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GENCON Excitment! Okay I Picked up TOO many Games! But, is there really such thing as too many? Probably, but I don't care! SO EXCITED! #StephLovesGames

Steph Hodge
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


First Stop @ GenCon was Meeplesource! I needed this Rainbow Meeple Necklace! Super awesome!

Ryan and my traditional picture for your pleasure!

I didn't get to play any games for the first 2 days I was at GenCon. I was SUPER busy working BGG and Hot Games Pics for twitter. So yeah, if you follow BGG on Twitter you saw a ton of posts, thanks to me! It was lots of fun, but I was very excited to get to play a few games in the later portion of the con.

I was able to stop by the Helvetiq booth and learn and play 4 games! First up was Team UP!. New to me!

This is a co-op game where you have a deck of cards that will represent the blocks in the game. You will want to stack them on the pallet to perfectly create a level 5 pallet. each full level is 5 points and you play out all the pieces. If you can't play a card it is negative points. Some cards you will have a selection of blocks to choose from so you want to select wisely and not shorthand yourself in other areas like shapes or colors.

It is a tricky game, and there are different ways to play it. Very simple to understand and play and then you are playing and making lots of poor choices! We actually played alright though and managed to get 20 points! He said that was an excellent first timer score. I agree considering the blocks we had remaining. Though, we were nowhere near the 25 perfect score.

very fun and interesting game and I was glad to have played it!

Next up I was able to check out Kariba. New to me!

This is a small boxed card game! Amazingly cute art and colors used in this game. You have a hand of cards and you are playing cards to their appropriate stacks 1-8 if there are ever 3 cards in a stack then you get to claim the next smallest numbers stack of cards for scoring. The 1s are the ONLY number that can take the 8s though.

You play until the cards in the middle run out and you just want to collect all the cards you can. Each turn you can play only 1 number but as many in that number as you have the stack. Very interesting.

I had a great time losing in this game. I couldn't ever seem to get duplicates of the numbers and I would play a 5 and then draw a 5. This happened like 10 times in a row. I would draw the number I had just played. It was all very poor timing. Totally didn't work out for me though. I lost super hard! So fun though and a game I would happily play again!

Continuing the small boxed games from Helvetiq we tried out Kartel. New to me!

This was a cute game where you are moving around this circle of tokens consisting of robbers/ loot/ mob leaders You are trying to get the bosses arrested so you can score for the robber in that color, but the loot then won't score in that color.

You simply roll the die and move up to that many spaces away collecting a token. Trying to get them to score as best you can. Once 5 mob leaders are arrested then the game is over and you add up the points.

It is super quick and cute. Plays up to 6 players too. Wicked cute. I would gladly play this anytime.

Hey, I ended up winning this one so that worked out for me. It was pretty easy to make the right choices each turn. Very simple filler, and not too many things you can think and do on your turn, but had a fun time playing. Would happily play this one again!

One final game in the Helvetiq booth and I got to play Bandido. New to me!

You can play multi-player but it is really the best solo puzzle type game. You are trying to enclose the captive who has escaped. You have a hand of cards and you are playing them to the table to try and create pathways to circle back and enclose the thief.

I was overly confident at the start and I had a good and easy time narrowing the pathways down. Then I lost all hope midway when the pathways just expanded and got to be tons of possible exits. I wasn't doing a good job maintaining the exits. Eventually, as the deck was getting thin, I managed to bring it back down to a few pathways and eventually got the right cards to finish the job. I really didn't think I would be able to do it, but a man with a little bit of help- it worked out in my favor.

This game really needs a LARGE playing surface, I had to ruin the board several times to play on that tiny table, I will have to play on the ground I think to fully see the tunnel paths next time I play.

This was such a fun game! I would totally play this solo over almost any other solo game. I love the challenge and it is so small you can really take it anywhere. I like that it can be played co-op too so it really is a special game. Very enjoyable!

Perhaps the best game of the show for me was Skylands. New to me!

Now, it is not entirely new, but a few rules changed and reimplement of a game I already love so much called The King of Frontier. I am going to suppose you have heard about it if you follow the blog I have played it a number of times and even recently. But, if not, Queen is bringing this game to Kickstarter soon and I am beyond thrilled.

I LOVE this game! Tile placement action selection where others get to perform the same action as you selected at a disadvantage. It is awesome. You are drawing tiles to place on your board, you are producing on the completed regions, or selling goods for points or you can purchase buildings that might have points or other lands that you might want. Plays out super quick like the original, and it is just BEAUTIFUL!

The artwork and tiles and everything is just amazing and something greatly improved imo. Everything is gorgeous and will likely fire the original for me, though I plan to keep both. I love not having to look up what all of the buildings do in the original since they are all in Japanese.

I am so excited to share this game with everyone once it is available in the US. It is so exciting!

I got to play the full game and it was a winner for me. I kicked some major butt! I got a few key scoring tiles and just blew them out of the water. It is sort of like I played this game before.

So thrilled I was invited to play it because I expressed interest at Origins, so totally wanted to check it out at GenCon! #worthit and I am totally excited!

Hey Hey on the BGG TV we had a few moments to spare and Eric had a prototype of the next Fast Forward game to check out we played 3 player Fast Forward: FORTUNE. New to me!

I have no idea when this is coming but I surmise it will be an Essen release.

It is #4 in the FF series and yes it plays very much like the others! You are getting cards to add to your hand then play in front of you. Very simple game and you are trying to form sets of cards for their values. As the game goes on you unveil new rules and things will happen. We didn't get very far into the deck, so I am not sure how much we actually saw but we played 3 rounds and had a good time.

I totally lost. I couldnt get points to save my life. I was always the low man on the totem pole. Haha it was clever and I did like it more than Fortress and Fear so there is that. I still need to revisit Flee!

Another super highlight from the trip was the NATIONAL 7 Wonders Championship! Oh, this was just a made up event for 4 very skilled 7 wonders players. We got to play with 7 Wonders: Armada. It was me Ron and Stefan and Virginie who are both Repos employees who have played the game about a million times. I challenge!

So, this game went down! Totally took up some demo area to play it and it was awesome. I was babylon this time and planned to get some green ones. I really like the green path on the new boards since they get you green powers which are almost all awesome. However, my board and my armada ship board lined up with Yellow cards this time so I was heavily focusing on pushing the yellow ship higher and higher. It was so nice to get all that extra money it had to offer.

Oh it was such a close game and I needed one resource and I would have ended up winning this game. I could have bumped the final spot on the yellow track with ONE MORE resource and then I would have actually won the game in the end.

Virginie ended up winning 82 to my 80. It was a sad sad day for me since I should have totally won that game. It is a good thing that there will be another national championship in Essen. I need a rematch so totally! This game!! I want to keep playing it over and over! Love it so much!

While working the BGG booth I was able to get in a demo of Shadows: Amsterdam. New to me!

We did a live demo on air teams of 2! It was so much fun I had to try it out again later in the week. So totally love this game! It just draws you in with the artwork and keeps you there for the gameplay.

The game is literally like 10 minutes long and can be played a few different ways. We were playing 2v2 in both games I played. You can also play like Mysterium with a co-op mechanic.

So what you are trying to do as a team is one person is the clue giver and the other player/s will navigate the cart. You are trying to find the clues and then make it out safely. The clue giver ha a small map of locations, earlier cards have fewer cops and a harder card will have more cops. If a team ever runs into a 3rd cop they lose automatically.

The map is made up of colorful pictures. The clue givers have a line up of 10 picture cards they can provide to the guessers to try and get them to move into the correct space to find the clues. If 3 pictures are handed then the guessers have to move 2 locations.

This is all happening realtime to try and beat out the other team for the clues and escape.

In both plays I was on the winning side! I wonder why. I am just awesome at this type of thing! So totally love that it plays out super quick and you get the same feeling as Mysterium or Dixit. Seriously love it and super excited for this release!

YAY Finally getting to play a game at night in the BGG Hot Games room! I pulled out Show & Tile. New to me!

There were a few of us playing and I attempted very poorly to read the rules. They weren't that hard but we managed to screw it up pretty hard. haha so we just played a few rounds.

You are supposed to get a set of specific tiles that can be used as either color in a picture you are trying to create. You want everyone to guess your creation, which they are secretly writing on a piece of paper. You and they get points if they can guess it. etc.

We were playing harder than it was meant to be played so yeah I really need to give this game another play whenever I can. I don't think anyone of us was able to guess the pictures that were created. I mean I only got ONE that Scott had made a submarine! It was a very clear picture though.

Super cute game and one to definitely return to.

Next, I was definitely interested in playing Get Packing. New to me!

This game is a real-time puzzle game where everyone has a specific set of items and a card is revealed and all players have to find the objects. Everyone has a suitcase and they must fit all of the requested items into the box and shut it without problems!

Seems simple, yeah not so much! Super hard and I think I was working on the first puzzle by myself for like 30 minutes with no success! I was just terrible at this game. I found a few people to play with and they were much better than me and ended up playing a bunch of rounds. They got faster as we started figuring out how to place things better, but man you can really be playing this game a while if you don't know how to pack!

I am sad that this game isn't in the BGG database, I think it is self-published. I just can't find it! Oh well!

It is an awesome game and I am happy I got to play it. I was sooo freaking terrible at it though. Had a great time playing it.

Shrey had about 10 minutes before he had to take off and he was super kind and taught me how to play Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition. New to me!

I was very interested in this, if not only because it was a roll n write game! One of my favs as many of you know so well!

In the game you are trying to puzzle out how best to make long routes that all connect and finish. You have a number of rounds to make these pathways. Each round 4 dice are rolled and all players use the results on their map how they see fit. You have to put the double track connected to other double track ect. Lots of intersections and possibilities to come from the dice and special case each player can take on their personal board as well.

It plays out super quick and I really enjoyed playing. I will have to pick it up eventually.

I absolutely killed Shrey. He said he got the same score as his first play which was like 10 less than what I got.

The end of the game sneaks up super fast and then it is over and you are like buwhat!?

Definitely leaves you wanting more and another play. Look forward to future plays.

The next night I convinced Kane to come to the BGG Hot Games Room and teach me his game called Cosmic Factory. New to me!

It is always best to learn a game from the designer, they generally know how to play the game correctly. I got a fast demo on BGGTV and I just had to play it. Totally my type of game and I was not wrong.

This is a speed tile placement game to try and form the best pattern and gain the most points for the regions you create. You play over 5 rounds and each round there is an additional rule or happening that will be revealed from a good selection of cards. The rules might give bonus points to specific regions or something a little mean like draft other players tiles.

So each round you get 9 tiles and draft 3 then pass and from the 6 you were passed you draft another 3. Once everyone has 9 tiles from the draft then the timer starts and everyone starts forming patterns in a 3x3 grid. You want to create large sections of the same colors so you don't have walls. But, there is also scoring for the asteroid road you are creating as well. There are a lot of things to think about!

What is great about this game is you are scoring the 3 colors blue, green, orange according to the score chart. so if I were to get 2 orange planets together I get 2 points if I look at the little scoring chart for orange. All of the fields will cap at a certain number so even though you collect 15 green planets you still will only score for 9+. Regardless, after 5 rounds you will only add up your Asteroid score and your LOWEST of the 3 colors. You want to keep your scoring all around balanced between the rounds.

I had a great time playing this game! I was working very hard on my asteroid paths and getting a ton of points each round for that! I was going for a perfect (20 points) asteroid score but that didn't work out because there was an event that totally screwed it up and I wasn't able to score the full points I needed! Totally uncool! haha, it was wicked funny though and we all had a great time. I think I ended up tied for 1st and I lost on the tiebreaker? Oh, it was sad!

Super excited for this game and glad I was able to snag a copy. Really fun!

The table next to us made a rocket ship light up and make noise and they were done and we decided to check out that game next. We played 5 player Forbidden Sky. New to me!

I will go ahead as assume you know how the Forbbiden games work. You are cooperatively working together to do the things and escape in time before you all die. This game is easily the best in the series. I only just learned Desert this year and found it better than the first but still not enough to really want me to play again. This SKY game is amazing.

You have to explore and place new tiles and start creating a circuit. you have to create a pathway of rods to get from one side of the launch pad to the other meeting a specific requirement of discs and rods and energy sources. It is SO FREAKING HARD! Each turn the event deck will screw you over and you will be losing life and getting damage. It is very difficult to do well.

It is such a fun puzzle to try and solve though and because it feels more like a puzzle to me, I find it highly more interesting than the other games in the series. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

In our game, we were all just trying to figure it out and I am just terrible at reading rules but I was attempting it and was failing so Aldie took over. We worked through it and ended up playing very poorly. We lost super hard but like 3/4ths the way through we figured out a lot of things we should have been doing better. So yeah, it is definitely on for us to play again. Really enjoyed this one and the quality is AMAZING!

I asked Tom to come and teach me Lost Cities: Rivals. New to me!

This is a new auction type game that mixes Lost Cities and Ra. You are adding cards to the flop and eventually, someone will put the flop up for bid. You have very limited money and want to try and win cheap cards, but you are adding them to sets like you would in Lost cities and they must be in ascending order.

Unlike Lost Cities, you won't get penalized if you don't actually get a specific number of cards in your column. You will get footsteps multiplied by the number of hands you collected in the game.

Over the course of the game you will have multiple rounds and each round you will work through a deck of cards revealing the cards as you go. You will also get money distributed that was spent in the previous rounds. If you don't spend all your money in the previous round you will get to keep it from round to round and that might be really great! Money is super tight in the game so having extra can make or break you!

In our game, Tom forgot a pretty critical rule which changed my WINNING score to not winning. I will just declare me the winner. He forgot to say that if you get 4 consecutive cards in a row you get bonus points and that is something he had accomplished. That would have totally changed teh way we all play though so I am still the winner! I have to say I very much enjoyed this game and will love to play it again with the correct rules.

To finish the night we played 4 player game of The Mind. Everyone had played this game before! Woohoo!

Not sure anyone had won before, but maybe. As Kane said it is almost like a rite of passage to play the Mind with me! haha not true but I do love this game a whole lot and want to play with everyone!

We started strong with a few weak rounds but proceeded forward really well. Managed to get on point with everyone and we ended up winning the game! It was awesome!! So happy we could win that and then we HAD to play dark mode. You can't just win and NOT play Dark mode.

It is such a great game and I am glad we could all enjoy that one to end the night. Super fun group of peoples I was happy to get to play with them.

Saturday night in the BGG Hot Games room I found Jordan and his prototype of Sonic Spindash!. New to me!

This game is so awesome! It is a wicked awesome Dexterity game! You can have different setups depending on skill level. If you are familiar with Spinball, this game will be very familiar. I just learned Spinball at BGG Spring and this totally works the same way. You are spinning a ping pong ball to try and knock over the other ping pong balls that are set up. You don't want to hit the wasps or obstacles. There are a TON of different setups to work on.

I played a few rounds and definitely was getting better by the end of it. I had the right idea and angles but didn't give the right amount of force in my spinning so it wouldn't work how I would expect it to work.

This game was super AWESOME! Loved it so much and I really hope they can find a publisher and get a lot of people hyped for it because it is definitely a huge improvement on the Spinball game I got to play at BGG Con.

I read the rules to Woodlands. New to me!

I ended up playing 2 games back to back and with 2 groups of people. This game is AWESOME!! I love it so much!! I knew I would love it when I heard Loony Quest meets tile placement! That is EXACTLY what this game is. There are different stories and lever difficulties you can explore. I played the easy Little Red mode then I played the 2nd medium mode both with new players and the robin hood 2nd mode was definitely hard for the new players to grasp.

Each chapter of the story offers new goals to try and complete. You might find a key and later find a treasure with the key. You are trying to find gems and get the main character to the destination he wants to in the chapter you are doing. It is very much like Loony Quest with the goals. There is a path you are trying to create and pick up gold coins along the way for additional points.

What makes this game great is that you don't have to draw, but you have to use the tiles you are provided with at the beginning of the game to form pathways all while trying to meet the conditions of the story.

I have to say the little red story was definitely an intro to the gameplay and I feel like I will be playing it a lot. The Robin hood story was just much more complicated and new players will definitely find it more difficult to grasp it. For me, it made total sense. I just want to keep playing through the stories since I want to find out how difficult it can really be. I am pretty visual and this game is amazing!! I love the spacial aspect and trying to puzzle it out. This was easily one of my favorites from GenCon!

I ended up winning both games I got to play and just wanted to keep playing but the folks I was playing with were just not into it. I can't wait to dive deeper into this game and see about the harder backsides of the tiles and everything else the game has to offer. Super excited!

The final game of GenCon was Newton. New to me!

This was easily one of the biggest hits of GenCon! Very limited supply available each day from CMON and any Euro Gamers wishlist for sure. Easily overlooked by many on the GenCon release schedule since it was hardly mentioned at all and the cover isn't really eye-catching. It caught Ron's eye and he ended up playing it 3 times during the con after reading the rules.

I was excited I was actually able to play it! New game from co-designers Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone. So yeah, you can really get a sense of Lorenzo from this game and there is a lot of other euro type mechanics happening. You have a hand of cards that you will use for actions and there are many different actions. You will add up all of that action type that you have already in your tableau and get to perform that action of a specific strength. Only got one of that symbol well then you get the weakest possible action. Oh Hey, like in Marco Polo, you get to collect some books! Haha there is no book track, but you will get some pretty great income of points when collecting the right books. You get to move along the pathways and collect bonuses. You want to visit the lands and gather bigger and better options for actions. There is so much to do in this game that I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Simone Luciani's games.

For me it was late and I was having a hard time focusing on a specific path to take. I went with the obvious books. It seemed most logical and since I was the first player I could get the first choice at cards so I took more book actions. You sort of have to advance all over the place but have a solid focus in one thing vs another. I was late to the tech advancements and all of the one-shot tokens were gone by the point that I ended up moving over there, so that was poor timing.

I managed to get some serious end game bonus points for the final space I got to though and I was just shy of second place. Dave was able to pass me by just a point and Ron was just 2 points ahead of him in the end. Poor Matthew was not lapped but yeah just barely.

It was a great game and one I enjoyed a whole lot! I think I liked it better than Lorenzo and GAH, it is one I definitely most certainly want to play again! There is a lot to explore and a whole lot of replay in the game since everything changes each time and optimizing is critical. Very cool.

Back from GenCon and Derek came for a game night mid week! Thanks, Derek for helping to bring home some extra games for me! We started the night with Expancity. New to me!

This is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I just wish there was a red building. For real I love city building games with actual city building materials. Super cool! The box is amazing and the insert is perfect. Quality here is top notch.

Derek and Ron had played at GenCon so they were able to teach me with ease. In the game you are placing a tile from your hand of 2 tiles to the map. You then get 3 actions to do. You might spend the action to place a city piece on the map to an empty tile, or to an already existing tile you control or you might have to spend the action to gain city piece from the reserve. Once you take your action you can cap any of the city buildings you want that are 4+ stories high or residents building 1-3 stories high. You know what kind of building it is by the tile it is placed on. There are lots of tiles in the bag that are modifiers to the resident and commercial buildings you are creating that are adjacent.

After you cap any buildings you can claim any victory cards you might have succeeded in. When you cap buildings you get to draw 2 and keep one victory card, which you might automatically already have completed so you could score it at that time. You might luck into some easy points.

You are trying to also play towards the majorities of 3 end game scoring conditions like "most residential buildings" etc. There are certainly a lot of cool things to think about. It can be a bit frustrating if you are working towards a goal card and you just can't get the tiles to make it work. I ran into this problem only 1 time. I was able to get all of my other end goal cards completed to the point where I ended up winning the game.

I had a pretty fun time playing this one and seeing the city grow before my eyes! I wasn't sure I was winning the game because Ron was getting some high scoring towers. But, in the game, it was definitely more beneficial to get more buildings than taller buildings. I was in control of lots of different areas and ended up picking up 2 majorities at the end game scoring.

We were playing 3 players and I think that was a very good count to keep the game moving wicked fast. I think the gameplay was only 30 minutes and it was really great! I look forward to playing again soon!

I was very interested in learning Blue Lagoon. New to me!

I was SUPER EXCITED to play this since it was compared to Through the Desert and I simply love TTD! Derek was teaching and of course he forgot some rules which we later found out, though I am not sure it would have impacted our game or not.

This game is played out in 2 phases. Each phase is scored separately and played slightly different. You are trying to get the most points from exploring the islands and collecting items and having a long connection. In phase 1 you are placing ships anywhere on the water locations and then you can branch off from there and claim land and items. You have a set number of settlements and villagers to place and the phase can end if everyone places all of their pieces OR if the items are all claimed. Everything is scored and then all of the cardboard villagers tokens are removed but the settlements stay. Then Phase 2 begins and you must always expand from a settlement or after a villager. Everything has to be connected back.

It is super clever and you better have good placement for your huts! I freaking love this game! It is super cutthroat and mean! Critical choices each turn much like TTD. I really enjoyed it with 3 players, I felt the map was big enough to hold us all and tight enough where I still felt pressure from the opponents.

I ended up playing a very great game and totally destroying the guys. It was pretty hilarious and awesome. I am super excited for this game and I KNOW it will get a LOT more plays. Easily one of the best from the year for me. I realllllllllllllllly love this.

Derek had mentioned being interested in trying out Whoosh: Bounty Hunters.

I played this game at Essen 2017 and had a great time doing so. I was really happy to see Stronghold bring it over to the US so everyone would get the chance to try out this amazingly cute speed recognition game. Each player has a stack of weapon cards and there are 3 "monsters" in the middle. Players take turns revealing a weapon from their decks moving around the table one at a time. If there is ever a matching set of weapons to one of the monsters then players have the chance to slap the card in the middle. If correct they keep it face up for points if not then they take it face down for negative points. Then all players take the weapons they already revealed and put them at the bottom of their stacks. A new monster is flipped and you go again. You keep doing this until a monster stack has run out.

Super cute speed game. You have to look out for some weapons are broken, or some even have double! There is a wild card so that is great. Very fast game and super cute. Love the art in this so much!

Derek wanted to play, and I wanted to play. I love speed games like that. Ron ended up winning somehow. I hit the monsters too many times with no luck and ended up losing a bunch of points. I was close though. It could have been me! I am generally pretty good at these types of games. I would happily play this anytime!

The final game of the night was Spring Meadow. New to me!

3rd game in the series and yeah it very much reminds me of Cottage Garden meeting Indian Summer, the other 2 games in the series. You have a board with polyominoes in the middle. You are trying to place them in a way on your board to cover up rows much like in Tetris. You can't cover up a marmot hole, or you will lose a marmot hole. You want to find the shapes with the holes that you can place the hole over the marmot hole so you can see through. That will actually get you bonus points when the round is over. If the board gets to a line and there are 1 or fewer pieces there then that would trigger scoring. You add up all your completed rows from the bottom and then the next small digit line plus any marmot holes. Each row is 10 value and counting from the bottom you can easily see how many rows then the next up partial row. If you win the round you get a picnic. The first player to get 2 picnics is the winner.

In my game with Ron he absolutely killed us, he was so far in the lead and there was not much we could do to stop him. It was okay though, the game played out super fast and I was able to get a feel for the game and how it is supposed to be played. One thing I forgot to mention is that you can line up holes on your board to get additional rock tokens and these tokens are SUPER important! They help fill in little gaps and gain you more coverage on your board. He was doing that very well and Derek and I were not so yeah, totally got hosed that time.

I haven't lost a game of Indian Summer yet and I love love love the colors in that game. This is easier to teach and more accessible for sure. I think this will be the favorite in the series for many people. I am excited to play this more.

Thursday night games!! Omg it had been so long since I have been to a fun group! joe has been away and I have been away! The first game on the table was Disney Villainous. New to me!

Riley was super pumped to play it and Scott joined in and we played a 3p game. In general, I LOVE the villain figured in this game. They are so super cool and it is probably worth owning the game just for that reason alone. I honestly find the art and overall appearance of the game much too dark and muddy. I think it should have been brighter, even though you are playing the bad guys, it still could have been presented with more umph. Besides the figures, it was a miss on the art and presentation.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, you are playing as a Villain from a Disney movie. Every player has a unique objective to win the game, but all players are doing similar actions to try and accomplish different goals. For example, Scott was King Louie and he wanted all the gold. I was Capt hook and I needed to defeat PAN at the ship. Whoever can complete their goal first will win.

I haven't ever been a fan of asymmetric things like Vast or whatnot. This is definitely easier to understand, which is great. It still left me feeling uneasy when playing. Riley totally ran away with the game he just needed to cast 4 curses to win or something and there was basically nothing we could do. I was looking for the map to unlock my 4th action space which was never able to find, and Scott wasn't trying to stop him so it just was an easy win for Riley. I do wonder if this game is better as a 2 player game, I would think so.

All in all I would play again but I am not going to seek it out. I didn't think I would love it when I heard about the different rules and I wasn't wrong. It was merely okay for me. Totally a game I wanted to love though.

Riley had another simple game for me to try out called Ab in den Pool!. New to me!

OMG this game is so cute!! totally a 5-minute game and I loved it. Place all the meeples around the pool. Get a hidden color and then start. Players will pick up one of the meeples and then look at the bottom and move that meeple that many spaces in either direction knocking off another meeple into the pool. If you land on the diving board you can guess another players color and if you are right then they are out of the game, if you are wrong then you are out of the game. Super quick and fun game.

I was totally winning since all of my white dudes were on the board and I had no business trying to guess which color people were, but I guessed anyway and ended up losing. Riley was left with 1 guy and Scott had a 50/50 shot at guessing and picked incorrectly! Riley was a sneak and won that game with a single yellow dude.

Too funny and totally a game I would play anytime. I hate tin boxes though.

Since I brought it we played a game of Scarabya. I totally wanted to play again! I have been loving this game!

Seriously love this one. Simple and fast with everything I love in a multiplayer solitaire game. I could play this one several times in a row if people would want to.

Scott and Riley were learning and they caught on pretty quickly. We had a pretty difficult board we were dealing with especially with the tile being drawn. Nothing seemed to work great. I managed to get a few 4 point scarabs late in the game but it was definitely harder than most games.

Not even sure if I won this game, but no one played particularly well! Still such a fun challenge and one I will always take!

Final game of the night was 6 player Pantone: The Game. I knew it was a game that Joe really wanted to play and show his family because well PANTONE! He actually has a pantone book, so yeah he wanted to see what it was all about.

I didn't lose is what happened. I totally didn't win either. Riley was doing pretty alright because he was playing off of Scott and Ron was, of course, doing well because, Ron. I didn't do that great since the cards I hard were difficult, but they were eventually all figured out and I thought my pic below was super obvious but only got 3 points for it.

Boo can you figure it out?

Simple love this game.

Spotted: Ginkgo Tree


New to the Collection:
Whoosh: Bounty Hunters
Blue Lagoon
Smiths of Winterforge
Symphony No.9
Cosmic Factory
Yellow & Yangtze
Heart of Crown
Spirits of the Wild
Amun-Re: The Card Game
Minute Realms
Dance of the Fireflies
Dragon Pets
Speakeasy Blues
Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains Expansion
The Island of Doctor Lucky
Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game
Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge
Trade on the Tigris
3 Secrets
Space Park
The Game
Carson City: The Card Game
Demon Worker
Werewords Deluxe Edition
Jungle Race
The Terrifying Girl Disorder
Rainbow Knights
Short Order Hero
Spring Meadow
Tower of Madness
Deckscape: Test Time
Deckscape: The Fate of London
Deckscape: Heist in Venice
Shaky Manor

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in any way.
Thank you.
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