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Toc Toc Woodman

Andrew Butler
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Toc Toc Woodman

After a birthday dinner at Taj Agra Belconnen (fantastically yummy Indian Food. The butter chicken was to die for) Went over to Andreas for a few games. It was already the 6th of February and I had only 1 game under my belt for the month

The time on the box is 15 minutes, but you would have to be playing fairly slowly to make it last 15 minutes. In 15 minutes I was able to explain the rules, set the game up for a "practice" game to get a feel for how hard you needed to swing to "Toc Toc" the bark off, then set it up again and play to completion.


I ordered this as part of the Kick-starter for Toc Toc, and it arrived just before Christmas. The box and packing reminds me so much of a typical game that you would buy from Target or Kmart, rather than a typical "Euro". And I guess that's because that's exactly what it is. Its a game that I think will be more likely to be sold there then at Milsims or Mind Games. But don't get me wrong, there was nothing at all wrong with it, it serves the purpose and suits the game to a tee. The components consist of a stump which onto the tree will be built, and 9 tree cores which will each hold 4 pieces of bark. As I got the pre order from kick-starter my set also included the gold core and bark, to take the total core pieces to 10. It also came with the "exclusive" golden axe. Turns out that this does not give you extra chopping speed or strength, nor did it give me the power to kick sprites and gain blue potions but it does look cool meeple


The rules really couldn't be simpler. Each person gets two chops at the tree, collects anything that falls off, person to the right has their go. Bark scores 1 point each, cores score -5, highest score when the bark is all gone wins. THATS IT! Rules explained in 2 sentences.
I know there are different points values on the golden bark and core, but they didn't come in the box. Ok I've just looked up the expansion rules. If you use the Golden Axe you only get 1 swing rather than two, but anything that falls off is doubled in points. The golden core and bark are also worth double points, so 2 and -10. If you knock them off with the golden axe 4 and -20. Will play those rules next time.

Game Play

As I said it really is very simple, so there isn't a lot extra to add. Ready some other posts here on the geek, we had a house rule which I saw someone else used also. Wood that fell from core but didn't make it to the table wasn't collected. You need to knock it off to claim it. The other post I saw dealt with if you are allowed to use the back of the axe, not just the front. I think I need to agree with a response and say that i'm a purist. You can only use the blade of the axe to chop with. The one hesitation I have with playing it with a large number of people, is that someone will get chop happy and bring the whole thing down in a single mighty chop, thereby ruining the game. Hopefully this wont happen thou, but I'll have to review that if/when it happens.


With a turn taking maybe 20 seconds there wasn't any time for down time. And I was as invested in all chops anyways, wanting to see if anything fell off, or look and see if I could seen any easy points.

Would I play it again?

Yup. I've got regular Tuesday night games tonight, so I plan on taking it along and having a few quick games before something a little more meatier

Rating out of 10

I really liked the game, and am sure that the kids will love it (just have to work out a way to stop Domino from eating the pieces that will inevitably end up on the floor). 7 out of 10

Where would I place this against the other games that I've played (currently only ones I've reported on)

It was a fun game but I think that it would have to go underneath Space Maze.

Current Order

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Space Maze
Toc Toc Woodman
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