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Steph's New to Me List August 2018!! The GenCon List!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Welcome to Steph's "New to Me" List 2018!

This year I have made the goal of learning 300 400 games!

Steph's Awesome Spectrum Rating System!

Steph's Sad Cloud Rating 1-2.5/10
Steph's Bland Rainbow Rating 3-4.5/10
Steph's Primary Rainbow Rating 5-7/10 (Solid Play)
Steph's Super Rainbow Rating 7.5-8.5 (Keepers)
Steph's Double Rainbow Rating 9-10/10 (Top Favorites)

August List

1. Team UP!:

Might seem like an easy game- sure take the block and stack em. But, there is some challenge here and it is always an interesting puzzle. You can then replay the same game with the information you just got and see if you can play better! So unique! I also just love playing with blocks.

7.5/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

2. Kariba:

This game is so cute! I love the art and card size. You are trying to score points by playing down cards to a circular pattern of descending numbers. Easy filler type game and one I could play anytime!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

3. Kartel:

Very simple game with a little bit of take that. But, easy to play. Probably not one I would return to play a whole bunch. I like that it can play a bunch of people in a short time.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

4. Bandido:

Super cute solo or co-op game to try and enclose the bandit. If you can control it early and get the good cards you will do well, but, it might get carried away and you will have a harder time figuring it out! Really cute game!

7.5/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

5. Skylands:

Love this game! I loved the original The King of Frontier and I am thrilled they choose to bring it to a wider audience. I enjoy the new artwork and simply love this game!

8/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

6. Fast Forward: FORTUNE:

The Fast Forward games are interesting. This is probably my favorite in the series so far. I like the theme best, but they are all very similar in my opinion so be aware of that. I don't think this one will go changing anyone's mind about the series if they didn't like it to begin with.

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

7. Shadows: Amsterdam:

This is a game much like Mysterium except you are working with a team to try and clue them into a location to go and find the clues and escape before the cops nab them and before the other team does it first. Super fast and so much fun! Seriously loved this one!

8.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned/ Wishlist)

8. Show & Tile:

Fun Pictionary-type game where you are creating pictures using basic shapes. You want people to guess correctly so you both get points. A clever and fun game, wish it could play more people, but I suppose you could have multi copies of the game to play with more!

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

9. Get Packing:

This is a real-time puzzle game where everyone has the same information and they are trying to pack the little luggage case with the items for the trip. SO SUPER HARD, and lots of fun. I was terrible at it, but I had a great time playing.

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

10. Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition:

Train game- Dice Game which makes me overlook the train game part. Actually pretty great networking building game. You get to play it multiplayer solitaire which makes all the difference. I quite enjoyed this one and will play anytime.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned/ Wishlist)

11. Kaosmos:

Easily one of my favorite from the month. Been enjoying all of my plays and still want to play more. Fast tile laying game with lots of pressured decisions.

8.5/10 After several plays (Owned)

12. Forbidden Sky:

I have played the other Forbidden games and this was by far the best in the series. It is so different and unique at that. I love that you are trying to create a circuit! The freaking spaceship will light up and make noise if you do! So cool!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

13. Lost Cities: Rivals:

I really like the dynamic of the card auction in this game vs the regular Lost Cities 2p game. I think the tension on your money management is interesting and when to bid vs holding back. Much preferred over the 2p game, but it is a very different sort of game.

7.5/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

14. Prototype- Sonic Spindash:

Super awesome! This needs to be made into a published game so I can have it! Definitely an improvement over Spinball, but it has a similar mechanic. Lots of fun!

8/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

15. Woodlands:

Oh, I have been playing this a bit, and I have been loving it. One of my favorites from the month for sure! Love the tile placement and spatial aspect of the game. Really wonderful and will play anytime.

8.5/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

16. Newton:

Crunchy new Euro game! Lots of paths to follow and explore. Looking for optimal moves and timing. Definitely interested in exploring this one further.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned/ Wishlist)

17. Expancity:

Interesting tile placement game with excellent pieces and quality. Solid gameplay and a little bit of push your luck at times. City building game with a lot of mechanics you have seen. If it was my first city-building game- I would be wowed. However, there is nothing surprising about it since I have played a lot of games.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

18. Blue Lagoon:

Love this game! I think I like it even more than Through the Desert the more I play it. Seriously mean and exciting abstract type game. Really a game for me. Knizia for the win!

8.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

19. Spring Meadow:

3rd game in the series. I liked Indian Summer better than Cottage Garden and I liked this more than Indian Summer. I do like the artwork and colors best in Indian Summer. I think this game has a nice mix of both of the prior games and will be the game I go to teach when I am looking for a nice game in the genre.

7.5/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

20. Villainous:

The theme is awesome. Player pawns are AMAZING- seriously amazing stuff an the rank of this game will bump a notch because of it. The overall gameplay is not for me. I don't like the asymmetric goals and take that element of the game. Maybe better with only 2 players, I don't know. Not one I really want to play again.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

21. Plouf Party:

Adorable push your luck game. Harmless and a perfect 5 minute filler. Would play anytime.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

22. Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game:

Climbing game with adorable art and an instant throwback memory fest to the cereals you probably ate as a kid. Cute theme. Simple rules and easy to grasp game. Would play anytime. Would never replace Tichu though.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

23. Tower of Madness:

Kerplunk? We wanted more dexterity and less dice rolling push your luck mechanics. All around a cute game and one I could play again. Wish it played in a faster time and had less finicky rules. You need the right crowd for this.

5.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

24. Symphony No.9:

Interesting game but we were all hoping for a very thematic game, and it is just not that. Definitely more abstract and Euro-like. Just went in with different expectations. Would happily play this again.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

25. Rainbow Knights:

YES! The only game in which I can play as the Rainbow Player! Why can't all games have a Rainbow Player? Speed game where you are building a path and trying to get rid of all your cards first. Very cute and fast game!

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

26. Brothers:

This game took me by surprise! I LOVE this one! Simple abstract for 2 or 4 players and one I could play anytime. Easily a top fav from the month.

8/10 After several plays (Owned)

27. Amun-Re: The Card Game:

Shorter and I think better than The Boardgame. Others at the table would disagree with me. I like being able to keep all your hard earned pyramids. I would say if you like the boardgame than this is worth a play.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

28. Penk!:

Simple roll-n-write. Mostly harmless, but nothing too exciting about it either. Don't think it will outshine all the other roll-n-writes out there. Would gladly play it again though.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

29. Nyctophobia:

Unique game with blindfolded players. Since I can't take pictures blindfolded- I will always have to play the killer... Axe murderer on the loose! Interesting game and would make for a perfect Halloween game.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

30. Deckscape: The Fate of London:

I like this series of escape rooms. I love the puzzles. Not too challenging but still thinking. This was a great one and I would recommend it.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

31. Dragon Pets:

Dragons are so cute! All in all, it is a dice drafting game with some set collection. Not great game play though. Not sure this will get to the table a whole lot.

4.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

32. Dragons:

This is an adorable Dragon game with push your luck and set collection. In the realm of Coloretto and so totally thematic. Dragon collecting his loot! Don't forget to feed him!

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

33. Fluff:

Liar's Dice! So happy to have a copy of this game and that it is so dang cute! I would recommend it to anyone, and I hope this brings in more people to the gaming world since it is sold at Target!

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

34. Dance of the Fireflies:

Not an entry level game. Finicky rules and not intuitive at all. Once you get past all of that then you get into a mediocre game. Beautiful art bonus though.

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

35. Minute Realms:

Sort of reminded me of Majesty: For the Realm. All in all, this wasn't bad but it wasn't as good. I would gladly play this one again, but it was a bit forgettable in the end.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

36. Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge:

Button Men re-themed push your luck dice capturing game. I kinda want to go watch Sailor Moon now. Cute game, not sure how frequently it will get played.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

37. Short Order Hero:

A game that is not for me. Find ingredients and make the recipes. Ho Hum boring game.

2/10 After 1 play (Owned)

38. Mercado:

Push your luck bag building type game. Trying to create sets in the middle to claim the tiles and points. Unsure about the score track though, makes for weird play and timing. Was interesting but not sure there is much there with repeated plays.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

39. Trade on the Tigris:

Hey! A trading game I don't dislike! Lots of interesting choices and negotiations. Some of the end of track cards seem more powerful than others, but it is to be explored more. Plays well with large player counts so that is always nice. Enjoyable and awesome production from TMG as per usual.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

40. Smiths of Winterforge:

Beautiful game. Dwarves forging the materials for their contracts to try and gain points. Action selection type game. Sort of push your luck with some dice rolling. Interesting euro type game, one I need to play again for sure. Perhaps too much luck on a dice roll at the end, maybe you just roll poorly and then lose because of it. Can possibly be an issue.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

41. Space Park:

The game with art and colors that all other games should strive to be. Simple gameplay and clever. Could play with any level of gamer and I hear plays a good solo mode. Very enjoyable!

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

42. The Marching Cats:

Simple memory game but you are trying to collect different cats. Not a game I really have to return to but it was harmless.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

43. 3 Secrets:

Interesting 20 questions type game but you really can ask as many questions as you want trying to learn the secrets the card has to offer. Fast game but some stories are a bit out there and random which makes it totally difficult.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

44. Jungli-La:

Push your luck dice game. Cute but ran a bit long for my taste. Would gladly play again and keep it to 3 players. Not a fan of the art but the mechanics are interesting and I would play again.

5.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

45. Micropolis:

Not really into ants, but they are cartoonized ants and are kinda cute. Love the puzzle and drafting of tiles. A bit vicious but clever choices in a fast gameplay. Very much enjoyed.

8/10 After 1 play (Owned)

46. Spirits of the Wild:

2 player game of collecting gems. Beautiful and worth the $15 on Amazon cost, especially if you play 2 player games.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

47. Caper:

2 player tug of war type game with not tug of war type scoring! Best in the genre with adorable art. I love drafting type games and this is lots of fun.

8/10 After 1 play (Owned)

48. Jungle Race:

A game trying to be like Bucket Brigade but doesn't quite get there. Just didn't work for our group.

3/10 After 1 play (Owned)

49. Carson City: The Card Game:

I love this game! I have only played it once so it might go up or down with more plays, but this game is totally right up my alley and one I could play anytime. Love simultaneous bidding and tile placement.

9/10 After 1 play (Owned)

50. Yellow & Yangtze:

I liked this a lot more than Tigris & Euphrates, but I will probably be in the minority. I think the hexes are great and I really liked the use of the wild. The Wilds make it a less harsh of a game. Would like to play this again soon.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

51. Xi'an:

Thought it was an abstract, and it is really not an abstract. Interesting card and action selection game. Nothing outstanding with this game, but not a bad game. Would play again.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

52. TopSpin:

More of a toy than a game. Spin the top and try to get balls in the holes. Not much control but fun to try nonetheless.

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

53. Hippo:

Roll dice to secure area control in the pool. Try to get rid of the life preservers. Super cute, but not much to it.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

54. Catalyst:

Interesting card drafting game. Beautiful art. I had a good time playing this one and will play again.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

55. Deckscape: Heist in Venice:

Really enjoying the Deckscape games and this was better than the first since each player got to play as someone with hidden talents. Clever and fun to play.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

56. Demon Worker:

Amazing art and a fun worker placement game. Super tight money and everything totally matters. Reminded me of Hell Village (which came after this). Easy to learn and play and I look forward to more plays.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

57. Word Slam Family:

Well, it is essentially Word Slam in a compact box and categories. Love the upgrades! It is so hard! Perhaps family is misleading but I love this game. I think I will end up keeping this and giving the original to my mom.

8/10 After 1 play (Owned)

58. The Island of Doctor Lucky:

I like the witty location names and cards. The gameplay is a bit of a luck fest so it almost goes with the name of the game. It is not a game that went over well with the group, but I didn't mind it. Probably one I won't end up playing again.

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

59. Heart of Crown:

Deck builder with elements of Tanto Cuore. You can see inspiration from that one with all the standard elements of Dominion. The way cards are revealed are interesting though. Perhaps too much text on the action cards though. Love the art.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

New to me Expansions!


The Tally

January: 23
February: 24
March: 48
May: 56
June: 44
July: 29
August: 59

Total new to me games for the year 341!

Carson City: The Card Game


For those keeping Track I Watched 5 movies in August, 1 of which were with Movie Pass.

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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Thank you.
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