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Games & Llamas: You Will Know What I Played Last Summer Part 3

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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The third part! Only 1 left! Phew!

Kanban: Driver's Edition
What can I say about Vital Lacerda? This is one of his masterpieces and in the first game I didn’t get as much fun as it offers this design. But, with a second game (we had played 4 times already) you dig more and more in its mechanics. We have the old version but as far as I know there aren’t major changes (only esthetics)

Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road
We saw this little game in Spiel in 2015 but it was in German and it is unplayable for us. With the Holy Grail version finally I can get my hands on it and it was lovely. I loved a lot the core mechanism and in situations like this, I hate myself for not having the idea before. Very recommended.

A must. I didn’t tried Queendomino but if Queendomino shades the selection mechanism of this game, it won’t please me. (I’ll try Queendomino this week I guess!!)

Kitchen Rush
The best discovering of the summer so far! I liked THAT much that I’m looking for a copy to play it with all my friends. I worked in a kitchen for 4 years when I was younger and this is the same thing BUT FUNNY. Oh man, I’ll treasure the moment when I played this for the first time forever.

A hidden gem from one of my favourites designers, Matthias Cramer. This game has the amazing selection mechanism of Glen More but with a part of the game that drives me crazy: The selection of buyers that could mess with everyone (even yourself). If you have the chance to play it (or buy it, it isn’t expensive) go for it!

Last Will
The point of the game to get rid out of your money it’s the best! In most of the games you have to get as much money as you can but in this one you don’t. I admire Vladimir Suchy because he can make really good eurogames but all different among them!

I talked before about it so it won’t be long. This is not a game for just only 1 play. The first game probably overwhelms you, but the second one will amaze you!

London (Second Edition)
Elegant, absurdly beautiful and addictive. I played a lot of games of Martin Wallace and… and I think that this is my favorite. Well dome Osprey Games!!

Magic: The Gathering
Played a couple of plays with Shei. I liked it a lot because it was my first non-classic card game of my childhood and I didn’t played it in ages but Shei didn’t liked it. Better for our wallets!

Medina (second edition)
It is curious but this game wasn’t designed for 2 players but I like it more with that player count than with more. It is a little bit expensive for an abstract game BUT, it is that pretty and has that many wooden chunks that you don’t think in the price when you’re playing it!

We didn’t play it in about 2 years and I don’t know why! This is an awesome game! We played it with the mini expansion that grants something to the player who has the most counting guys because I think that is mandatory for this game. To me, the best Andreas Pfister game to date.

Little game for a friend of us in flavor of Arboretum bit lighter. Liked it! It will be published soon in Spain.

Nations: The Dice Game
I liked Nations rather than Through the Ages but we traded Nations because it was to punishable to the weakest player (snowballing effect) although I didn’t say no to a game of it. This game is nice but it ‘lacks’ the same thing of its big brother. If you don’t get certain dice or advance in certain track you’ll be punish by the game. Anyway, it was really nice to play!

The best game of our friends Nuno & Paulo. This is the second time I play it with 4 players and I can say that is amazing for any player count. To me, it is at the same level than Vinhos in the WyG top list (and they both are Nº1)

Really decent abstract game! I liked the fact you won’t move the pieces in the same way always! Even it changes among plays because only 5 cards are used in every play. But to me has two big ‘but’. I hate the neoprene board. It is original, but I dislike it a lot. And the plastic figures are quite ugly to me. To me it would be better with cardboard and wood/bakelite as usual (but these two things are the no-no only for me, because the game is great!)

A not-so-old game (2013) but it feels like it is from 90’ because of the gameplay. I liked it a bit but not so much. We played it because we bought it by 2’5€ and wanted it to try it before using its components (a lot of tiles and black discs) for prototyping purposes.

This is one of the greatest abstract games ever! If youhave read this blog you already know what I think about this game Hopefully in Spiel 18 we will snag a copy from a Dutch fella that will sell it to us!

Pyramid of Pengqueen
This game is really fun! I played as the Mummy and I think that it will be funny as the adventurers for sure! It would be great with our nephews!

To me, better than Qwixx. But Qwixx is better for larger groups and for families (We had lovely memories playing Qwixx with our families)

See you next week!!
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