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Labor Day Weekend Goodness! Tokyo Metro, History of the World, Team Up!, Layers, Lucky's Misadventures and so much more!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Hope you all had an eventful Labor Day and got in some gaming!

I got in a few games of Bandido and this really makes for a great solo puzzle of a game.

I managed to maintain the outputs early and often and enclosed the bandit both games relatively quick!

They seemed almost too easy... but I am sure if and when I return to try again I will fail miserably!

I am learning the tricks fo the game though, but it might just be a quick luck of the draw, not sure! When Dan tried it out he was an epic failure even when I tried to help him. He didn't take my advice. hahaha that was fun though.

Great little game.

Also over the weekend and before I managed to get in 3 games of Team UP!. This game is also proving to be a LOAD of fun! I just want to get the perfect pallet! I know I can do it!

Shrey and I tried over the weekend and we played the same deck of cards 2 times and the first time we got like 17 and the second we got like 19 I think we did slightly better. It was still pretty damn good. But we had just the wrong pieces left over and couldn't make it fit! We were so close though. We thought we had it!

Really like this challenging game! I just want to play more and more!

Cindy and Collin came to visit us for Labor Day and we got to play a ton of games!! Friday night they arrived and the 4 of us got to playing Collin's favorite game Carson City. It had been a long while since I last played it. I think I got to play it last year... maybe.

It never really goes over well with the people, but this time everyone had a good time playing. Both Collin and Cindy love it so it makes for a more interesting game. Having just played the card game I was ready for the board game to hit the table. I always enjoyed the board game and still do. I think there is a meanness to it though that just doesn't sit right with people. You kinda just have to go with it and hope for the best.

Our game was vicious! People fighting on every corner it seemed. I went all guns one round and just blew it away with a few lucky rolls.

Ron ended up winning by 2 points and Collin and I were TIED but I won on tiebreaker so yeah I was totally second.

Interesting game and one I would play again, with the right group. I have to say the card game simply blew me away and is the game I would rather play given the choice.

Next on the table, we played a quick game of Scarabya. I ended up playing this game 3 times over the weekend, it was proving to be a hit!

I really love how easy this game is to teach and play. One I could play all weekend!

I think I ended up winning most if not all of the games. It is all a blur at this time! I always seem to score pretty well though. I loved that in the other games that everyone wanted to play with mixed up mountains. I will convert people to play with mixed up boards soon enough.

Collin mentioned his interest in trying out Riff Raff.

I am always up for a game of Riff Raff!! So much fun! #FavoriteDexterityGame Seriously great. We played with the "correct rules" you select the card you want. I like to play super hard mode where you line up your pieces in the order in which you have to play them and randomly select a card each round.

It keeps you on your toes that way. Yah I totally won this game with the proper rules. haha it was super great though and I am always up for the challenge.

I am nearly sure Collin had all the pieces by the end. hahaha

Nearing the end of the night was Welcome To....

I taught this game to Collin a while back and Cindy was interested in learning it. It is a pretty fantastic game. I had Ron explain it and we played. I still have yet to use rotaries, so that is still in question for me. I duno about that.

I did terribly this game. I was trying to get my board filled properly, but yeah was not doing a good job. I think we finished on the last card before we would have had to shuffle so that was good timing on someone's art. I feel like Collin won that game, but it was him or Ron.

I am also pretty sure Cindy beat me in this one. I was just not having a good play, it seems!

The Final game of the night we ended up playing 3 times of The Mind! Hey hey, we won the game!

Boom the 4 of us were on fire! It was winning by a hair but we still did it. Of course, it meant dying pretty soon thereafter in the dark, but we still tried and made it to round 3, I believe!

I really need to play this game more. Remember that time I played like 50+ times in the week. I miss that! #NeedMoreMind!

Labor Day offered an opportunity to play lots of games over a couple of days. Might as well be Steph Con weekend.

We started Saturday with Crazy Eggz. New to Me!

This game is a remake of an older title. It is a dexterity game where you roll a die and have to perform an action. You might have to race to touch a die or not be last to grab the egg, something quick. But all while you are balancing the eggs in an awkward position like under your chin or between your legs. You don't want to drop them!

Your goal is to have the most eggs when you run out of eggs from the carton!

Let me tell you, the egg carton is the cutest box ever and the eggs are so cute! The blue egg has some heft and is considered tiebreaker, so you definitely want that egg.

We had some laughs playing this one, but it is really had to balance some eggs and take pic,s! Haha I definitely still won though since I had the blue egg and was tied.

Cute filler game and great for families and kids. I don't see the regular hardcore gamers getting excited for this one, but can be fun with the right crowd.

Next up I was interested in learning some more games from Helvetiq. I just got Colorfox and was really wanting to play that one! All of the piretty colors! New to me!

In this game, you have a hand of cards that you are managing and each turn you play one card to the tableau. Whichever matchsticks you line up and match colors to then you get to claim that stick. If you match more than 1 then you get to start swapping your stick with other players. The game plays out until a single color is needed to be taken and can not be taken. You are trying to collect sets of different colored sticks.

It is a very simple game and one casual gamers could get behind. I think my mom would really enjoy this, for example. All of the color with very easy to learn rules. The game is very attractive in that regard.

We were playing with 4 people and playing very cut throat. People stealing left and right and screwing up the winning player's collection of sticks. No one thought they were winning or they might have ended it sooner since I think we ran out of 3 colors before it eventually ended.

It was pretty funny, I was missing a tan colored stick so it was perfect, we replaced it with an actual match! Helvetiq had amazing customer service and saw my Instagram story with the matchstick and immediately sent me a replacement. It was amazing!

This is a game I could easily play anytime. Simple to pull out and play and teach I look forward to more games.

I recently traded for the new game Roll to the Top!. New to me!

I am, of course, always looking for more Roll n Write games! I was happy I was offered a trade for this since I had only heard amazing things from Felix about it. We played with like 5 or 6 people and we played the Eiffel Tower board. I guess this was on a simulator or somewhere online for people to play. Dan said he had played a number of times and found this board to be the best.

The game is pretty simple you are rolling dice all different counts of dice like D20 or D4 varieties. When the dice are rolled each player gets to use the value of each die individually or combines, however they see fit. You have to use a value in the lowest most box but you can start climbing up the tower by placing the same number or higher above it. If you have a 5 next to a 6 then the number that stacks on it must be 6 or higher.

It is all about how risky you want to play and if you want to take a higher value earlier or not. It will then be difficult to fill in later. Really tough!

It was a fine game. I wouldn't' call it my favorite roll n write by a long shot. I would certainly love to play again and the other maps. It felt a bit long, but I like the different dice that were being used and that some were coming into play and others being removed based on what people were trying for.

I was totally not winning that game, I was like 3 or 4 away from the top when someone eventually won. Cute! And I was happy I could use the rainbow dice.

I was looking for a longer game and one I didn't have to learn. I learned about a million games in August so I was looking to kick back and enjoy some favs. I selected Dominant Species!

Kim knows that one and enjoys that one. Mat was a sport and tagged along for a 3 player game! It was over in 90 minutes. We just rolled along and plowed through this game. It was picked to be a longer game too. So much for that! I got to play as the birds and I actually migrated a few times in this game! It was insane! I MIGRATED!

Ugh, I made a few critical errors but came back with force. Mat and I were neck and neck in the end game and he ended up winning just by a few points!! Poor Kim was lapped by him. She ended up right in between our scores I think around the 212 mark for me.

It was pretty epic and a game I just love playing. I love my little meeples from Meeplesource too. They are too cute!

I was like, "okay now what? How about another euro game!?" Kim was like "oh, what's Shaky Manor?" So we played this 10 minute game.

It wasn't an exciting choice for Mat, but he was a good sport and we played. It ended up being a wicked close game. I think we played till whoever got 3 first and we all ended up with 2, so it was a good 7 round game before I was ultimately the Shaky manor champion... I think! Hahhaa I don't remember at this point, but yeah to was a good tight match.

I am always up for a little shaky-shaky dexterity game!

In an effort to keep the Euro games alive and not to learn a million games, I suggested Keyper. I was teaching both Kim and Mat how to play this game and I was a bit nervous about that. I have played this game a bunch, but there are so many detailed rules about laying your people down or following after the fact that can easily be forgotten.

I think I did an OK job teaching. I was trying to pay attention to all of the actions people were taking. It is so hard to teach this game well and focus on everyone trying to advise what would be a good course of action.

I ended up winning by a LARGE margin, so I felt bad about that. I do think this game has a pretty big learning curve and experience will be more beneficial and helpful for winning the game. I hope I didn't discourage them from playing again. It was a pretty long game for the 3 of us to play, probably as long or a bit longer than DS, so with teaching.

I got an early boat strategy that let me collect a lot of in-game points, but I didn't have much in the way of building points so there was that.

Kim and Mat actually ended up tied in the end. I think he was having a harder time since he was getting stuck with a lot few people and the actions on his boards he was having to take and retake by laying people down. It can be a bit harsh.

He might have enjoyed the game, but he didn't show it, or show a distaste so I have no idea if he actually did, or not.

It is still one if not the top favorite game from last year, and a game I am always willing to play. It is a very special game and I look forward to seeing where the expansion will lead next year!

Alright, alright, it was time for me to learn more games. Dan was up for teaching me Layers! New to me!

He had learned it earlier in the day and was up for playing again so we did. I played it the next day as well, so there was a lot of Layers happening over the weekend! Super cute game of pattern building! You reveal a layered card either using 3,4, or 5 layers and players have to race to make that exact pattern using their available layers that are double-sided. Each player gets the same set of 5 layers to start.

You play, I believe, 6 rounds and each round there are points awarded to the first 2 and 3rd player according to a random point marker that is revealed at the beginning of the round. These points are only awarded to the players to get the pattern totally accurate!

So you frantically rush to make this pattern, and if you are me you are yelling the whole time saying everything you are doing wrong. I have to try and distract any way I know how!

If you manage to get the pattern or think you do you grab a whiteboard and flip the timer for the other players. They have until the end of the timer to try and figure it out. The boards are numbered so you don't forget who went out first and 2nd etc.

This is a great game. I love the colors and the point tokens. I love race pattern building games like this. I always think I will do so well, and I never do! I didn't win either of the games I played. What's up with that?! #notfair

I think DAN won the first one and I think Joe H won the second one. wicked hard! I really like this one and I look forward to playing this one a lot more. Super easy and the flow of the game is great. I could play this with anyone!

Next up Daan was willing to sight read Lucky's Misadventures. New to Me!

This was exciting because I love the artwork and the theme and was totally looking forward to trying this. In the game, I was joined by Cindy and Kim.

The game calls for chanting at different point "FEED THE TOAD" so the 4 of us were probably highly obnoxious to the rest of the house when that happened. It made for quite an entertaining game, however!

This is a deck builder but you are doing more and looking for more and new mechanics so it isn't a typical deckbuilding game, which is awesome and fresh. There are different paths to take and ways to play. You do have a hand of 5 cards but each round you are selecting only 3 cards to use and they might not even activate! You do know before you pick which will be able to activate when you reveal the toad cards. In the toad row, there are blue, yellow, red and event cards. Event cards trigger but the colored cards will tell you which card types will activate. The remaining 2 cards from your hand can be discarded at the end of held for a later round. You only ever draw up to 5 though.

Some cards, when triggered, might give you more money or attack other players. You might save your money cards and just play machine cards to try and build a machine. There are a few different strategies to pursue, so you sort of want to stick to one or the other and have a deck focused on that, if possible.

The game will end in 1 of several ways, but I am guessing the most common is the set number of rounds will trigger. There are other ways if you get the 3 sisters in play on your turn, or you have unlocked the special machine with the pumpkin guy specifically.

All I fully remember is that I had ALL 3 sisters in hand on the final turn. I was totally attacked before it was my turn, however, and had to discard a sister before I could declare victory. It was super harsh! Still worked out for me though, I managed to secure a ton of point from the cards I was collecting each round. I made a lot of wise choices so it ut me in a better position.

So, yeah there is a fair bit of take-that in the game, which can be a deterrent for some. I think the unique hand management is interesting and feels fresh, it makes me want to play the game again really soon. I very much look forward to my next play to see if I can get those sisters and actually make it work.

For me, I really really enjoyed the play and I think everyone had a good time. I think Wizard of Oz meets Alice in Wonderland was an interesting combination and welcomed.

I am excited for this one. FEED THE TOAD!!!

Jordan Draper is a cool guy and I was very much looking forward to his new releases! I was so thrilled to get the chance to play TOKYO JIDOHANBAIKI. New to me!

This game has a collection of games within it. You can select a game for the player count or the mechanics. Lots of types of games inside.

The quality of this game is top notch and exciting. The little cans and bottles are just too cute and you can put them in the small crates. SOMG so cute.

I ended up playing 3 games with the vending machine also in play. It is sort of like a cube tower you might find in Amerigo. This vending machine is trying to stop the bottles from all going through. For us, it never really worked well enough to really show a difference. I really want to try some other games without the vending machine.

That vending machine mechanic just didn't work for me. There was a 2 player game we tried to play too and the rules were just very unclear so we struggled to get that played, we didn't actually play it.

For me, the games we tried were mediocre at best and not great. There are a bunch in the box though and I am going to look for others with different mechanics and objectives. I want to love this game because everything about the quality is amazing and I'm a fan of Jordan.

I look forward to trying more.

We wanted a lighter game and decided on a 5 player game of Forest. New to me!

This is a small boxed game with amazing artwork which has all your favorite fairy tale characters. On the cards, you will find cute art featuring these characters but you aren't focusing on them, you are focusing on the smaller ones like Santa, and the owls. On your turn, you will play a card to the center forest display and if you spot 7 of the same icon then you get to claim the cards with those icons. There are 4 types- Santa, frog, owl, and a fairy that you are trying to collect. You simply play a card from hand and then replace the card so you always have 3 cards. You play through all of the cards and if you collect the most cards in the end you win.

Very very simple game. I can't say there were many options happening here for me. It would make for a great family and kid game for sure. Kids can understand set collection and trying to get so many Santa's to score. it is a cute game for sure and so beautiful.

In our game, Cindy totally blew us away and just kept scoring turn after turn. she had far more cards than I did at the end of the game.

I think it falls nicely in line with their other small boxed games so that works well. It is a great line up of games they have including Kariba and Hippo. I look forward to also trying gotown.

Leanne was really excited to try out Orc-lympics. She was really drawn to the artwork and who am I to deny playing this great game!

I got to learn this one at Origins and had a great time. This time we were playing with the full game count and it was much harder to draft the initial cards. Since you can only keep 3 race types before the game starts, you really want to draft accordingly. Leanne was really the only one paying attention to the game and unfortunately for me, she was sitting to my right and passing me cards I didn't want. She was drafting all of the cards I wanted. Yahhhh, it was unfortunate for me!

She was on point and absolutely killed us that game. It was pretty great! I thought for sure I knew what I was doing, yeah not so much.

Cute and clever game. I love that it plays out so fast so if you really draft poorly then you can make up for it in a game number 2.

For a quick QUICK filler. I got Kim excited when I suggested that we play Happy Salmon! This game is always a pleaser and there were several people who were willing to learn and play with us.

I ended up having Shrey film us, so yeah that was posted somewhere. I think to Instagram @punkin312 last week! If you wanted to see the fun happening in real time.

hey just so happens I won the game too! Woohoo! Totally enjoy playing this one whenever the mood strikes!

Dinner was about to show up but there were 6 of us around and we decided on a fast game of Gemblo! Collin had suggested it since he enjoys the abstract type games. This one holds 6 players extremely well, too! I think some people were learning and others were just along for the ride.

Dan says he doesn't like abstracts or play them all that well but he certainly played this one well. We actually tied for the win with 0 points both placing out single gem last. Collin was also doing pretty well but had pieces left over. Poor Star got shut out pretty early. I am not sure he enjoys it so much but he does try and has played several times before, so he is willing to still play!

Always happy to play this one and was really happy it was suggested. Love it!

After dinner, there were 5 of us around and in an effort to play a fast one I took out Gold Fever so Kim and Joel would stick around.

Everyone is always skeptic going into this game, and I am not sure why. Maybe the push-your-luck element is so strong. But, for me, there is something so fun about that. I really really like push your luck.

This game worked out much like the time Joe C played. We kept egging everyone on to pull one more! Eventually, that turned around to bite us in the butt! I did extremely well when I kept pulling out one more, but then I stopped. Joe was really pushing his luck too when he was finally able to pull out the final gold nugget.

There is always so many laughs when we play this game. I love teaching it and playing it. Really a fun time. Get a couple sets and you can really make it a family fun game. I really enjoy this one.

I recently got a bunch of games from Big G Creative and I was most excited to try out and play Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents. New to me!

We had a bunch of people playing, I think the full 6 player count! I did a demo on BGG TV at GenCon and we had a blast showing this one off.

The first thing everyone does is grabs 3 sheets of paper and then draws a black squiggle on it. It can look like anything... and they throw the papers in the middle of the table face down. Then the game begins. Each round players will draw a sheet from the middle and there is a category given like gymnastics and then players use their player color market to create a drawing from the squiggle already on the sheet.

It is a super cute and wicked fast game. You just do this 3 times and see what people can come up with. At the end of the game, you will have 3 drawings in front of you and you get to select your best one, or the one the table will vote the best for. Every player has bob ross point tokens they will award to the drawings and if you think one is better than another then you can give more points.

Very simple game and in the vein of Fake Artist goes to NY. Very easy to sit down and play and super cute. I could play this one anytime and have a good time.

I should try the other Bob Ross game soon!

I think I was hanging with Shrey and Scott and we decided on Pioneer Days next. They bother hadn't played and were interested in learning.

I wasn't aware until Scott's blog that he just didn't enjoy the game at all. He was pretty good about hiding his feelings during the game. I have no idea how Shrey ended up liking it.

I quite enjoy the drafting of the dice, so I clearly like this game more than Scott. I was doing a pretty great job maintaining my people. I totally forgot about my player ability which was to use wood and medicine freely as the other. It didn't ever pose a problem, but I might have used them for the end of week goals differently.

When it was over I had the winning score but it was a pretty close game. I was getting a ton of points from my favors and the people I had collected. It wasn't a mean game and we weren't actively trying to screw over the other players, so I don't know why Scott just hated it so much. Just not a game for him, I suppose. I thought he would at least appreciate the theme.

It is a pretty great theme and one that really shines through. I don't even generally care for the theme, so there is that.

I was getting pretty lucky rolls with the people who made me roll a die for a quick result of punishment or reward, getting the best every time.

This has always been a pleasure when I have gotten to play and will continue to play when requested or request it on occasion. It's cute.

Fold-it is an innovative game that came out a few years ago. I got to try it at Essen when it did, then there was a new version I tried last Essen which involved battles which was pretty cool.

I was excited to try this one again, however. I am so bad at seeing the patterns and making the folds work and I just want to get better at it.

To my delight, I didn't lose this game first! I definitely didn't win, but I managed to hold my own for a while. I got a few even FIRST! Most of the time I just couldn't cut it though. It is a super hard game where you have to fold this napkin type cloth and show the pictured dishes that are revealed at the start of the round. the dishes are pictured on both sides of the cloth and you have to magically fold this cloth to have the right pictures on top. Always folding along the lines. ITS SO HARD!!!

Sure it sounds simple, yeah it is not simple at all.

I love a good visual challenge like this. Really gets the brain working in a different sort of way. I had a great time playing, and losing at this game. Super fun times.

Next up I had another new game to check out called Touch Down!. New to me!

So yeah, any football game will not win me over with the theme. Fortunately, this one has adorable animals to help carry the theme even just slightly better than actual football players.

In the game, you get to team up with someone and move the pieces around the board to try and get from your goal to the opposite side's goal. It was unclear from the rules if that meant diagonal corner or just opposite.

In the game, we played we just went across the board using our own pieces and the other player's pieces to jump over. I think it would have made more sense to have to go diagonally across because it would make for more teammate player interaction. I will try playing the game again with that partnership working togetherness.

It is a pretty simple abstract game where you get action points and you can spend 2 of them to jump a fence, or a single to move one space or jump a piece.

I have to say the material of the tiles is super cool and great quality. It really makes you go oooh and ahhhh.

Collin and I were teammates and we totally rocked it. I am not sure we were playing 100% correct, but we kicked but anyway. I will have to try again soon with the diagonal rules and see if that plays out better and how I think it should play out.

Seems like a solid abstract, but I am not sure it really stands out in the crowd of abstracts.

Wicked cute animals though.

Next up Joe H was willing to sight read the rules for Mafiozoo. New to me!

This is a reimplement of Louis XIV a game I played years ago now. I could barely remember the flow of the game. I have to say I like the new theme better, even though the old school gamers didn't, I happen to think they are wrong. I like that there are animals. I do think the art is something to be desired, and the overall feeling was too dark. I do like the theme better though.

In the game, you are trying to gain influence on the different territories on the game board using the cards you are given. You get to drop your gems on the map onto a location space the card says and you can spread out from there in a continuous line. Eventually, everyone will be out of cards always leaving 1 card to be discarded, and then moving around the board the spaces get resolved.

You are trying to get tokens to help claim the district areas and in-game powers and bonuses. All of those districts are points and you are also trying to get tokens that are worth points. You want different tokens for more points.

There can be a lot of luck in this game and the cards you are given at the start of each round. I kinda got screwed over in the round when I got a lot of wild cards. They sound good but you are only allowed to play 2 gems with these cards. I really needed to play ore gems to the board to try and claim the areas.

I was hosed because of that. I didn't win the majorities I needed and didn't get to claim the districts I was planning on.

I didn't do too badly but I definitely lost. I thought I did far worse, not realizing that each token was worth a point as well at the end. So that boosted my score a bunch.

This is a pretty good game. I do like the box size of the first game better, and in the original, the spaces flipped, which I like better. What that means is when a location says 1st then there is only 1 winner. In this game, they don't flip so every round will be the same spaces with only 1 winner. It is not great. I think you could easily house rule it to be old school rules though.

Neat game and one I look forward to playing again soon.

Ray had shown up and was looking to play his new game he just acquired called Bargain Quest. New to me!

The art was definitely a huge draw for the game and is super cute. The gameplay is definitely a weird theme. You are trying to sell items and gear in your store to the warriors, then sending the warriors off to try and fight the baddies. but ultimately you are trying to get points from the battles, and also collect money in the stores.

There is a drafting mechanic and simultaneous card selection happening. There are lots of phases to this game and a lot of randomness happening. Overall it left me feeling confused and frustrated.

It totally didn't help that the whole table was just not having it. Poor Ray was flustered by Dan pounding questions. Dan, just read the rules it is easier on everyone if you do.

This play it just couldn't end soon enough. I would try again though with fewer people.

Michelle had been wanting to play Merlin for quite a while.

I recruited Jess and Chris to make it a 4 player game. Michelle was the only one learning and I was teaching. I like to teach this game from the rulebook since I feel like I might miss something.

I think I have it down pretty well now though. I do really like what this game is doing. I just find the gameplay is far too long which is why I don't play it more. I am actually quite good at this game. I think the more I play the better I get too.

Michelle really enjoyed the game too, so that was a success. I think everyone had a great time playing. There was a lot of fighting over the big regions on the small area map, so people were really in tune with that this game.

I was doing that but I was also focused on my cards. I didn't have the best of luck early on, but towards the end of the game, I was completing a card each round so getting a lot of little points here and there. I was also getting a lot of area controls. I was very far in the lead once the game ended. I am just glad everyone still enjoyed the play though.

Glad I could teach it before Michelle moves far far away!

I was up for a really fast game and Chris and Michelle joined me in a 3 player game of Ticket to Ride: New York.

Derek just traded me this game and I was so happy since it was on my to get list eventually. I mean this totally replaces all T2R games for me. It is the perfect game length for me and this series. I love everything about it.

We played it out and I was just not getting lucky with my card pulls. I needed maybe one more turn to really make the big points. Poor Michelle did even worse with her contracts and only scored 2 points I think.

Chris dominated us that time and showed us how it was played. It is always a great time!

Felix joined in and we played a 4 player game of Blue Lagoon! I am wanting to play this more and more. I simply love it. I hope and trust it will hold up in time. I do think I like this more than I like TTD, which is crazy since I love that one. This is just soooooo interesting. The timing can change depending on the players and you really need to make sure you secure your huts early in the first round and then cut everyone off to make it work in the second round.

Everything about this game I just love. Felix ended it super fast both rounds and only placed a few huts down in the first round. It was crazy of him to do that but he was feeling confident. After the first round, I was feeling confident about my winning the game with the second phase. I managed to make a huge jump in points in round 2, but it was just shy of actually beating him out. I was soooooo sad to not win that game.

Man 4 players is just so brutal! Next time I have to play with 3 players. Seriously loving this one though. I realllly love it. I think everyone just playing with me here was okay on it. I don't think any loved it nearly as much as I do. Still always wanting to play this one.

In an effort to play a game before dinner we played a 4 player game of Let's Make a Bus Route.

It had been a long while since I played this game and was really looking forward to playing this again. I was really glad it was requested.

This game I had no problem filling the hidden goal cards. I was not really focused as much on the other goals and I think I only managed to get the university students goal. I was not really focused on the other scoring in the game and really needed more points from tourists and elderly. I love running the elderly over...

Ron was, of course, doing well and ended up winning the game. Booo Hisss Thumbs Down.

Still, a fun puzzle to play this one. Happy to get to play it again.

Scott had a new game for us to play called dude... New to me!

This game is essentially Happy Salmonfor potheads. Hahah you have a number of cards that say "dude" with different spellings and sizes. You are trying to get through the deck of cards as fast as you can by saying dude in a specific-ish speak so people can try and understand you and match up.

It is a super fast game and there is a groovy dude card which is cool and rainbow. I have to say I enjoy Happy Salmon about 100x better, but this offered enjoyment for a short time.

I would totally play again, but will always choose Happy Salmon first!

I was totally up for playing TOKYO METRO since getting the game. I got to play the prototype several months ago and was very excited for the published game.

I think the first games I played were incorrect so it was great to play officially and with the correct rules.

This is a stock game where you are trying to gather stock in the companies you invest in and build stations to help boost their values. There are a bunch of actions you can take with your action discs including buying more discs.

Money is super tight in this game and spend your money wisely!

I love the advanced thinking you have to do in this game and planning. You really want to invest early and often and plant those stations perfectly. Of course, all of that requires monies that you prolly don't have and there are loans you can take as an action...

In my game, I had 3 loans and that was a hefty end of game fee for me. I was soooo great at my planning and totally still won though. Here I thought I absolutely crushed it, but I only won by a few thousand and Dan was on my tail. I was overly confident though. I played a very good game.

I like this game and the challenge it poses. I very much look forward to my next play!

One of the requests Collin made was to play Deadpool vs The World. He quite enjoys the movie and it was getting on the later side so it was time! Scott had been wanting to play too!

We had 6 or 7 players for this game, it was 1 player over the "max" player count. Haha you can really play with any number of willing people.

Ray was impressively good at this game and Collin was too. I think they ended up tied in the end.

We played out 7 rounds and that was so everyone could play as the player to choose the best of the clues.

Super fun game and I just wish I was more creative. I need to watch more Deadpool it seems. Always fun.

Scott requested that we play Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game and Cindy was all for it. She was totally into the cereal characters.

We played the full 5 players this time and Ron taught the game.

I was on point this game and was focused on using my abilities well and getting all my cards played.

I ended up getting almost all of my cards scored. I think I missed out on just 2 not being scored and Scott was second with not getting 4 scored. It was super close, but yah, I totally crushed it!

This is a cute game and I enjoy playing it. Will happily play it whenever requested.

I was in the mood for a lighter game and requested Cheeky Monkey. It had been a long long time since I last played it and I knew it would be a hit for Cindy.

I was not wrong! but damn there are a lot more rules to this game than I remembered. I just thought we should start but Scott went through all the rules up front which left a lot of ? in the air to then be asked later when they became relevant. Just sayin' we should just play the game with basic rules then more rules apply later or as they come up.

I think I pushed my luck too much but I did stop when the time was right for 3 tokens. I busted more times than I care to admit from the Zebra tokens. Zebras were definitely my nemesis that game!

I can't actually remember if I wont, but I did win a number of battles and I did have a LARGE number of tokens in front of me at the end... so I want to say I won, but I will have to go back and read Scott's blog entry abou tit to figure it out. Or Cindy has the scores in her app.

Great game and one that should be taken out more to play!

Next up we played Word Slam Family. It was girls vs boys and yeah poor girls were not doing so hot. We were just off. Of course, everything we did was helping the guys figure out the clue.

I think our main problem with this game was that we were being too specific. Types of animals species and it was just like a general reptile or something like that. We were being far too specific in our guesses! Same thing when we were guessing actual people and it was like something much broader. Bah!

It was still lots of fun to play with everyone and lose miserably. Every time I went to bat to put out the words Collin was already throwing cards down and they got it super fast. I was like wat!

Still always a good time and one I look forward to playing more of.

The final game of the night and weekend was Cosmic Factory.

Hey, I think we also played this 6 players and it was probably a bit too late to try and teach this one. I don't think people were really in the mood to learn another game and it made the game more difficult to sit through and focus on.

That is okay, I was still happy to get it played even if people weren't loving it as much as me. I do think they ended up enjoying it as a whole.

We were getting some difficult cards though and that made it a bit rough.

I made Jess's night with the promo card that reminded her of Dr Who. She was happy after that! I am pretty sure Cindy didn't enjoy it, I think it was just one game too many.

In the end I believe I won, so that was cool, but it was definitely a close one!

I was told they were renaming this game so be on the lookout for a new title soon. My copy will be a collector's edition, it seems. Also, it will be well loved since I have been playing it so much! so cool!

Thursday night was Fun Group and I was all ready to play my new game called History of the World. New to me!

I have played A Brief History of the World and really enjoyed it so this was going to be the same but better. In Brief, there are 7 rounds and in this, there are only 5, so for me, that is better! I think once we know the game better it will just fly by in a blink. I really enjoy this game because you take your turn and you score! Yes, people can attack you and your pawns, but they aren't directly hurting you or your position for the next round. Of course, if you still have all your guys on the board in the next round you get to score again, but you can't expand from those regions. They are inactive.

It is so clever the drafting in this game you get a region with a number of armies and you get a cool power to use in this round or another round, the power card might also be territory cards that you would have to use in the current round.

If you are familiar with the game there are a few differences like if you were to ie a battle, normally the defender gets to keep its stake, but in this game, BOTH pawns are simply removed. This is great since you can just use another pawn to claim it and not to get a +1. Not as great if you only have Seige tokens used for rerolling dice. I suppose there are a bunch of threads about this on the geek, Ron was telling me.

There is no end of game scoring or goal cards, those were removed so after your final turn whatever you are left with is it! That is the number for everyone else to beat.

In our game, I was first on the map and thought I did really well, yeah no so much everyone got like double my points, whoops! Should have called it quits after round 1 end of my turn.

Nope, I powered through and had a pretty great comeback after round 2. Because I was losing after round 1 I get the first pick of regions so there are some massive turnarounds in this game. You are never fully out until the final scoring, really. Unless you are a newb and just get trounced on by experienced players. We were all pretty new to the game. So it was a 4 player game, Ron taught us. We actually played by the Brief rules not realizing the ties remove pawns. We only learned that afterward. So I really have to play again and soon!

In the end had I done all the math and gone SUPER AP I could have won the game. I was playing risky for a region and ended up losing teh battle and 2 points behind ron. If I just played it safe claiming 2 points from another area I could have hop skipped and jumped over the Ron and took the win. So I will just declare me the winner! Simple as that!

I really enjoyed playing this game and I simply can't wait to play again! I gotta do better! There is something really nice about this type of area control. I like that you get to score after each of your turns. So great!

Since Riley brought it along with him, I was curious to try out Strike. New to me!

I have only heard AMAZING things about this game so I was definitely interested. It is really a silly dex luck game where you are trying to hit dice in the ring to have the same sides facing up so you can collect the matching dice from the center. It is strange and silly.

Really not much to this game, some push your luck and hardly any thought goes into playing this one.

I suppose it is semi-entertaining, I just don't see the huge appeal that people have for it.

I would gladly play and lose again. Ron got super lucky and managed to pick up the win that time. Mostly since Scott was just super unlucky at the end of the game and lost a butt load of dice in one shot.

New to the Collection:
History of the World
Roll to the Top!
Panic on Wall Street!
Home Alone Game
Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game
Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents
The Brady Bunch Party Game
How to Rob a Bank
Shifty Eyed Spies

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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