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All The Games Continues! Millions of Reviews, or so it seems... And My Brother Gets Married!

Steph Hodge
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

I am a few weekends behind on write-ups since I have been playing so much and the rush of GenCon was crazy! I have been enjoying so many amazing games though and plan to talk about each and everyone one of them!

One Gameday which seems like weeks and weeks ago now, but was really last weekend, we started the day with Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game. New to me!

There was so much buzz on this game at GenCon and Aldie and Lincoln both got to play it and really enjoyed it. Calling it a Tichu killer (they aren't Tichu players, however). For me, this is nowhere near a Tichu killer, Tichu is a top 5 for me, but it is a clever game for sure.

It is a ladder climbing game but you don't have partners and you are just trying to get rid of your cards. You are playing through 3 rounds of 12 cards each round and once one player has played all of their cards the round will end immediately. Each round you are playing cards until either you pass or are the last to pass. You have to match the card value of the last card(s) played or make it higher. If you want to play 2 cards you will have to spend one milk token for each card you add past the first. You can play cards of the same value or in a run of up to 3 cards in total.

The play is pretty simple and each player has 2 abilities that will allow for one time effects in the game. You are simply trying to play all of your cards and whoever can play the most cards in the game is the winner! plays up to 5 players too.

This was a delight to play and I simply had a great time playing it. Sure, it is no Tichu, but it is still pretty fun and one of the better Ladder games I have played in the recent months. Easy to learn and adorable theme with the cereal characters everyone remembers and knows.

Had fun playing it and totally didn't win our game. Scott probably won since he was so in love with it before he even played it. He is excited for the Target release! OMG AT GENCON THEY HAD THE BEST PROMO! Box of Cereal! it was a brilliant idea and a huge hit. Seriously awesome.

Loving it! Look forward to playing again soon!

Kim was ready to play some Tower of Madness with me and I recruited a few others. New to me!

I let Dan or Joe read the rules since they are much better at that than I am. Wow, there were a lot more rules in this game than I anticipated. I heard it was just a redo of Ker-plunk. Sure, it is that, but it more of a push your luck dice rolling game. You fill the tower with colorful marbles to start. Each turn you are trying to meet the requirements of the sanity check and get the highest result if you do. If you don't meet the requirements then you have to pull a tentacle from the tower. Marbles might fall and you might become a little more insane, or you might make a discovery! Things happen. If you have the highest successful result then you get to claim a card with points. There are cards you can use for additional action type things and benefits.

A lot more happening in this game, but I was almost always failing at my rolling abilities. So, turned out I got 4+ insanity marbles and went insane! It meant my objective totally changed!

haha I love that in the Arkham games like Mansions of Madness... If you go insane you might still want the team to win but you have different goals. This is sort of like that, but you want to find the last green marble, and if you do then you win! The last green marble will always ned the game, but if you are the one to find it and you are insane then you auto win. If another player finds it then points are added up and the winner is the sane person with the most points.

Turns out I am awesome at being insane and totally made the tower fall and ended the game destroying all the other players. It was a lot of laughs and we had a good time playing it. Well, Kim and I did! Super cool game to photograph too.

Everyone was very interested in playing Symphony No.9. New to me!

This was one of my most wanted games from GenCon! I was super excited for this one since I am a fan of Frank Liu and his game Cha dango so this was high on my list!

In the game, you are basically trying to get area control of the colors and trying to collect the different composer tiles. Each composer will have different scoring at the end depending on how many of the type you have. Each round there will be a chance to put on a concert and that could issue some big payouts for people who have lots of cubes to sell in the correct colors. each turn you get 2 cubes for free, then you get another turn to buy and then again to buy another at a higher cost. So you can get up to 4 cubes in the round. You are trying to claim them and then get the composer tiles. If you win the composer then you have to discard half of your cubes rounded down.

There are some interesting choices to make in this game and things to consider. I have to say, the theme doesn't really matter in regards to the mechanics. That doesn't matter to me though, I think it will matter for others. I thought it was pretty funny that is a composer track runs out of cubes then he is dead and you flip his tile over to read RIP. That made me chuckle.

Once we got going the gameplay was brisk and easy. We all had a good time playing and it is all a game we would play again. We were probably all hoping for a bit more theme to come through.

There are a lot of different scoring possibilities so the next game will probably be totally different which is nice. I look forward to trying it again really soon. I don't recall who won our game but I am nearly sure it was me. I had a lot of great combos for the end game scoring and racked in a ton of points. Kim was very far behind, I don't think she was fully understanding this game at all.

I am sad I am missing all of the crown pieces so we had to figure out substitute pieces for them. It worked out but I hope they turn up, eventually. Probably not though.

Interesting game and I look forward to playing again soon.

We were looking for a couple faster games and Joe H found humor in Rainbow Knights. New to me!

This is a fast-paced card laying game. Players are just trying to play all of their cards in a pathway first. You are connecting your road, but also trying to block others from being able to finish their lines. You can add in extra clouds for obstacles. It is a super quick game and lots of fun.

I got to be the RAINBOW ROAD!! Unicorn and all! Man, this is, I think, the only game that I get to play as the RAINBOW PLAYER! YES FINALLY! So super pumped about that and I want all games to include a rainbow player.

In our game, Kim was super quick to get all of her cards played and I was just trying to go around the cloud obstacle. I did a pretty good job of cutting dan off though so he was having a wicked hard time with that.

Super cute game and I had a lot of fun playing it. Great filler speed game and would recommend it for and family. Can't wait to play again.

Next up was a partner game since we had 4 players and we played Brothers. New to me!

So you can play this game 1v1 or 2v2 with alternating turns. You have to play the game twice through because each team has to use both the straight and corner pieces to have an evenly matched game.

The gameplay is super easy and it is abstract. The first thing you must do is play out the green field tiles into the map. Different strategies for either side depending on which pieces are you are playing for the round. So you get to build the round and then the blue pieces get to start since the straight pieces are harder to place. Going around players take turns laying pieces down until you can't play. Corner pieces are -2 each and blue pieces are -1 each. Then you do it again with the other pieces!

So much fun!

I have played this game several times now and I simply love it. I think it is one of the best games I have played from GenCon! Super excited for it and it plays in like 15 minutes. Wonderful team game or just 2player game. Amazingly cute art.

I have won each and every play, maybe that's why I like it? No, it is not but it helps that I am good at it. Kim was terrible at it but we still managed to get ahead in the end. Ron was good when we played 2p but I still got him good.

Love this and will be playing it a bunch more!

next up was a 4 player game of Amun-Re: The Card Game. New to me!

Okay, so I presume many have played the board game and will do some quick comparisons. Very similar but in a faster gameplay. In the board game, you are very much out for area control and property which you don't really have as much in this game. Cards aren't recycled and reclaimed by other players, so you are always just building up your tableau of cards in this game. You get to keep the pyramids you make, but otherwise, the bidding is similar and the money is tight from round to round.

I did get the same sense from the board game to the card game in a faster play which is great for me. Others who were playing didn't like it as much as the board game but I would definitely prefer to play this vs the board game if only for the faster play.

In our play, I was going for the pyramids printed on the cards. They had only a few farmers. Now the farmers help generate income, and there are also camels that might generate income, but that didn't actually happen once in our game. There are also ankhs that will be beneficial to the player who has the most. All of these things to think out when bidding on cards.

There are 3 rounds and each round you get 3 cards, always ended with a closed bid for additional pyramids in an offering sort of way.

It is clever since when you get the income you don't just get money but you have to use the money cards with values on them to make the sum of your income. Maybe you take a 5 and a 3 to make 8 or maybe you just take the 8 card. These cards will be used to bid in the coming round and possibly to make a better offing in the end.

So much to consider and in a short card game. I had a lot of fun playing this one, I also won so that might have helped! It was certainly a close call though. Kim was just 1 point behind me and ankhing it up all game!

I was super excited to FINALLY get to play a full playthrough of Pikoko.

I learned it at Origins and was itching to play through the game. We had a full 5 player game too and it was awesome! I love trying to bet on other players. There is a HUGE advantage to bidding if people bid on your bird early in the order. It is not in the rules but it makes the most sense to bid from low score to high score and not just low score around the table. I was totally screwed over with that since Kim was low score and she was sitting to my left.

Felix was totally destroying us and only screwed up when the round didn't offer a trump. We were playing through and I think by the end it was clicking for everyone, but I am not sure it went over well. I know Felix was a bit unsatisfied with the play but thought about it overnight and ended up finding it more and more interesting. I think I will get him to play again. He did end up winning though sooo we shall see!

I think this game is wicked clever and I really need to play it with card players to see how they like it. I feel the game will change dramatically with people who understand cards well. I can't wait to see.

A quick filler to line up with games finishing up and we learned Penk!

Supposed to play with up to 4 but we had 5 and it is a roll n write so we went with it anyway. It probably changed the game slightly, but really in the game, everyone is rolling for themselves and doing their own thing. Numbers on the D6s are 1-5 and an ! to be a wild to pair with other numbers. Each time you roll you can have some re-rolls much like Yahtzee but you want to try and fill in the spaces on your board. You can choose to fill in 1-3 location each round. If you can not fill in anything then you MUST x out an entire column. Once one player has Xed out 3 columns the game will end. But, you really want to be collecting the points from succeeding. You get points for the successes in each row and column if you have 3 or more in that row or column.

Very simple push your luck roll n write and I think any fan of roll n writes will enjoy it. I found it to be a fun filler and I like dice games. You aren't really engaged on the other player's turns, but playing with fewer players would be under advisement.

In our game, I managed to get a few good scoring columns but I am nearly sure Dan destroyed us all. Hewas well above my score. I guess I was not rolling very well! Fun times

Adam and Joe H were up for an adventure and learn the new game Nyctophobia. New to me!

This game has been on my Radar since April when I saw people testing and playing the prototype. Blindfolds and touching things and I was like what the heck is this all about!? I had to know and when I saw it was being released at GenCon it had to be mineeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks to Joe for reading the rules for me and letting me play as the sighted person. I fear I must ALWAYS play as the sight, then I can take pics. If I am blindfolded... my pics won't be nearly as good. Conundrum!

So the blind folks are trying to make it in a maze to find the car and survive to escape. There is a vampire edition with alternative rules but yeah, I am not sure on the differences.

My job as the ax murderer is to use the cards in hand to move and kill the people on the map. If I make one of them die then I am the winner! Simple as that! They have some powers to try and lead me away with sound effects and quick steps. It seems obvious that I can see and win this game. Yah, no not so much.

I certainly learned a lot from the first play and I will do better next time! I totally put them far away from the car but they were just on the scent and one was being loud in the opposite corner to distract me. I have to head towards the noise! Joe was on the hunt for the car and almost got there immediately! There was nothing I could do and my movement was just too slow. They did a great job teamed up against me, and I thought it would be a simple game for me. Tisk tisk.

I had a great time and really think 1 v 2 is the perfect number for this game. It was definitely slow to get going and it must feel like a long time between turns for the blinded players. This is a perfect Halloween game for sure so I will have to bring this to the Fun Group to play. Rules aren't difficult to grasp but all learning can be a challenge.

Clever and innovative game and one that everyone should try once, just cause it is awesome.

Since we had a few moments 4 of us pulled out and played a quick game of Shaky Manor.

It is always such a pleasure to play this game! I always feel it is just in the bag for me that I will win hands down every time. But, no! Patrick totally was owning this game and managed to get 3 wicked fast. I got several and Scott also got some. It was all neck and neck and we each had 4 at one point. I forget, but I am nearly certain Patrick was able to pull out the win for this game.

So much fun to shake it up with this game. Love it!

we had 5 players and I decided it was time I taught them how to play Cosmic Factory.

I got to learn from designer Kane the week before at GenCon so I was anxious to get it played again really soon to retain the rules. I also quite enjoy this game so it is exciting to share it with new players.

It is a tile drafting and speed game to try and make patterns to get points. Lots of great things happening in this game and it is right up my ally!

It was a wicked close game and I have a feeling I ended up losing by a point. Or it was tied and I ended up losing on the tiebreaker. It was totally a loss though and SUPER CLOSE! Maybe Rand might have won or Derek. I can't remember at this point but I seriously love it and will have to play again this weekend to make up for the defeat.

I had to play with Michelle! Yay for Michelle, Justin, and Felix! All of them are super into co-op puzzle type games and it only made sense that we tried out Deckscape: The Fate of London. New to me!

I honestly hadn't heard of the Deckscape series and didn't know much about them. I was excited when I heard they were like the Unlock series! I had to try it out!

Yes, they are very similar and in a small package, you get a lot of game! We actually did pretty well to defuse the bombs. I am never sure on how helpful I am, but I did accomplish some things. I won't go into detail since it is a puzzle game but I can easily highly recommend the experience and a good alternative to the exit/unluck games you already played through. Excited to play the other 2 games I have as well!

Since we were on a roll with co-op game I just KNEW that they would all love Paint the Roses.

Totally been hitting the table a bunch recently and I love every play. I was not wrong and they totally loved this game. It always takes a single play before everyone fully understands the game and there is always a light bulb towards the end of the game that I see light up.

We ended up winning and there was a 50/50 shot at one point where we had to make an educated guess and picked correctly. I don't think we ever guessed incorrectly either.

Had a solid score but I have indeed scored better, we weren't being too risky this game. Always an interesting challenge that I love to take. Totally continuing to play this one over and over.

Since Joe C had FINALLY shown up we opted to play the Dragon games since he LOVES dragons! First up was the ever so cute Dragon Pets. New to me!

This game is so super cute! You have a grid of 4x4 dragons in all colors. You are trying to claim them as your own by drafting dice and placing meeples. Other people can give you a coin if they can steal your card from you, but if it gets back to you then you can spend an action to take the dragons you have meeples on. You are looking to get pairs of the same color in both female and male types. You get to score the higher valued dragon too.

Very simple set collection game and super cute. Easily a good family game for the kids to play or casual gamers.

For me our play was a bit too long, I think we were all being very gamery about it. Stealing cards and being easily distracted by other people etc. It was fine though and in the end, I think I ended up winning- I had all the cute dragons. Pretty sure Scott didn't like it because he wasn't getting what he needed. Not sure it is a game I will be playing frequently, but it is one I could easily play again. Wicked cute!

Next up the second dragon game titled (shockingly) Dragons. New to me!

This is a new game by Bruno Faidutti and has a similar feel to that of Coloretto. You are drawing a card from the middle stack on your turn and placing it in one of the available piles. If you don't want to do that you can claim a pile instead and add it to your sets. You are looking for lots of different sets for many sorts of scoring. If you have the least amount of food at the end you starve and die and can not total up your points and win the game.

We had a really great time playing this game. Simple and fast and colorful. The theme really came through vs the other dragon game we had just played before it. You are hoarding your treasures and eating the cattle- all things dragons would do. The artwork is amazing and this is easily a game I could play anytime. Perfect filler type game.

In our play, I was doing VERY well with my armor collection and some gems on the side. I was doing well with food until the final round when I just didn't get the right number. Joe was short all game on the food so I thought I had this game in the bag. He managed to sneak up and steal the best food cards in the final phase and he just killed me! I was off by 1 food. Dan was well over. I was out! WHICH WAS TERRIBLE!!! I had them beat so hard I was well above their scores. So much so I don't even know who won.

Great time with this and need revenge ASAP!

Kepping with the lighter games we tried out a 3 player game of Fluff. New to me!

I was super excited for this one because it is essentially Perudo. Liar's Dice is a game I have been wanting for a long time just never got around to getting it. This is a more compact version and with amazingly cute components! For those who don't know Liar's Dice, well, shame on you! It is a bluffing game-ish where you always have to increase the number of dice or the value on so many dice. You are saying how many of a given number are on the table under peoples cups. They are values 2-6 and a wild on each die. Players start with 5 dice and I might start the bidding with 4 dice value 3. And if the next person thinks I am lying then they can call my bluff and we all reveal to see who is correct. Whoever is wrong will lose dice or a die depending. If the next player thinks it is accurate they will have to say 4 dice valued 3+ or 5 dice valued anything.

Simple game and one that I will always play. I really love it and I am absolutely horrible at it.

Everytime I play I am the first one out. Every. Time. EVERYTIME!!!! How is that even possible I must sit next to the wrong people to always call my bluff. Totes not fair!

It is a game I have an amazing time playing though and I am glad it is kid friendly with the cute animals and bright colors. This is a great game and totally accessible now. Love it!

The final game of the night was Dance of the Fireflies. New to me!

This game is absolutely beautiful! I really love this art style and it has been on my want to playlist for a while now so I was excited to get this one play.

In the game, you are working to collect sets of different types of flowers. If you have the same type then you have to plant it in a new bed of flowers. When you play a flower to a bed then you get to perform the action associated with it. 6 types of flowers all doing different things. There can be a bit of take that if you were to steal from another players hand. Each round the sundial advances and if the sun side advances to a sun card it gets resolved or if the night side advances to a night card that will be resolved. Every player has several discs and they are trying to claim territories and if you win the cards then you get to plant them immediately. Everyone has a special disc that will trump the other discs when revealed. Play continues around and around so everyone gets a turn then the sundial moves and the play continues. You play until the deck of cards runs out.

It plays up to 6 and we had 6. When everyone is learning late at night and I recommend not playing with 6. The rules are not intuitive enough and it makes the gameplay quite slow. There is not as much player interaction to keep 6 players invested all round except for minor area control on the cards in the middle of the table. I would definitely play with 3 players next time to keep the game moving at a brisk pace.

In our play, we had a player bail early since it was just going on far too long. The rest of us got into a roll and ended up playing through the majority of the deck but not quite finishing it since we were all getting wicked tired by that point. For first impressions, I would say this is not really a game for me, if only because I can't easily teach it and remember the rules.

It is a game to revisit for sure and one I would most want to play with 3 players. Dan said he would play again, so we will soon. It will run much more smoothly next time!

Monday night games! Its been a while since going to Joes- maybe like May? SO FREAKING LONG AGO! First up I teamed up with Geoff and we played against Ron and Dan in a game of Tichu.

I am always up for Tichu and with the flood of new games, it is simply great just to play Tichu. Hey, and I got the best partner! I love playing with Geoff since we are the bomb!

Totally won this game- it was over in like 30 minutes or something insanely fast. We had a few great rounds and just stomped on Ron and Dan. They were in the negatives for most of the game too. In the final round, Geoff and I totally went 1-2 and we ended with like 1280 points of something so we must have called Tichu too. It was just a destroying.

We should have played again!

Instead, I took out Blue Lagoon. I was itching to play this one again since playing it the week before with Derek.

This is such a Crazy game with 4 players and so much harder with 4 vs 3. The board is super tight and you can't keep everyone at bay and do what you want to do. Super mean and cutthroat game and I simply love it! First round I did fairly well and I had a plan for the second round.

Totally didn't work out for me though and Geoff made my plans really hard and screwed me over! I mis-directed my focus and everyone stole everything else from under me. I did not lose the game but it was a solid 3 place.

It is totally brutal with 4 players and I still freaking love this game.

I was also interested in playing a game of Spring Meadow. Having only played it once the week before I was ready for a rematch against Ron.

I was determained to play this game and do better! Sure, we made it longer than 2 rounds this time. We actually played the longest game we could have since everyone won 1 round and the 5 round would determine the winner. I suppose it is pretty evently balanced.

I was playing horribly though since I was not connecting the holes as I should have to get the bonus rock tiles. I ended up super dead last becuase I just needed a lot of little 1 tokens and couldn't seem to line anything up properly! It was a mess.

Pretty sure Ron still ended up winning but I know I was dead last. It was sad! I love the marmots though, so freaking cute!

With the new edition of the GAME from Pandasaurus, I elected to play a game of The Mind.

The 4 of us jumped right into this game and almost immediately failed. We were on round 3 before we died. It was just terrible! Since other tables were finishing we elected to NOT play again. haha

It was that big of a disaster. Ron and Dan are just not the people to play this game with. Perhaps Geoff and I should have played 2 player.

The final game of the night was 6 player Codenames.

I played 2 rounds before we took off and it was a tied game. I was with Joe and Geoff I believe for the red team (sorry Geoff). We played my round perfectly and won that, so I will take that victory with me.

Apparently, once we left, the red team for the loss. What the heck! I guess I was the glue for that team and they crumbled without me.

It had been a LONG time since playing Codenames so it was great to play it again. Still like Duet better though. So hard and so much fun!

Nick and Christina Get Married!

My Brother Nick's wedding. Here are some highlights!

All 4 of my grandparents heart

Me and my dad... laugh

After the wedding ceremony, I convinced my cousin Eleanor and her BF to learn and play The Mind.

I was just going to play 1 game and show it to them, but we ended up playing 4 games.

Eleanor is super conpetitive. She has been banned from playing Scattergories. We were just going to play a single game but yeah we kept going due to the competitive nature.

We were close to winning one game and made it to round 7 but just had a major defeat in that round. I think we lost 4 lives bringing up to our demise. It was great fun and they were really into it! I hope they can come to game days in the future I think they would have fun.

We lost all the games and we had to go home. It was a super fun wedding and I got to see all the family. Great times were had! Glad I got to play a few games!

New to the Collection:
Lost Cities: Rivals
Word Slam Family
Six-Sided Summoner

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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