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Steph's New to Me List September 2018!!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Welcome to Steph's "New to Me" List 2018!

This year I have made the goal of learning 300 400 games!

Steph's Awesome Spectrum Rating System!

Steph's Sad Cloud Rating 1-2.5/10
Steph's Bland Rainbow Rating 3-4.5/10
Steph's Primary Rainbow Rating 5-7/10 (Solid Play)
Steph's Super Rainbow Rating 7.5-8.5 (Keepers)
Steph's Double Rainbow Rating 9-10/10 (Top Favorites)

September List

1. Crazy Eggz:

Cute egg container game with simple to learn rules. Kids would have fun and could be a good family game. Silly and cute. Would play again.

5/10 After 1 plays (Owned)

2. Colorfox:

An awesome box that pulls out like a matchbox and has the bumps. Easy game plays one for the family. I look forward to trying it out with them in the future. Cute set collection game.

6/10 After 1 plays (Owned)

3. Roll to the Top!:

I love Roll N Write games and this is a good one. I would gladly play this one again. Might not be my first choice, but there are a lot of maps to try out and I like the replay-ability!

7/10 After 1 plays (Owned)

4. Layers:

Real-Time puzzle to try and put layers down to create the matching picture. pretty fun challenge and one that I could play anytime. Great filler.

7.5/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

5. Lucky's Misadventures:

Really interesting mechanics for deck building. Different paths to try and achieve before the end of the game for an auto win. I really love the art and the mis-mashed theme. Fun times.

8/10 After 2 plays (Owned)


Series of several games. Some badly written rules make for not so easy playing. Amazing quality production for a game, I need to play some more in the selection of games.

5.5/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

7. Forest:

Easy game with adorable fairy tale art. Probably for families and kids and not so much a gamers game. Could play again, but didn't hold my interest.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

8. Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents:

Cute 15 minute drawing party game. In the line of A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Could easily play with anyone and the box is fuzzy...

7/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

9. Touch Down!:

Team abstract game. Not convinced we playe dcorrectly but perhaps a bad translated rulebook? Super cute animals and a checker like game. Could play again.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

10. Mafiozoo:

Reimplement of Louis XIV. I like this theme better, but the box is 3x the size and thats not great. It is an interesting and vicious game. maybe too meann for me? Hard to say. Would definitely play again.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

11. Bargain Quest:

Not for me. Gorgeous art but the game play was a mash up of a bunch of mechanics that didn't flow well.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

12. dude:

Props for the Rainbow Dude card... but still it is no Happy Salmon. Could play again.

5.5/10 After 1 plays (Not Owned)

13. History of the World:

Been really enjoying this one and it is one that I want to play more and more of. I want to get to be amazing at this game! It has totally captivated me. If you are a fan of A Brief History of the World I think you will like this.

9/10 After 1 plays (Owned)

14. Strike:

Totes overrated. #idontgetit It was fine.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

15. Gizmos:

Exactly as I expected it. Too bad it is in a huge box- that really almost pushed the rating back a notch. I could play again if requested. Not dying to.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

16. Root:

Artwork is beyond cuteness. Game play was fine for me. I am really not a fan os asymmetric powers. Not really interested in playing again.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

17. GoTown:

This is a game that might never end... it just goes on and on my friends... some people started playing it not knowing what it was... and they'll continue playing it forever just because... this is the game that never ends...

3/10 After 1 play (Owned)

18. Prototype- Triky Trail:

Pretty great game for learning countries and flags and small facts. Not a great gamers game but would be excellent in 8th grade history classes. #recommendedforlearning I need to study up.

5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

19. Tubyrinth:

Interesting polyomino game that is timed by the fastest players who can complete the path. Not a game I would play every week but I would be happy to play it every so often.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

20. Arraial:

Beautiful beautiful game. Love the Tetris style tile-laying mechanic. Not so much player interaction or planning, but hopeful luck. Very enjoyable and will play anytime.

8/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

21. Mutants:

Interesting asymmetric deck building game. I'm not usually one for asymmetric, but this worked for me since I am really focused on my own thing. While there are attack cards, it felt fine to me. Still in dev mode, so I am curious to see where this ends up. One to watch!

7/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

22. Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game:

Pretty rinbow game that I had to try out. Chillest game of them all, it seems. light set collection game. Cute and good for casual gamers.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

23. Papering Duel:

Cute abstract game for 2 player. Very thinky and constricting. A great production and fun game. Great for people who enjoy 2p games.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

24. Wangdo:

Wicked cute productions with adorable bears. Simple set collection game with easy rules to teach any gamer. Could play with the fam.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

25. Taiwan:

Interesting tableau builder. Buy extra dice per round and roll resources and workforce. Luck of the dice somewhat involved but there are ways to help that with conversions. Pretty art and a game I would like to play more of.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

26. Spring Rally:

A vibrant trick-taking game with an incredible catch-up mechanic. Each time you lose a trick you tick forward your spring and eventually you might win a trick and can spring ahead or if the round ends you will auto spring. It is super cute and harmless.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

27. Tags:

Super clever party-type game. Only plays 4 but I could see it playing with a few more. You are trying to think of fast responses and man it is easier if you are not on the clock playing but spectating! Super fun!

8/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

28. Majolica:

Beautiful game for sure. Finicky tile movements and can be frustrating at times. VERY thinky and puzzley. Perhaps too much for my brain to process at once. Will have to try it a few more times.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

29. Lindisfarne:

Area control game that I absolutely adore. So much fun collecting Frescos you. Set collection game with some area control. You get to roll dice but there is a bunch of ways to use the dice. Simple to learn and fun to play. Really surprised me.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

30. Seals:

Set collection type game. very easy to play and learn game. Pretty underwhelming and a game I could play again though.

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

New to me Expansions!

1. Q.E. 5 player:

Q.E. 5 Player proto expansion. Feels the same as basic game not sure it added much for me. Would play again.

5/10 After 2 plays (not Owned)

The Tally

January: 23
February: 24
March: 48
May: 56
June: 44
July: 29
August: 59
September: 30

Total new to me games for the year 271!

History of the World


For those keeping Track I Watched 3 movies in September, 3 of which were with Movie Pass.

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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Thank you.
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