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The Excluded Games

sean johnson
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The point of this blog is to document the attempt my wife and I are taking at playing through all 168 of our games. However, that is not entirely true. We are actually trying to play through 161 of them. There are seven games excluded from the list. For the most part, these games all have a couple of things in common. They are all large group games that feature a high level of social interaction and my wife absolutely hates them.

The reason why we have several games my wife hates is because I am a youth pastor and in that position I am always looking for good group games that really get people interacting together. Part of the agreement of playing through all of our games, is that these games would be excluded so that she would not have to play them. However, in the interest of listing everything, I wanted to give these games a listing so they are all here with a brief description and my thoughts.

Are You the Traitor?: This is a hidden role game where players have to figure out who is who. One person who is quick to accuse ruins the whole game, which means every game seems to get ruined. This is a bad game that I want to get rid of.

Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box: This is really more of an experience than a game. Players use cards as a story starter of sorts as they take turns weaving a story about why they failed the overlord at a task. They keep passing the blame, and the Dark overlord assigns evil glares for capricious reasons. When a group gets into it it is great fun. The past few times I have played I have not even gotten the game out, and we just made up a story on the spot as we passed blame around.

The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with Toy Soldiers, Ships and Planes: This is the entry that is different than the rest. I bought this book because one day I want to use it to play miniatures with my son (he is currently two). The book contains dozens of miniatures rules, so playing just one set would not be a good representation of it, and playing all of them just will not happen with my wife who dislikes miniatures. I really like this book. I get to play one of the rule sets out of it once a year at Gen Con, and it is always one of my highlights.

The Resistance: With youth I play a LOT of Mafia/werewolf. However, I wanted a game that plays better with small groups and a game without player elimination. The Resistance is a perfect fit for that. In this game a Resistance group fights against an evil empire, but their are spies in the midst trying to sabotage missions. This is one of my absolute favorite games and it is a stable of our gaming group. However, my wife hates it and has made me promise to never make her play it again.

Say Anything: While she does not love it, I think my wife might actually be willing to play this one. Before our most recent move a couple of years ago, we played this game a good deal with a young adult Sunday School class. However, I do not for see us getting together with a good group to play Say Anything anytime in this year, so it is excluded. Say Anything is a game where a question is asked, players write whatever they want and then player who picked the question selects their favorite answer. Everyone else then bets on what answer they think they picked. It is a great party game.

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow: As mentioned I play, Werewolf/Mafia with the youth group a lot. I got this for when I want us to play a more involved game, as I think the buildings add a lot, and it gives most people something to do instead of just wait to die.

Who Would Win: This is a simple game where two players draw a random character card they might get something like Darth Vader vs. Walt Disney. Then a card is drawn about what they are competing in, something like pie throwing. The two players then debate why their character would totally win. This is another great youth group game, and I have a lot of fun with it.

Those are the excluded games, now back to the regularly scheduled blog posts of playing through our games.
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