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Gathering Part 3! NOW WITH MORE! Extra Long Blog Post- You Might Need Coffee... Lots of fun Candids at the end!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Part 3: The final days of the Gathering of Friends

I wanted to take a moment and mention that this is a 9 day convention with amazing people and amazing gaming opportunities. A lot of time spent around the game table with truly fun people. Even if a game isn't the best, it can be the best experience, and enhance the overall impression of game play. It was mentioned that my last blog post was overall too happy, it is because I was truly happy and enjoying every moment of this con. Even if I don't enjoy the game, it might have been an amazing time no matter! I try to be as honest in my write ups as possible and hope you can enjoy my experience through photography and writing!

I want to thank everyone who I was able to play a game with and made the con a true gift to me. I learned 44 new games and played 116 total games.

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Part 2: Gathering Part 2! EVEN MORE GAMES! More Awesomeness...

Warning! Extra Long Blog Post!

Wednesday Day 6!

I walked into the gaming area and found Mr. Ted Alspach. He is just a Joy to hang out with! He was so kind and showed me his new expansion called Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains Expansion for the major GenCon hit of 2017 game Whistle Stop. New to me Expansion!

This was awesome to try out, since I have played the base game several times now showing it to many many people! This new expansion adds a bunch of cool features (still in development). I don't want to go into too much detail but for now, it adds a new share, but more importantly it adds 3 middle columns full of mountains! It is harder to bypass through the mountains, but you get large rewards for placing new tiles there!

I honestly thought the game would end later than normal, but it turns out you can rush and end game even still with the added 3 columns of tiles. I was shocked and it actually ended a round sooner than I might have even thought for the base game! I think I even shocked Ted with my amazing skills in this game. I crushed him and Mike so hard. "I haven't lost this game in over a year" - Ted. Boom I was easily 50 points over his score and nearly lapped poor Mike who was learning for the first time.

Makes me curious about this new tech tile that I ended up claiming. It was SUPER powerful and the reason I was able to end it so quickly, so I wonder if that needs adjusting. Now, the thing about tech tiles is that anyone can buy them from you and they really should have been taking that from me any chance they could. Mike didn't know better but Ted should have for sure. I was also going last so I have the element of surprise ending, which was nice. Can you see my evil grin? I am basically the Grinch who stole Christmas. I am looking forward to this expansion and I think any fan of the game will enjoy it immensely. I think GenCon this year it might be available. Keep an eye out!

Next up was an Unpublished Prototype called Paradox. New to me!

I won't go too much into detail since it was still new Proto. But it has an interesting take on trick taking with a partner. But there are stages to the tricks and they don't clear away at once. Very interesting, and Scott G and I were masters at this.

I liked kicking Ron's butt!

YAY MINA Showed up!!! heart

Ron played a cool game without me so I demanded he show me the game called Topfrosch. New to me!

Owned by Joe H of course, and it is probably like copy 5/5 in existence, since that is what he likes. Yes this game was numbered 5.

This is a mad game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, but with coconuts. You can play with teams or not, but you are trying to collect a certain color. Lemme tell you it is hard to hold a coconut! I was absolutely terrible at this game. We played twice and I lost horribly both times!

I think Mina had a disadvantage though, she had a tiny coconut! But maybe she could hold it better, I am not sure! I was happy to finally get to play with Mina! We played some more coming up next!

Interesting game, I wanted to love it more than I did, I would play again, but ! don't have to. It makes total sense that Joe H owns this one.

Mina was interested in learning some games so I ended up teaching her, Peter and Scott how to play Coimbra. I knew she would love it! I was not wrong.

This game I was more focused on trying to make sure the game was on track and people were understanding, but in general it was wicked easy to teach and play. I wouldn't say it is a light game but would compare it to Voyages of Marco Polo or so. I love the Multi-use of the dice.

I was clearly more focused than anyone else at the table, but that was okay. I ended up winning in about the position Jeroen won in the first game I played the day before. I think knowing the game really helps, but remembering what you are looking for also helps!

There is a lot going on with all of the unique cards, but each card is used each game so I don't know if that might get repetitive. At least the city locations will be mixed and matched each game so those will change it up.

I look forward to playing again soon!

Mina asked for one game to be taught and it was Dinosaur Island. I promised to teach her and Michael how to play and Peter joined in as well.

The game went pretty smoothly and we played the medium game I think. It might have been short. I can't remember but it was super short. They all got a feel for the game and I think ended up backing it on KS.

I am pretty sure I won this game, but I don't think it was by all that much. Great game, I was glad I got to play and spread the love for this one.

I didn't mean to win, I just sort of happened. I was just happy to be playing with friends whom I see so infrequently!

Later I was looking for a game and asked Arnaud to re-teach me Stone Circle. I actually learned last Gathering. It was Great to see it transform into a big game. I can't wait to see it in final form.

I was lucky and managed to pull Nathan aside to play this 2p with me. Of course I forgot how to play and needed a refresher and Nathan never played, but Arnaud was great and explained.

I had a rule backwards and ended up losing 2 very critical points I needed. Since you only need 4 points to win! Nathan was able to finish me off and win the game. I caught him in a victory pose at the end of the game.

I can't wait to see these figures come alive in the published version.

I seat Nathan gave me permission to post these pics.

I lined up a prototype testing but had some time so I asked Joe H to play Pom Pom. New to me!

The box is very attractive and the art nice. Looked to be a light card game with an auction type mechanic. It was more of a drafting mechanic though. You are either drafting from the tableau or the top of the deck. You could alternatively play cards down in sets. You are trying to get a set for each season before the storms come ad take your cards away.

It was fairly easy and pretty luck dependent. I didn't mind playing but I don't foresee ever playing again. I thought I was doing pretty well with my match ups, but I was no where near as good as Joe. I am not sure if he was lucking into the draws or what. You need very specific pairs to score but you want the best numbers possible too.

Ah well. Happy I got to try it Joe H for the win.

The prototype I was most looking forward to! called Unpublished Prototype! New to me!

Sorry I can't talk about it and I couldn't take pics of it. Boo....

In the end it still needs a bunch more development time to make it into a great game so I look forward to trying the final product.

Final game of the night was supposed to be a fast game of The Voyages of Marco Polo. I think Scott might have been sleeping most of the way through or maybe it was me. But it was a 3 player game and it seemed to go on a while.

On the plus side I managed to secure the Secret Passages small promo pack! How exciting! I haven't yet managed to play with them but I very much look forward to trying it out.

Also on the plus side, I totally kicked everyone's butt with the same character that Ron had in the game we played the day before. hmmm wonder about that. I really like having those dice tokens they were pretty cool! And an income of a camel is always sweet! It might have went on longer than I would have liked, but it was still awesome.


Thursday Day 7!

This was a great great day! I started out learning Unpublished Prototype called Key Flow! New to me!

I ended up playing twice this day because it is just so awesome. This is Richard Breese new game that was originally going to be called Keyflower: the card game. But he just changed it to Keyflow. This is still in development and prototype form but he was allowing me to talk about it.

It is a light drafting game and if you are familiar with Keyflower then all of the symbols will come naturally. There were a a couple new symbols, that you will pick up easily. Each hand you draft a card and pass the rest. You play into your tableau or if it is a meeple card you might end up playing it into another players tableau to your right or left. You are still set collecting things and there are winter end game goal cards that you know SOME information about to work towards.

Very fast game play and did I mention I love drafting! It all feels familiar and fresh at the same time. I am very much looking forward to this one for Essen Release! It will be wonderful!

Oh I should mention that in both of my games, I totally crushed everyone. I think I taught Richard how to play... It was awesome. Everyone playing really enjoyed it as well! It will fit in well with anyone who loves the key series.

Speaking of the Key Series, Richard offered to show me Keyper with his new expansion design. New to me expansion!

YES MORE KEYPER! I was definitely a test guinea pig, but I was okay with this. I ended up playing it twice during the con this game was just a 2 player game with me and Richard. I don't want to get into too much detail since it is all in development. There is a whole new mechanic happening which for me was neither good or bad. It is just totally different, and whole new experience. It really kinda bends your brain a bit, since some people might be in the spring season still but you might have progressed into summer already. It is not all neat and tidy as you know Keyper to be. It certainly takes a few rounds/seasons to see whats happening and how to workout complications.

I found following to be quite difficult since he was also testing a new building tile that was amazingly powerful. So dang good in fact that he was able to really take me to school even with a -36 points for that one tile at the end of the game. Its a REALLLY good tile.

I had seriously the most fun playing with Richard, he is the most kindhearted guy. I hope you all get to meet him one day at Essen or maybe UK expo- something of the sorts!

This expansion adds almost 3 modules that could all be added or not. Also a bunch of new tiles and some sea creatures to collect. All in all I look forward to seeing this get a release, and quite enjoyed my time playing. More on it later in the post.


Sorry no pics

Later I found Geoff, Dan and Dave playing Super Big Boggle. I own this version of the game, and I really don't prefer it to Big Boggle, but it is still better than Boggle.

We played 3 games of this and it was clear that Dave knows this game. It was his after all and he completely destroyed us. I came in mid way through the game session and still managed to get about half way to Dan's very low low score. Given a few more games I could have easily caught him.

I am not terrible but I am out of practice! Love this game and it is easily my favorite word game, though once upon a time I was obsessed with Scrabble. All good, I love word games and this is still my favorite of the bunch.

Since Christmas is so close, I mean what?, I felt the need to suggest some Christmas themed games. I mean they were sitting right on the shelf asking to be played. First on the table was Christmas Tree. New to me!

Riley and I were going to play this at TotalCon but we couldn't find a 3rd player and you really don't want to deal with a 2 player variant.

This game we had 4 players which worked out well. I wasn't sure what we were really doing other than drafting the cards to our player boards. Each players have a deck of scoring cards and you select one each round to pass in the hand of cards so other people will slowly gain information as the round goes on about which things might be scoring. There is a set collection element or exact placement type of scoring cards. We were playing with advanced rules so that was interesting, they didn't seem to hard but I don't know what they actually added either.

You play out 3 rounds and your tree will be all decorated at the end of the game. You have a final scoring for connected bulbs that are lit up and yeah.

I actually quite liked this one, and I think it will be great to play during the holidays. I also love drafting as you might have learned from my last blog post including 7 Wonders.

I think I ended up winning, but I don't remember at this point it could have been Ron but it was a close one. I actually did pretty well and scored a lot of points each round. I would happily play this one again, when and if Riley brings it around ever!

Since it was looking like Christmas, I had been wanting to try out Santa's Workshop for a long time. New to me!

This game flew under the radar right before Christmas 2017 so I never got to try it out. Rio Grande Games, I recently learned, don't actually promote their games, and let them speak for themselves. Definitely a different way to go about it. I guess that is what they have always done. Seems weird not to be on social media and market through those channels. (shrug).

This game is adorable, I can't say the art is fantastic but it is cute. I think the overall look and feel is too dark, but the score track is amazing fun! It is worker placement or Elf placement, if you will. You can train your elves to become specialize to get actions better, but mostly you are collecting materials to assemble gifts.

Overall the game play was easy to pick up and learn. Some spaces were amazing early on and then terrible at the end or vice versa which made the game less fun. We were all in need of assembly tokens at the end and it is all just very limited and no one could complete what they needed to. Whereas in the beginning everyone needed or wanted skills to add to their workers. It was just not as developed as I might have liked, something was missing.

Aside from that I enjoyed the reindeer stables and the "Gift Cards" easy worker placement game for sure.

I lost super hard and I think Dan took the win this time. I know it was just a mess for me in the end though. Happy I got to try!

I tried to get Mandi to play a game with me, didn't work but I found a bunch of people interested in learning Illusion.

I ended up playing 3 games! I mean I love this game. This is my type of game. Anything visual is a blast for me, since I am all about visuals! Photos hello!

On the plus side I think everyone enjoyed it. I am not even sure I won them all, but I probably did... Actually I think the 3rd game was won by the new guy who sat down to play the final game. New guy for the win!

Again, super excited for this one and look forward to owning it!

Since we were all there and I had my amazing box of roll n writes, we picked one to play and it was Encore!. Most of us had different sheets to use, since I put all the colors in my box. I think it is more interesting with all the sheets!

I was able to call this game pretty early and I even managed to win. Now, had Ron been playing I wouldn't have come close. I forget who was playing, probably Dan, and there was a comment on turn 3 like Ron would be done with column A, which is so Ron. We never know how he does it, but he finishes a side column super early. That jerk! Hahah poor Ron wasn't even playing.

Final game of the night for me was Cat Rescue. New to me!

I think this game was recently on KS. The artwork is Super cute, I mean those kitties are adorbs! it is a co-op game where you are trying to rescue the kitties.

Okay, so for me this game just didn't work or the rules were a bit funky. I get the abstract nature of the game and I like that you are trying to form sets of similar colors in a row or column. I didn't like the stray cat or housed cat thing. Where you might have to just draw randomly from the deck. To me this game definitely needed more development happening. I like that is was an abstract co-op game though, that was interesting.

I love the calico cat and how she was multi-colored. #bestcard I think we ended up "winning" with a very low losing kinda score. It was fine and i would try it again if any of my friends ended up backing it. Harmless, but not one I would request.

Friday day 8!

Friday morning I got to teach Otys to a bunch of friends! They were all looking to learn a game and I figured this was a good length before people took off for lunch.

I was surprised so many people hadn't played it before, then I remembered not everyone is crazy like I am. I am also drawn to Pearl Games in general.

This game went pretty smoothly, and I think everyone was enjoying it probably Fel enjoyed it the most though. We tend to see eye to eye on mechanics.

I ended up just barely winning this game. I think Nicole was able to actually make the end of 18 points though so she was right on my tail by like a point or so.

I really have to try this game with the other side of the tiles, soon very soon!

Then people were coming and going and I found a game of The Mind. Actually got to teach Mandi in the first game. Yay one game with Mandi!

The second game we picked up Eric Lang. He is an odd ball for sure. Very goofy! Haha everyone plays this game differently, and it is wonderful!!

I have to say in all my games this might have been the most entertaining one.
Oh yes, both games ended in a horrible loss, but it was great! Still want to play this more and more!

I was carrying around a few games with me and I was interested in testing out Brutal Kingdom. New to me!

This game is basically a take that game, to try and kill the other players stacks of cards. If you are able to destroy the top card you will then destroy all cards under. But, if you succeed with your stack of cards you get to score all of the cards still surviving. You are ultimately trying to collect lots of tokens and points. Points from killing other people. It reminds me of Citadels, but in a faster card game.

I love the art in this game and it is very easy to pick up and play. There is a drafting mechanic which is nice since you know what you are passing to other people and might be able to anticipate their plays.

It was just a 3 player game with me Michael and Dan, I was easily the biggest target this game, but it is so fast that I don't mind being a target, and maybe I will get a few lucky hits in the process.

I definitely want to play with 4 players soon! Dan absolutely crushed us, so that was totally uncalled for and unfair. I have to pay him back next time.

In for another quick game I wanted to check out Nimble. New to me!

The box cover just called to me and it said, PLAY MEEEEEEEEE. I do wish more artwork was on the card that matched the cover, but I learned quickly that this was a real time speed game to get rid of all of you cards. You must try to get all of your cards played on the stacks. You must match your current card with the outside color to a stack in the middle of the table that matches the circle. So, if you see the pictures below the outside matches the inside.

Once someone runs out of cards then the game ends and you reveal the stacks and see if anyone made a mistake. All card backs are marked with a color so you can easily tell.

It is a cute 5 minute game. I really thought I would win this one but Dan somehow managed to get all of his cards played out! How?! At least I think it was Dan. There was one mistake on the table though and I think it was Gil.

I would gladly play this one again. I really like real time games like this. I wish more people in my group did as well. Nope!

Dave showed up and we had time to play That's Pretty Clever.

I was very excited to play this again after the first play. This time it was just a 3p game and it moved fairly quickly. I was happy to play it with 3 players I think it works better. You get more turns and you get more control.

I still need to play more to get the combo thing better. I thought I was doing well this game, I did MUCH better than the first game, but it was still like 80 points less than Dave, so yeah it was a stomping but I tried!

Really happy to have this in my collection! I got it delivered after we got back so that will be in next weeks blog.

Would recommend this to any Roll n Write fans!

After that I found the Ron and asked Richard if we could play Keyper with the new expansion.

This time I told Ron he must take that tile that Richard so cleverly used in the game before. Ron did in fact take the tile, but since he was new to it, he didn't exploit it for all its cool powers.

It was weird, I felt like I couldn't follow as much this game as well as the 2 player game, with the new ever changing seasons, it is harder to really get good opportunity except for the beginning of the game. You are almost locked to the tiles you must select for the next seasons once people have been allocated. It is definitely something to explore further when I get the expansion in final form.

Ron did a great job mind you, but Richard was still able to win by like 8 points. Well you can see the photo below. Ron and I were close behind and Ron certainly could have used his tile more effectively, but he wasn't quite sure how at the beginning.

We tried a few suggestions I had in the previous game, and yes, it made some spaces more attractive and I think that was good, but maybe too good? We will have to see what he finalizes! It was a cool game and it is exciting times!

Ended up going out to dinner with the cool kids, aka Scott, Lincoln, Nikki, Friedemann, Henning, Dan and Sara. This dinner took forever since the place we went was slammed but like 3 people were working.

We managed to play a game of Illusion. Dan was interested in learning and we pulled Friedemann into the game as well. Turns out Dan ended up winning. Luck of the newbie! we got in a few good rounds though. The world was right when Friedemann was able to pick up the green arrow, so that all made sense anyway!

Still a great time even if the service was crapola!

When we got back Scott was holding Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War and setting it up for the gang to play. He asked me to play in his stead and he was going to be like the guide and up-keep manager or something. It worked out and I agreed! New to me!

I am always red and it just so happens that red in this game is AVENGERS AND LEADER IS CAPT! NO, I have not seen this new movie and I will early next week, please don't spoil it for me!

I was super pumped to be playing as Capt! He is my fav! Even though Thor is amazing of course. Rainbow bridges and all, but still Capt forever!

This game is a co-op game where you are rolling dice each turn, pushing your luck to defeat Thanos and his army of villains. You are pre-selecting a location to fight and recruit in before your turn than he issues an attack and damage the heroes in various regions of to your team if you happen to be in the area of attack. He is trying to collect his infinity stones for his gauntlet. Please note the gems are out of order below, but really they are in correct order. #nailedit!

So, you can play on different levels, or as we played, you can play easy and just continue when you win easy mode! The only difference is the number of villains you have to kill off in order to win the game!

Early game you really want to recruit more people to your team so you can get better powers and actions or even just more dice! The more dice you roll the more damage you can deal on your turn. Each player will be taking turns individually, so if you are playing with slow players it might run longer than anticipated. But you are collectively working together and talking out a situation and using bonus tokens other might provide.

For an IP I think they did a pretty good job. I was just excited each time I saw a red card pop up and I immediately wanted to recruit them to my team. I think fans of Marvel will enjoy this and it is easy enough for the wide MassMarket audience who don't play games as frequently.

We did extremely well in our game and won the easy mode with no problem. We continued play and the stones made the game increasingly more difficult to deal with as it went on, but all in all we were pretty luck with that. We totally kicked Thanos in the rear and won on difficult mode!

We had a good time, but it ran a bit longer than I would have liked. I would be happy to play it again though. Go team Capt!

Dan had a game he wanted to play before selling it the next day called Tschakka Lakka: Die rasante Würfeljagd nach dem Tempelschatz. New to me!

Scott and Lincoln joined in for this one. Man, I am just terrible at rolling dice. You have to select a point on the board from an entrance and roll all the dice and hope to roll specific colors on the dice to secure the pawn. It might be a 1/2/3 pawn so you need 1/2/3 of a matching color rolled. There is a wild symbol that can be used with any color and there is a skull which is death and can't be re rolled. You can stop at anytime but if you bust then you lose you turn and can't claim anything.

You want to claim the pawns since they are all points and there is a set collection bonus for whomever has the most. The game is simple and fine. I don't foresee ever playing it again, especially if Dan sold it.

We played it out but I am not sure anyone was really invested in the game play at all. We were just waiting for it to be over! Definitely not a winner with this group. I do recall finishing the game, and i have no idea who won, it was probably Dan. I know it wasn't me! It could have been Scott, but I think Lincoln took back tokens that were his so it like made me mis-count. Ahh complications so Dan wins. Not a game to play again.

Final game of the night was 3 rounds of Exquisite Fruit. New to me!

This is like mad libs almost. You start it off with an answer and the first 3 words of a sentence. you cover 2 of the words and leave the 3rd word and the answer for the next person to see and then they must write the next 2 words in the sentence and cover your word and their first word they wrote and the next person does the same. This continues around the table and eventually you will have a very long hilarious.

You can read some of the questions below. No one really wins, but everyone wins, if you catch my drift.

I was pleased in the 3 rounds I was able to guess the questions that were asked of me each time! It is totally hilarious being in the hot seat and seeing if you can figure out these crazy questions! Tons of fun!

Final Day Saturday Day 9!

Saturday Morning crazy!

After the flea market I ran into Mike and MIKE IS AWESOME! Mike plays at the speed of light and man we whipped out games like it was our job. Where was Mike all week!? First game was 60 minutes and it was a game of A Feast for Odin.

I was really happy to get to play Odin again, this game is just awesome. And to top it off I destroyed these guys. Both Ron and Mike! It was a good day, a good day indeed! I suppose I was the only one to use Geoff's game this week since the only other time the score pad was use was by me with Rodney and Tom!

This game I went for a no houses focus and picked up exploration boards and that worked out pretty well for me. I tried to emigrate early and that was good, but I think I needed more boats to really pull off the strategy well.

Always a good time with Odin #top10

Next we played a 3p game IN 90 MIN of Gaia Project. This might have been the fasted game of Gaia that I played. I was actually playing a race I had played before so I could process everything faster.

I have to say I really like the tech tracks and knowledge and always try to gain as much of that as possible. Definitely a favorite strategy in this game. Of course I was playing very poorly, since I can't figure this game out at all, and yet I still love it!

Ron was playing which white which was a handicap because of the board layout and Mike was Blue. We actually convinced him to play even though he had played it the day before but because we were Steph and Ron he agreed (we play fast).

He was clearly all geared up to go since he showed us who was boss. He beat Ron by only 3 points! But he beat Ron!! I was pretty far in the losers chair but that is fine, I was happy to get to play it again. I am pretty sure Red is my favorite race with all the $$ income, but I really have to play again soon. I like this game with 3 players, I need Mike to move to NH so we could play all of the time!

Oh them we went with Mike to get Pizza and it was a glorious day! Super cool hanging with Mike for the afternoon! I felt accomplished playing such hefty games in no time at all.

When I returned I visited my BGG friends and they were sitting down to learn Dinosaur Island. They hadn't played before! Jon Gilmour was teaching them and I just was looking in. Rodney had to step out and I actually was able to fill in. I immediately gestured to Ron to go to the room and get the dinos from my set. They had to use the googlyeyed dinos!

Jon explained and everything wasn't exactly clear to the group but I was trying to help them along. There are a lot of phases and different mechanics being used, but I like that.

We were playing the medium game and I think it was about 4 rounds before it was finished. I had at one point predicted end of the next round to help and give them perspective on the timing of the game. I was not wrong, so I suppose I have a good guestimate meter on me.

I think in general the reaction was positive. I kinda destroyed them, whoops! I didn't mean to. I just focus in on the goal cards and do what I can ASAP. Those goal cards are everything in this game and you want to be the first one there. I was happy to play this game again. It is a keeper!

Time for the Ice Cream Social! So while people were lining up for that, I convinced the Ron and Jon to play The Mind.

Let me put it this way, we sucked! haha I think we got to round 4 or 5 before we were done. We just played the once. I don't know why I even try with Ron he just doesn't like the game that much and that is basically a mood killer right there. Jerkface Ron always tanking the team.


Face Painted Awesomeness!! With Jess and Scott Nicholson!

And I found Stephen!

Scott got some cool Cat plates to match his shirt!

Daryl Was a jerkface but Mani and I look amazing!!

After the prize table we got to playing Dan's pick called Feuville. New to me!

The cover is so inviting, and the artwork bold! I love dice games and this was that, however it is a lot of luck of the dice. You are trying to build up your city walls. It is actually sort of like Sultaniya in a way, with the small icons on the tiles and set collection type. Definitely not as good.

This game was just unbearable by mid game that we ended up calling it quits. I duno, maybe we weren't focused for learning this one, it was not like it was hard, but man we couldn't stay focused. We were not engaged at all.

Jess was killing us all game but when we eventually called it quits, Kris had managed to take the lead from her. So that was hilarious and he won! I can't say I recommend this game- but I was still happy to try it.

Since we called that game early we ended up playing a round of Welcome To.... Kris was new to the game but we threw him in the deep end and played with more interesting scoring cards. Which we quickly learned weren't really explained in the rules very well. We still have questions regarding that.

Ron joined in for this game since really any number of people can play. The game ended pretty quickly too when Ron was able to finish all of the goals. Jerkface shouldn't have let him play.

This was a terrible score for me. I think Kris was even way over my score. I don't know what happened!? I was trying to use BIS to my advantage having learned the proper rules.

Gotta play again soon! for really! Ron wins again. He said "sorry, not sorry!"


I was mean to Fel the night before when I taught Ginkgopolis, since I didn't allow him to play. So I made up for it this night by playing again. During the session last time and this game he actually acquired 2 copies of this game so he was very excited to learn it. I put Ron to the task of teaching it.

Fel understands me and my love for this game. You could see his excitement in his eyes as the game went on. About half way through there was a glow of joy all around him. Now this is the kind of experience I love to see from people when they are first learning.

Fel was to my left and I was being far too easy going with what I was passing, and therefore he absolutely obliterated us! hahah whoops. Some cards I passed him I would NEVER pass to Ron or Joe, but there it was.

I had some great end game scoring cards, but I am just not sure I got ANY board points. The end game came fast and hard and I was not ready with positioning on the board.

It was an awesome game as always! My #1 and everyone should love it!

Next up I found Scott and 2f gang about to play The Wizard Always Wins. New to me!

Here I was leanring this easy push your luck role selection game from Friedemann Friese. Henning was carrying it around so he was clearly excited for this one.

Very simple concept, figure out a way to get your gem in the bag and draft the wizard role and pull that gem out of the bag. First person to do this wins the game. Hence the name Wizard always wins!

Different roles do different things, but they might be to draw and play a card, or draw from the bag. In the bag it might be different actions or various icons. You need lots of icons to make up sets that get gems in the bag or level you up. Generally the higher your level the more gems you can draw etc.

Very simple game I was immediately drawn to the artwork. The Hunter (pictured below) reminded me of Princess Mononoke, and I have a feeling that is what they were going for.

It was no surprise that I lost this game. It took me far too long to actually get a gem into the bag and once that happened the wizard card was never available!

To my and everyone's delight, Friedemann won this game. Oh how I wish I video taped his response when he pulled out the green token from the bag. It was incredibly loud and entertaining.

I have to say I had a lot of fun playing this one. I love pushing my luck and the ease of the game. I don't know much about this publisher, but they also put out the Bob Ross game, so I wonder what else they will bring to us.

Final game of the con was actually a wildly entertaining game called Deadpool vs The World. New to me!

Yes! This is a game that takes the same ideas and mechanics from Cards Against Humanity and or Apples to Apples but puts it all into Deadpool's perspective. There is a picture of deadpool in some crazy formation and everyone has a had of cards they will draw or write or something on and then hand in the cards for approval. You want the cards to relate to the picture. My favorite is that DDR picture below! Hey and I won that card which was perfect!

These are WET erase markers so you have to get a damp napkin or something and get off the ink from the cards.

It was really a perfect late night game to play and I had a ball playing it. Easily the best of the genre that I have come across this far. Just because it is the best, doesn't make me good at it. I only one that DDR round in the game. I am still not clever enough for this type of game, but I had a blast playing. I know fans of Deadpool with just love this one! I would really like to play this one again!

I wasn't the only one to take pictures, here are a bunch from my friends they said I could post!! Thanks for the great Memories and until next year!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks to Rodney for the Pic and Ben for the Shark

Thanks Scott F!

Thanks Jess for capturing the Paparazzi

Thanks Dale!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Scott A!

Thanks Jess!

Thanks Scott A!

Thanks Richard!

Thanks Richard!

Thanks Stephen!

Thanks Mina!

Thanks Michael!

Thanks Ron!

Thanks Brett!

Thanks Brian!

I guess I need to start writing up my "new to me" list...

All the games I took home:

New to the Collection:
Fast Forward: FORTRESS
Fast Forward: FLEE
Fast Forward: FEAR
Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails
Flamme Rouge
Flamme Rouge: Peloton
Container: The Second Shipment
Das Kollier
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Gang of Four
Long Live the Queen
That's a Question!
Fruit Spy
When I Dream
Emperor's Choice
The Golden Ages

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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Thank you.
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