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The People’s Choice Top 100 Solo Games Meta-Contest

Morten Monrad Pedersen
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The most expensive event in the solo community is upon us: The 2017 People’s Choice Top 100. As in previous years, I’ll host a meta-contest, where the winner gets to go home with the world famous No Prize™ award (if the winner is already at home she or he is allowed to stay there without doing any going).

This year I’ve decided to shake things up – I mean, what are traditions for if not breaking?

In previous years, the meta-contest has been about how many games on your top 20 makes the top 100. That’s no longer how we’ll do it, since the scores were fairly predictable, so instead I’ll ask you 5 questions each giving you a number of victory points. The change has absolutely nothing to do with Gary beating me in the old system. Nothing. What. So. Ever. Nada. Zilch. Overhovedet ingenting.

The questions

Last year’s list is helpful when answering the meta-contest questions, so here’s a handy link (yes, I’m nice like that ): 2016 People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games (+).

Below are the 5 questions. You can simply reply to them and not care about the scoring system until the top 100 reveal starts. The scoring system will be explained further down the post.

1. How many #1 votes will Mage Knight get? (Hint: It got 57 in 2016 and 43 in 2015.)
2. Which game will be ranked 42? (Hint: don’t pick a game that gets ranked lower than 41 .)
3. Which of last year’s top 10 games will fall the most ranks?
4. Choose a number from 0 to 9 that you think will be a digit in the ranking of the most Uwe Rosenberg games.
5. Name a game not on last year’s list, which you think will go high on this year’s list.

Send your answers to me in a geekmail before the first part of the list is revealed. These mails will be used once the recount demands start flying and lawyers get involved (I’ll send my answers to Kevin, so that I also can’t cheat).

I won’t be handling the scoring myself, so you have to report your VPs in comment section below this post as you gain them. I’ll keep a ranked list up to date at the bottom of this post. Doing it this way not only makes it possible for me to host this meta-contest (otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time available), it also gives more opportunities for banter and interaction in the comment section.

Please, please, pretty please with cherries on top, report your total score instead of VP gained since last time and use a new comment each time instead of updating a previous comment (I get notifications about new comments, but not about updates to existing ones).

The scoring system

You score victory points based on the five questions:

• The participant with the most VP at the end of the Top 100 reveal is the winner.
• If two or more participants end up tied for first place, the winner is the participant who gained the most VP from question 1.
• If that doesn’t break the tie, we continue doing the same thing for question 2-5 with the tied players until a winner is found.
• If that doesn’t leave us with a single winner, I’ll declare Kevin the winner .

Note that only games in the top 100 count in this meta-contest. Any other game that Kevin might add to the list do not count (he often adds the first few ranks below 100).

Question 1: How many #1 votes will Mage Knight get? (Hint: It got 57 in 2016 and 43 in 2015.)

That is how many people will put Mage Knight at the top of their list?

Gain 20 VP minus how many #1 votes you were off.
* E.g. if you guess that it gets 5 and it gets 2 or 8, you’ll gain 17 VP.
* You can’t gain less than 0 VP.

Question 2: Which will game will be ranked 42?

* Gain 0 VP if your game doesn’t make the top 100.
* Gain 1 VP if your game places 1-40
* Gain 2 VP if your game places in 91-100.
* Gain 3 VP if your game places in 81-90
* Gain 4 VP if your game places in 71-80
* Gain 5 VP if your game places in 61-70
* Gain 6 VP if your game places in 51-60
* Gain 7 VP if your game places 41 or in 43-50
* Gain 10 VP if you game places 42.

Question 3: Which of last year’s top 10 games will fall the most positions?

* Gain 5 VP if you guessed correctly.
* Gain 20 VP if you guessed Mage Knight and were right.

Question 4: Choose a number from 0-9. Gain 2 VP for each Uwe Rosenberg game on the list whose rank has this number as (at least) 1 of its digits.

E.g. if you guess 2 and At the Gates of Loyang ranks 22, 23 or 42 you’ll gain 2 VP (and you might of course also gain VP for some of his other games).

Question 5: Name a game not on last year’s list.

Gain 1 VP for each 10-game interval revealed until the game is revealed on the list. If the game doesn’t end up on the list, you gain 0 VP.

E.g. if you guess Monopoly: Solitaire Edition and it ranks number 12, you’ll gain 9 VP.

Go for it!

That’s all, may the best guy/gal win - i.e. I’ll win and Gary will lose .

If anything is unclear in the questions or scoring system, please ask away in the comments below and I’ll clarify.

External image

The world famous No Prize™ award on display.

Uwe games revealed so far (for question 4)

35: Fields of Arle
40: Agricola
44: Glass Road
25: A Feast for Odin
15: At the Gates of Loyang

For question 3 the correct answer giving 5 VP was:


43 VP - Muad Dib

39 VP - kamarainen
39 VP - shutmemo

38 VP - wavsite

36 VP - jwml

35 VP - briezee

34 VP - flaeryn
34 VP - ldpaulson

33 VP - budkin

32 VP - ChrisSmith4773
32 VP - enzo622
32 VP - Formersd

31 VP - cmmayo
31 VP - mortenmdk
31 VP - settlerdave

30 VP - spaceman23

29 VP - kldonnelly
29 VP - notclive
29 VP - vikinggeek

28 VP - drainout

27 VP - bikefreak
27 VP - kevinruns262

24 VP - Darkwing Duck
24 VP - ian_07720169619

23 VP - Ambush3
23 VP - GomJabbar

22 VP - CounterCount
22 VP - DJStudley
22 VP - dobrazil
22 VP - Leader Desslok
22 VP - listrahtes

21 VP - splindeman

20 VP - adamdi5
20 VP - SolarJ

19 VP - Mantheron

17 VP - Albia
17 VP - Kin Hassar

15 VP - jgatkinsn

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