Scythe Strategy and Planning (+Scythe-960)

My thoughts on Scythe strategy. Also expanded to include updates on my foray into randomly generating more Scythe content...
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Scythe-960: The first updates

John Martorana
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(Original Scythe-960 blog post Here)

So the Scythe-960 web app seems to be fairly stable. It went a week or so with a few hits here and there and no errors being generated. It is now an official a project for me though, and that means some administrivia and boring work was now warranted...

First and foremost, I need to back up my software and start putting some version control on it. I've lost code to computer crashes before, and I never want to end up there again. It feels awful when it happens because I know it's completely avoidable. Because a big part of my goal here is to learn some new things, I've decided to use Git and Github since they seem to be one of the standards I have zero experience with.

Secondarily, I've create a new app server at: . This will allow me deploy and test changes in a production environment without affecting the main server which is still at . Going forward I hope for the main server to be very stable, with the test server being my playground, which I'll feel more willing to break.

Currently the main server is still up and running.

Recently, I realized that it might be useful to be able to allow people to create their own Player Mats. You might have a particular arrangement of Top and Bottom Row Actions you'd like to see, or have an image you'd like to see on a Scythe Player Mat. So I'm in the middle of working on a bare-bones web app for that:

It's VERY finicky right now. A malformed URL or a mis-configuration such as having two Bolsters, and it just generates a random Player Mat. It most likely won't even inform the user what he did wrong. But if everything is entered correctly, it should let people create their own view.

(FYI, When I do get around to updating this blog, I think I'll be posting more about my new Scythe-related software development efforts here. The project currently grabs my interest more than simply writing about Scythe strategy. There may be a few more strategy thoughts in the future, but I expect they'll be even more sparse)
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