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App News: Handelabra Tackling Aeon's End and Spirit Island, Nomad Working on Quartermaster General, Gem Rush Arrives on Steam, The Draugr Hits the App Store and more...

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App News

Handelabra's Next Two Projects Revealed
While Handelabra Games Inc. has been busy of late with updating One Deck Dungeon with the Forest of Shadows expansion, don't think they're planning on getting rest any time soon. In fact, with their upcoming projects they'll be busier than ever. Today we learned that Handelabra is currently working on a port of Indie Boards & Cards' cooperative deck-builder, Aeon's End, and should have a digital version released in 2019.

That's not all, however. We also learned that they've signed a licensing deal with Greater Than Games to bring Spirit Island to our touchscreens. They haven't even started work on Spirit Island yet, but still plan on releasing it before 2019 gives up the ghost.

Both projects are still in their infancy (Spirit Island is still just a twinkle in Handelabra's eye), but we'll stay on top of this and keep you in the loop if/when any new news about these two projects goes live.

Nomad Games Bringing Quartermaster General to Digital
Last we heard from Nomad Games Ltd (II), they were shaking the dust of Talisman: Digital Edition off and were planning on seeing the world! In blog terms that means they're bringing Mystic Vale, Cat Lady, and Space Base to digital. That's not the end of what Nomad has up their sleeve, however, as today we learned that they're also bringing Quartermaster General from Griggling Games, Inc. to digital as well.

Having not played Quartermaster General, it's blurb time:

Nomad Games wrote:
Quartermaster General is a fast-paced game that puts YOU in command of the major powers of the Second World War. In Quartermaster General, supply is crucial to keep your armies and navies fighting; destroy your enemies' supply lines and their forces will surrender!

During a game of Quartermaster General, you will play one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team, and try to score as many Victory Points for your team as you can. After 20 rounds of play, the team with the most Victory Points wins the game. You earn Victory Points by occupying the starred Supply Spaces on the board, or as indicated on the cards.
Quartermaster General plays 2-6 and games last 90 mins on the tabletop. I'll assume they're much shorter on a tablet. One thing we're not sure of is the online multiplayer. I'm assuming it will be there, but not sure if Quartermaster General is well suited to asynchronous play or if Nomad will implement it, something they haven't done with their flagship title, Talisman.

We'll have a bit of time to figure all that out, as development is just getting underway and we shouldn't even expect any more news about the game until early 2019. We do know that they're targeting iOS, Android, and Steam. We'll pass along anything else we dig up.

Gem Rush Arrives on Steam
The past couple years I've kind of fallen in love with Victory Point Games. Where, once, I would have not played a VPG game poo-pooing the subpar components, now I've come to realize that their library has the best collection of cooperative/solitaire games on the market. Not only that, but over the past few years they've gone from clam shell pizza boxes and paper maps to some of the prettiest games you'll find.

My love for VPG has reared its head by backing just about everything they've thrown on Kickstarter for the past couple of years. One of their latest was a game I knew nothing about but backed solely because I could play it solitaire and it had the VPG label on it. That game is Gem Rush (Second Edition), a game about tunnel digging dwarves.

VPG wrote:
You are a dwarf and dwarves dig; it is a matter of pride and honor. But very few can join you among the ranks of the best. In a magical mine, pickaxe in hand, you race together or separately to claim the prestige your skills can earn.

Since its discovery, the King has been anxious to delve ever further and explore the magical properties in this mountain's incredibly gem-rich region. Answering the call, the best among the dwarves are ready to explore them. This is what Dwarves thrive on -- an absolute Gem Rush!

You alone, or with up to six of your friends, can play Gem Rush as competing or cooperating dwarves in a magical mine. Using your special skill to advantage and through the clever positioning of the rooms you clear and claim for the King, you must navigate each room's special ability through the clever acquisition and use of Gem cards.
While this is all exciting, you're not here for cardboard, but digital and that's when I drop the news that Gem Rush is now available for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam.

The digital version of Gem Rush is a fairly faithful recreation of the cardboard version, right down to the graphics. It even fails to provide AI for solo play, but you can still use the solitaire rules to play just as you would at your lonely game table.

There is both asynchronous online and hotseat multiplayer and more:

VPG wrote:
-Leverage more than 60 room abilities
-20 unique player skills adorned with dwarven poetry
-Competitive, cooperative, and solitaire game modes (1-7 players)
-Online and hotseat multiplayer options
-Play a quick game and watch the action unfold, or play an asynchronous game where you only need to take one turn per day
-Faithful adaptation of the Gem Rush board game, programmed by the designer
The game is currently on sale through August 13, so you can pick it up until then for $9.

- Gem Rush for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $9

Solitaire Title, The Draugr, Comes to iOS
The Draugr is a print-and-play game from Todd Sanders that you can find as Micro Game #2 on the Geek Store. You can also find it on the App Store for iOS Universal.

BGG wrote:
The Draugr, reanimated dead imbued with magical powers, have come to the region of Trøndelag seeking to corrupt the town of Stjørdal. Only you, a lone revenant hunter, can protect the town and slay they who walk again.

Armed with limited supply of holy water and iron spikes you enter the town square and prepare for the coming onslaught.

The Draugr is a solitaire game, designed by Todd Sanders, playing in about 20 minutes.

To win, you must slay 4 of the 6 Draugr. If at anytime during Phase 1 all 7 Townspeople, or more than 7 of the cards (a combination of Townspeople and Locations) are corrupted you lose.
Creepy, eh? The digital version also includes an expansion, a suggested card layout for first time players, as well as 3 optional rules to make the game even harder to win. It also has creepy music, but you were expecting that, right?

The Draugr is available right now for iOS Universal.

- The Draugr for iOS Universal, $2

Feudum Possibly Making Way to Digital in 2019
Feudum recently wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign and is currently available for preorder, but we're more interested in what the creators mentioned back in July. Basically, they're looking to find someone who can bring Feudum to iOS, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux in 2019.

Blurb time!

[company=27876 wrote:
[/company]"]Blimey! You and your blokes have been banished and stripped of everything but a few shillings and table scraps. Undaunted, you journey to a strange land to reinvent yourself and reclaim your honor. Will you farm the earth, fight as knights or finagle your own feudums?

Feudum (latin for fiefdom) is an economic medieval game of hand and resource management for 2-5 players. With many strategies at their disposal, players optimize four actions per turn in attempt to score the most victory points over five epochs.

Each player controls several medieval characters that roam the countryside tending farms, taxing towns and taking outposts in effort to rise in power.

But that’s only the tip of the behemoth's horn! You will also compete to acquire coveted feudums, which increase your membership status in one of six guilds. But beware! Feudum owners must pay homage to the king through military service or face the charge of disloyalty.

Once a guild member, you will dutifully play your part in a progressive economic cycle, whereby the farmer ships goods to the merchant who equips the alchemist, who invents black powder, which arms the knight, and so on.

If you run your guilds wisely, maintain control of key locations and adapt best to changing events, you will be victorious. Unless, of course, you starve, get sidetracked by sea serpents or develop an unhealthy interest in fermented grapes. Long live the King!
Sounds good to me, but the digital plans are still just that: plans.

[person=77297 wrote:
[/person]"]3. Feudum App development in 2019 is a real possibility. I am in talks with a major app development firm that would make Feudum playable on any iOS, Android, PC, Mac or Linux device across every platform. Stay tuned!
Still, that's better than nothing. As usual, we'll let you know if we hear anything going forward.

Czech Games Confirms Leaders & Wonders Expansion for Cardboard and Digital
Not a lot to say about this one because, at this point, there just isn't much news. That said, Through the Ages is, by far, my most played board game app ever, so any news about it is big news (to me).

Designer Vlaada Chvátil wasn't at Gen Con this year, but I did manage to talk to Czech Games Edition head honcho, Petr Murmak instead. He mentioned that they're currently working on fine tuning the long-awaited Leaders & Wonders expansion for Through the Ages and are planning on bringing it to both our tabletops and touchscreens in 2019. They're currently using the app to playtest new cards, which is pretty cool.

Petr said we won't have any more info until early 2019, but it's good to know that there's more TtA goodness on the way.

- Through the Ages for iOS Universal, $10
- Through the Ages for Android, $10
- Through the Ages for PC/Mac via Steam, $15
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