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The Prodigal (Grand)Son(s)

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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
How very odd indeed to be browsing the streets and shops of North Wales without having just come from/about to go in to work! The plan was to make our way over to Conwy for lunch and then pootle about the castle, the ramparts and the surrounding country park with the kids and the dog and the In-Laws until tea-time; those not wanting to visit the Snowdonia Dragons would then return to the house leaving me (for deffo) with a micro-car and an IKEA bag full of games for a-playin'. As plans go, it was a fine one but by 4PM everyone had aching legs and rumbling tums so we left early. We're only about 20 miles away from 'the old haunts', so I grabbed a handful of fruit and set off back to The Mulberry with Arthur and Benedict in tow; we arrived on the dippetty-dot of 1830HRS, the official 'start' of this hidden treasure of a club.

To warm things (ie. Arthur) up, we started with the splendidly-daft Flicky Spaceships:

(PRISMA fixes many blurred sins)

In summary: Pick up a resource matching the colour of the hex your ship's 'Nose' is pointing in then flick your ship to somewhere else (preferrably to a hex of a colour you need) then, if poss, buy an upgrade card. Upgrade cards give you veeps and a special ability.

It's no more complicated than that and, for 30 minutes or so, it provides straightforward, no-nonsense fun. Tim, sporting his ever-growing and impressive sideburns, sneaked ahead of Benedict to claim the victory (and the sorest flicking nail)!

Next, because the other tables weren't ready to reset yet, was Nusfjord; an alterior motive here, of course, as Benedict had yet to play this Tony Favourite: the idea being that he, Arthur and I will be able to play this back at the house if/when the rain sets in!

Benedict did very well in his debut, impressively without penalties and sitting on a back-pattingly robust 32 points. Arthur triple-schoonered and forested up his entire board save a small utility building and a whopping Stronghold amongst the trees for 28 points. Tim was, unfortunately, diddled out a couple of lucrative buildings (by me) and a couple of gold in a final round 'filling of the plates' (by Benedict), losing him a potential 20 points (ouch!). I filled my board (see above) for...well, count it up yourselves!

Arthur sat with Yvonne and Daffydd (who are getting married in a couple of weeks time: the club's second 'wedding', I believe) and watched them playing some dungeon crawler or other; while he enjoyed the miniatures, four of us (me, Aaron, Denise and David) settled in to Q.E.: something I've been hoping to try for a while now:

In summary: The start player sets a (ANY) price for a tile; each tile has a straight VP value plus a flag and industry icon. A player's own flags can score for them, in sets, at game end as can monopolies/diversity in industries. The other players then secretly bid for the tile - knowing the 'seed price'; the start player reviews the bids (still in secret) and awards the winning bidder the tile but making sure to write the winning bid - in secret - on the back of the tile ie. no-one apart from you knows exactly how much you've spent. At the end of the game, add up all points and then reveal the backs of one's won tiles: whomever spent the MOST money automatically LOSES (!), whomever spent the least gets 6VPs.

Monstrously-simple and simultaneously tense and hilarious, QE ("Quantative Easing") is a triumph of an auction game! Denise went bid-crazy and disqualified herself from the laurels, leaving a previously-profligate David to triumph. I simply MUST get a copy of this for the Ross-on-Wye crowd as it's utterly perfect for our blend of sniping bonhomie! Superb!

The sun-having-set left a delicious blue-green nightglow over the estuary as we were joined by Arthur and Benedict for the evening's closer: Stock hold'em.

In summary: It's sort-of share dealing with Texas Hold 'Em resetting the share prices between rounds(!). Buy/sell shares then play out cards from your hand to build (or destroy) the poker hands growing against each of the six (aquatic animal-themed) companies. At the end of the round, prices for the shares are adjusted according to the poker hand and then a second - final round - is played. Sell all shares at the end and most money is the winner.

A curious artifact of a game, for sure. Denise salvaged her reputation for financial acumen by running away with this in the reckoning. Arthur was pleased to have 'bigged up' his favourite Dolphin Co. and was only a tickle behind the rest of the scores.

How marvellous to see Tim, Aaron, Daffydd, Yvonne, Ed, Tom, Denise, David and Dan again; we're hoping to make it along next Monday as well - maybe with a few more peeps in attendance (the house will fill up even more this coming weekend) - so, if you happen to be in the area, why not stop by as well?
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