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Games & Llamas: You Will Know What I Played Last Summer Part 2

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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Previously on ‘You Will Know What I Played Last Summer’ …

Long time ago, we played this game with 2 and 4 players and we loved it. With the pass of the time, the 2 player version, even being clever, I don’t like it that much. It’s a pity because I like all of the aspects of the game. Will play again with more players or finally will trade it to rest in a shelf that will appreciate it.

Silly toy game with a powerful magnet and metal jingle bells of the color of the players. You have to take all the bells from your color before every player. Silly but really fun.!

Bora Bora
This is one masterpiece of Stefan Feld and I love it. I still prefer CoB or Aquasphere but Bora Bora is one of the greatest. The mechanic of suffering every round to do a lot of things in order to not screw the final scoring is delightful.

Bunny Kingdom
This is Kingdom Builder on steroids. We played it at 2:00 a.m. and probably this affected my opinion but I didn’t like it at all. It is pretty, has a great production and it seems that hasn’t many luck factor due to the drafting. But for me was a little bit boring.

Carson City with Carson City: Horses & Heroes
We hadn’t play this in a while (like, in 2 years) and it is as great as always. BUT. The last time I played with 4 people and I loved it more. Will trade the first expansion and keep Horses & Heroes because the horses give to the base game a really nice touch.

Cheeky Monkey
If there’s a family reunion, there are nephews. If there are nephews, there is Cheeky Monkey. It’s a winner in this kind of situations.

Clans of Caledonia
This was the first time I played with 4 players. And it was AWESOME. I loved CoC but this time I enjoyed the suffering of being isolated on a corner in the map. This is one of the greatest games in 2017 so far. If there will be an expansion I’m in.

The Colonists
Our 4 full eras of the year. Once a year Shei & I go to her parent’s village and spent a full day playing this masterpiece. We relish this eurogame as a gourmet meal during all day. Taking breaks for lunch or even coffee while discussing things between eras. I mean. I won’t play this more often than a couple of games per year but, this one or two, are like a tradition to spent a full day with my wife playing a thing.

Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
This was the last game of Stegmaier that I have to try and… didn’t like it that much. The luck factor losing workers all the time gave me a sensation of chaos that I don’t like in a resource management. And this is another race to get rid of something. No, this gameis not for me but at least wasn’t an awful experience.

This is a homemade copy of this game for giving as a present to a friend. His nickname is “Vander” so I remake all the cards and box and stuff to call it “FamilienVander”. And also I improved the scoring track (stacking discs are waaaaay better). Finally I experienced the bad luck of not drawing the cards your trait needs. Anyway, the game is pretty fun and it gets played quickly. Hopefully I’ll find a copy in Essen Spiel.

Five Tribes
I cannot say anything more about one of my top-3? top-5? games. To me is one of the greatest in our collection and never get tired to play it. Yeah, I know that it could be very frustrating with AP-prone players but, the 80% of the games I play with 2 so there’s not so much AP there. (It helps that Shei and I don’t overthink our decisions)

Food Chain Magnate
I can admit that this is not a “only 1 play” board game. I can admit that despite having an ugly artwork is pretty functional. I can admit that not having a back cover the box is irrelevant. But I cannot admit the ultra-hype with this one.
Yes! Is good! But I cannot say (to me) that is one of the greatest of the decade, or, one in a million. I liked it but it went quite down on my wish list. And I won’t pay 75€ for this, obviously.

Glory to Rome
After a couple (or three, I cannot remember) years without playing it, we finally play it again. This was one of our first games and it aged well. Probably will play soon in order to play the expansion or even play with the building actions (yes, we didn’t played with the abilities of the buildings before)

Grand Austria Hotel
As I said about Five Tribes, this is one of my top too. The way this game makes my brain work is awesome. We only have played with two but I think that it could be nice with more players (but with the variant of sequential turn order, not catan-like turn order).

Hab & Gut
Another impossible-to-find game. I loved how the information is shared between players and the aspect of giving too much money or not. I liked overall but, to me, has a horrible design failure. For many people, being eliminated from the final scoring if you have been the greedier player, is a rule that they love but to me, is the worse. The feeling of “whoah! I’ve spent an hour or so for actually doing nothing” doesn’t work for me. It was a different feeling if the player participates in the final scoring but only with the half of the money. Yes, it is ‘practically’ the same but the same feeling. Anyway the game is pretty cool to me despite that annoying rule.

Hanamikoji is one of the greatest discovering from 2017 and I love to played it with Shei. It is one of the cleverest games I know. The possibilities of this little gem when you play the cards are amazing. Do you remember the feeling of playing Love Letter for the first time? This is something similar to me.

'Tiger' Jenga
We bought this non-branded version of Jenga in a shop called Tiger (people from Europe will know) because of the wooden blocks for prototyping purposes. But, as always we do when we bought a cheap game for materials, we give it a try and that was fun. It’s a Jenga anyway

This is the second part of You Will Know What I Played Last Summer and there are 2 more to go! I hope to finish them before Essen Spiel because I want to do a Spiel report from there!!
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