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Games & Llamas: You Will Know What I Played Last Summer

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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Whoah… what a summer!

Now, with September started, I think that I should talk about all the games I’ve tried since the end of June, where my last Games & Llamas post didn’t warned that I’ll take a break from writing in English. I didn’t take it from writing in Spanish (since it is waaaay easier for me) and I owe you one (or several) large post.

The total amount of games played between the last post and TODAY is this:


I don’t know how I’m going to do this so, let’s try! I’m going to try to say something about all of them in number of plays order (just because BGG sorted it this way). So I’m thinking that I’m going to write in rounds of 20ish different games per post since I have 86 different games in that picture (and I’m not counting different prototypes!)

Unpublished Prototype
We had played A LOT of prototypes but certainly more games of Special 14, a That's Pretty Clever like game of roll and write that we have the proud to tell you that will be published by Ludonova in Q1 /Q2 of 2019.

We played several games of Ramen that will be released at Spiel18 and we’re ultra-excited to see if the people will like it or not. It’s frightening but it is awesome every time a game from us is published. You can show some love for the game in the Essen Spiel Preview (We’re still in the first page of hotness) and in its BGG page.

We started more designs but, since Ramen will be on Spiel 18 and we’re finishing the games that are actually signed with publishers, we had to stop creating new ones. That’s a lot of work!

Unusual Suspects
Or as we called it: “The Racists Detector” hahahah It is awesome how the people’s (and your own) prejudges blend with a mechanic of guessing. I enjoyed it but 7 games in a row was too much and I won’t will play it again in a while.

We bought this game during our vacation in Lisbon and we’re quite happy with it. It is quick and it gets played smoothly. Probably will trade it because there’s no variation in the sheet and because we tried “Welcome to…” and we loved it with just one game.

Isis & Osiris
An old abstract game with a memory component that I really like it and it works awesomely well with kids that are learning basic math. It is possible that will be traded in a future but I have to admit that I had some invaluable memories with my nephews.

No, I’m not going to say anything more about the best game of 2017. We even played our handmade travel version and it gets awesome in every game of it. It is perfect. I don’t know how to think about the new version of Sintra glasses but surely I’ll check it out at Spiel.

Fuji Flush
I like more Abluxxen but Fuji Flush had become one of my favorites when we are more than 4 players playing card games. The first games of it wasn’t good for me but with more plays it gets better more and more.

This is a nice euro-sheep-game with workers with a certainly amount of action points. I liked the part of the dike but I don’t know… there’s something that doesn’t fit in my taste. Nevertheless I enjoy playing it trying to optimize the board to fit more and more sheep on it. And I have to admit that if it this game has the artwork of Klemens Franz it would be nicer to me. BUT, it is pretty anyway.

One of the best trick-taking card games I’ve ever played. And it is absolutely lovely! I don’t know when but surely it will be widely available soon! It is soo good! It is a kind of trick taking game but playing in the way of Hanabi and trying to guess how many tricks a player can win in the round. It is awesome.

Pocket Mars
A really decent filler about Mars (but it could have any other theme, you know) that it gets played superfast with multipurpose cards. I mean, this is not the greatest game of the world but I do like it a lot! I have to try its solitaire mode because sounds good.

I’m a beast at this game. I usually win despite the god I have dealt. A lot of replayability and awesome production. I’m glad it gets widely available because it is an abstract game with a theme I’d love to play.

Team Play
A lovely surprise! We bought this hidden gem in Frankfurt last December because it was really cheap. It is a team game about doing collections of cards with no theme but its gameplay is really cool. You can pass cards to your teammate in order to help him/her to complete the general collection target or his/her hidden personal collection. Really nice.

X nimmt!
The advanced version of 6 Nimmt! that it is better for 2 players to 4 players. 6 Nimmt! with two or three players isn’t good but this is. Try it if you can because I love it! I don’t know why it is not so popular than 6 Nimmt!.

This two games of Aalsmeer has been the best so far. I was playing and I wasn’t thinking all the time “this game is a game designed by you and Shei, you know the game and you know everything of it”. I enjoyed this two games like it was a game from another designer. I think that is the best feeling in the designing world It will be published by Ediciones Primigenio for their 2019 Spiel Release (At least, that was they told us)

Caverna: Cave vs Cave
A game that I always wanted to play. It is the best 2 player version that Caverna could ever have. The way you took the actions and the way you develop your cave is something that I love. Really looking for the expansion this year!!

That's Pretty Clever
It has become one of my favourites Roll and Write games. I’m really excited for trying the new scoresheet for the next year!

If you take out the theme of it (It could have any other more interesting theme) and get familiarized with the iconography, this is an awesome game. I hope that it gets a reprint because it is impossible to find now. To me, is even better than Carson City.

Heaven & Ale
I played this game again with only 2 players and it gets played really quickly. I prefer to play it with more players (it gets more interesting) but overall I love the mechanism of deciding when to score or when to earn money.

Hive Pocket
The only game we played in our vacation in Portugal. We played it in the apartment while having coffee after breakfast. It is always packed in our suitcase when we travel.

Labyrinth: The Card Game
Awful. We bought it from a sale and it goes directly to the For Trade list.

The Oracle of Delphi
We played this the last year at 4 players and we liked it but it wasn’t an insta-love. But we found a copy at a bargain price and we had to try it again. I liked it more with more plays. I think that the luck factor is really high in this one and if you cannot get the right rolls you could be out of the game pretty soon. We’ll play it a little bit more before decide if it will go to the trade list or not.

It is a card drafting-fighting game with some nice ideas in it. We only played it with two players but it seems not to be its best player count. Will try with more players.

A game that is always enjoyable. I understand the new express version (for kids and elder people, not for casual gamers). This game is one of the greatest gateway game to introduce new people into the hobby and it has to be in every collection.

Race for the Galaxy
It is amazing how the years pass and this game remains fresh. It is that good that it doesn’t seem that it is 11 years old. Despite the awful iconography, the gameplay is awesome.

San Juan
This is the Race for the Galaxy for people that are scared to play RftG. It is kinder for non-core gamers but for core gamers could be a little bit soft. I like it anyway and I would play it when I’m in the mood for light games.

This was the first game I liked of Knizia and we play it anytime we can. It is super-random because if you don’t have the cards, the only thing you can do is trying to get rid of them but it is a game I love so much. And it was bought in a special store and played once with special people

6 nimmt!
The best game you can play for 5-6 people. If you’re more than 6 I’d choose Fuji Flush but it is one of the greatest games ever.

And with these 30 games, the first part of “You Will Know What I Played Last Summer” is over. There will be 3 more (You now, I trid to make a trilogy for the history is so long and it must to have a 4th part).

See you later!

PS: Anyone of you will attend Essen SPIEL??
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