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Happy Snaps II: Tired but Happy

Anthony Boydell
United Kingdom
Newent. Glos
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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
Sunday was a much slower start and, after the long Saturday, I didn't feel quite so spry as I slunk/slinked along the Landing to the bathroom. Pals Malc and Angie were already downstairs making drinks, so I piggy-backed off of a cafetiere of strong black coffee and attempted to upload the Day 1 photos to this Parish. My Pa joined us and soon, also, Richard and Ben; we chatted until the dregs in our mugs were stony-cold about World Wars, the British Aristocracy and Ancestors before realising the morning was already running away from us!

As I scampered down the road to the Pub, my Facebook Messenger notification showed me a picture message from Boffo: his storage box of all-things-Agricola. My urgent (and excited) pace increased and I took my seat - arranging my Revised Edition replete with the Agricola: Artifex Deck - and ordered a cheesy bacon sandwich while I was at it.

(Left) I do not remember this at all; I have no idea why they are pointing and laughing...perhaps it was something I said?
(Right) Richard's first two card plays had the rest of us in a filth-minded uproar; it continued in a similar (relentless) vein for the remainder.

We were joined by Mrs B, Alice (my eldest), Benedict and Arthur and they occupied themselves with more Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game, JamSumo and the like before Alice declared she wanted to try out Inhabit the Earth. Our five player agrarian ambrosia played out in a couple of hours with myself and Boffo steadily racking up oodles of bonus points around a tidy farmstead (him 47, me 44), Claire flailing about in an unfamiliar-to-her elbow-shoving five player, Ben M nobly persisting through the banter and dirty jokes to a respectable personal best and Richard tying himself up in combo knots and making a couple of timing errors that probably cost him 5-10 points. It was wonderful; every day, in every way, I love Agricola more.

Boffo, once our farming duties were complete, taught and participated in a game of ItE that - according to Mrs B - was "the boys ignoring the girl", which Alice duly won. For myself, I finally co-tabled with Jimmy, Andrew Harman and Dave for a curious debut of Lagerstätten

In summary: it's worker placement with dinosaur bits.

As this clever take on dobber-spotting played out, all of us were purring with admiration about how well the 'digging for fossils' mechanic worked: the more people participating in a site's excavation meant more of the fossil cards 'buried' there would be in the drafting hand upon resolution! Collect fossils, assemble whole specimens and then either sell them to collectors OR send them off on income-producing tours. Jimmy and I got off to a clean and steady start and left the other two well behind; in the end it was a cheeky little Pteranodon that sealed a comfortable victory for me. Jimmy, who runs an FLGS, was already googling the manufacturer's deets, during the takedown, so he could get a batch brought back to the UK in the near future; that play had sold three copies!

Loot Island: not well received, really; from L to R: confused but won, confused but cared even less and just 100% befuddled from start-to-finish.

It was suddenly 4PM and I had family stopping by so it was farewell to the stragglers - and to our Pub hosts - and a benificent distribution of birthday beers and home for hot tea and presents:

Books, games, records, whisky, funny cards, lovely messages and a tunnel for m yet-to-be-built model railway!

With everyone gone and supper done, the last few hours of November 12th passed in the company of my first ever board game design: B.O.G.

Ben M, Alice, Mrs B, Benedict and I howled with mirth at the farcical cinematic storytelling of this lumbering beauty: a gentle start followed by two player deaths, a near death experience, the death/resurrection/re-death of the game's fictional progenitor and a frantic scramble to the Balcony-bound treasure made for quite the fullest, most satisfying session in a long while. A fittingly daft end to the evening and, of course, to a wonderful weekend; the Pub is keen to have us all back again in a more regular capacity...I fear this may be the beginnings of ShedCon!

P.S. Many, many thanks for your kind Birthday wishes: I love you all!
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