have love to seen an ability to ice them instead.

KEVIN KIMBREL - I would have liked this card a lot more if it was a closer.
COREY LESTER - It's hard to ignore the 3 fast hits on this card. It will be a valuable card outside of extra innings.
DAVID SALE - Meh but alright.

An ability similar to ones we've seen before. It's ok. However the cards they are on is a different story.

HUNTER TRUMBO - Contact was introduce in expansions and is a really cool anti glove ability. He's a good multihit non robot option.
GIT-R-DUN - I'm not a fan of this one. Pinch Runner I find to be one of the lamer abilties unless it's to counter a player with double plays. Also I'm so gonna hate his name more and more with time as Roger already loves to say that.
IAN MACHADO - I love this card. 3/3 is amazing to get an ability, single and PH. Will always buy unless it's late in series.

We got 3 new unique abilities. NOTE King Yaz is a promo and GameBoyGeek Dan King

RICH QUINTANA - A bit of a conundrum. It's sort of a more focused Beast, that can also be a blank card that provides 4 money. I think it will be a popular card as we love the blind gamble of a new player.
KING YAZ - Sadly I'm not a fan. Simply because the price is too high. The fact you have to do a check should have made this like 3 bucks cheaper. All the other 12 cost cards in the game are better.
BRIAN ALTUVE - An odd card. It's basically a weaker version of magma glove. I would use the card for sure though.

We got two new offensive cards with old abilities. They are both awesome though with awesome names. Who needs new abilities!

SURE-FIRE - What an awesome card. Clears the bases and gives you another run and a guy at first. All you have to be is behind. Very cool card and a great price.
CYCLE-BOT - What an offensive machine. Fast too. Love the theme of the card.

Some of these will be classic cards that even casual players will remember off hand.

JEURYS MILLER - Since these 2 abilities can't work together, this card comes off as pretty over priced. The abilities are good, but the 10/0 is bad. Should have provided money or been cheaper.
MARK OSUNA - Due to his price, it will be a popular card. With it's ability to get out 2/3 of players in the game at 4 bucks.
DELLIN BRITTON - What an awesome card. When they go for that those HRs with runners on, what an answer. 6/3 too? One of my favorites out of the new stuff.
JON KLUBER - Another super annoying card that adds conditions to an old ability. This card is pretty bad. Sliders is already one of the harder abilities to use (though awesome). This makes it even harder. Doesn't even make up for how situational it is with income production. Bad.
NOAH HENDRICKS - Another super annoying card that adds conditions to an old ability. But this one is pretty good. Provides a few hits, the last being a homerun. And one of my favorite abilities even though it's restricted to home team.
KENLEY CHAPMAN - Cancel all hits if the game isn't tied, that's pretty damn awesome. High price tag for that though but worth it.

Now we get my favorite of the new abilities. Some more anti glove stuff. The only problem is there is only 4 of these. With how big the free agent stack is, really should have been like 10 of these.

AI-SNGL - A good price with a couple of doubles to boot. The fact he's slow isn't too bad.
AI-TRPL - Another good one that provides 2 bucks. This one throws in PH just incase you haven't been able to make use of it.
AI-HOMR - The best of these names. Double HR is amazing. One of my favorite cards.
AI-DBL - The cheap one of the bunch. I do wish this one had 2 money or PH.

I'm pretty happy with what we've got in these expansions. New cards is new cards. I do hate they continue to add conditions to old abilities. Why not call them by both names. Like "Home Cookin' Sinker" for example. With the way they've done it, it just gonna lead to someone buying a card and not realizing it's conditional until they go to play it. Which will ruin the entire play by leaving a bad taste for all players. I could see me pulling these out because of that.

And while it's nice to see a few girls, it's not enough. We can have robots in the 50s but not girls? There needs to be a lot more. I think they should do a whole expansion of just girls. Because guess what, girls like baseball too.
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