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Week 25: From Monza to Biosphere

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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Hi everyone!
I’m not that busy this week and I can brought you the weekly report a little bit earlier than the last week!


As I said last week, we’re going to participate this year in the GenCan’t contest with Waffle Hassle, a card-drafting game of 18 cards about making a waffle We think that is ready to be submitted to the contest!


Big day here! We started playing our prototypes in our home because we want to have it ready for Spiel (and for a prototype convention in Valencia in a couple of weeks). The mid-weight eurogame we’re designing flows and plays well but if we’re honest with our work, we’re not close to have a version to show to players. Keep working!

And more tests of Waffle Hassle (in solitaire mode too) to start writing the rules, the print and play files and all the things to put it online for you.

We finished the prototype session early (that what it happens when you only have to test a big game) so we played the last (of the frist three) Exit game we have: Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin. And it was amazing as usual. We love this series and we’re going to buy anything that our beloved Markus & Inka do.

We travel to the Madrid mountains to play until Sunday with our friends Ana & Jorge (and a friend of them, Paloma and their lovely daughter J). Because J wanted to play with us, she decided to play Isle of Monsters. An easy “combat and resource management” game for kids (although I think that there are a few rules not so trivial for kids) The art is outstanding and I want a game illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya for one of our games ( our dreams...) I liked it despite all the randomness, but I think that is pretty cool for youngsters.

Before dinner a couple of card games that I really wanted to try someday. We started with Herbalism, and I realized that is a deduction game... and I don’t like deduction games! I feel stupid when I play those games (despite enjoying them a little bit if I’m honest) The artwork is amazing and the game I have to admit is pretty cool but... It’s not my cup of tea

Finally I try High Society, the new edition illustrated by the Medusa Dollmaker a.k.a Fallera Mayor of the illustrators. I liked a lot the game but it is really tough! In Modern Art you get income from cards and you can be playing the game the whole time but in this one... if you spend too much, better not spend more if you won’t get out of the game. Anyway I can recommend it as an alternative to Modern Art.

After dinner, we played one full game of 1920 Wall Street, one game of the 19xx series from Looping games! I love this tiny boxed but awesomely good designed games. The next one will be 1906 San Francisco(rebuilding the city after the earthquake) and the next one... 1988 Dover Calais!

In this game you’re buying shares from primary products before the bombing of Wall Street in 1920. With a kinda-mancala-moving system that I love. If you have the chance to buy it (it cost only 20€) do it and you won’t regret it.

And then the heaviest game of the night: Biosphere. An area control game with dice that acts like markers that has “expiry date” and dies in a determined number of turns. I liked it very much but it was a brain burner for me. In this kind of games I prefer El Grande for simplicity but this one was really great.

Ana & Jorge have a huge board game collection (over 800) and they have weird games like this Zendo that I didn’t heard of it before. It is a clever guessing game that made me feel stupid in the same way like deduction games hahaha. It is cool but it requires a lot of games to get the point.

When everyone went to bed at 4:00a.m Jorge and I played a couple of games more. We played Space Race: The Card Game because Ia have it in my pile of shame and the rulebook is a little bit messy for me (now I played, the rulebook is nice, but at a first approach is not that easy). I liked the game a lot because (mainly) the theme. I’m a enthusiast of everything about the space race and modern spaces programs (I cried a little with the Falcon Heavy launch ). The game is a kind of Race for the Galaxy in which you select a card to play a phase and get cards from the center of the table and try to combine their actions. RftG is a better game for sure but in this one I can say that Valentina Tereshkova is in my team!

And one game of NMBR 9 after going to bed because is an amazing game that I can play it forever and it could be played in 10’.


When I woke up, J had put in the table Penguin Trap and I played with her this incredibly funny game. We’re looking to get a copy to play it with our nephews.

Then, J wanted to play Leo and so did we. Is a funny memory cooperative game that (for me) it isn’t easy to beat. We won but it wasn’t easy! I liked it.

And finally I play Monza! A game that I really wanted to play because my youngest nephew love cars and races (but not so much bard games) and this one could be the game that hooks him up

We say goodby to our friends and return to home. Since I played Space Race: The Card Game but Shei didn’t, I taughted her the rules (as I said, now is easy to teach) and play one quick game. The game is played in only 7 rounds and the cards you get can tell a history at the end of the game. I think that we’ll play it a lot this summer.

And the game of the week is...

See you tomorrow because we’re going to release Waffle Hassle to blind playtesting here!
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