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All the games! Wangdo, Taiwan, Lindisfarne, Majolica and so many more! Photography!

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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Ron and I got to playing a 2-player game called Papering Duel. New to me!

This is an abstract game with tile-laying. This is pretty cool and wicked challenging. We played the first half of the game pretty wrong but were able to correct it in the second half of the game which was a great save. You start the game with 3 cards and your goal is to get 3 x tic-tac-toes on your turn. There are 3 colors and 3 patterns and you are trying to get 3 of them single handily on your turn. The catch is you always have to ruin the other player's patterns and make new ones. So, if Ron makes a 3 in a row orange line, I not only have to ruin the orange line but try to figure out 3 other patterns. The real important rule following that is you only get to draw the number of cards equal to the number of rows you completed. Waaaat! So super hard!

We thought you just got to draw up to 3 cards at the end of your turn, but it was just not that simple!

In the game, you get a deck of transparent cards and my patterns were orthogonally adjacent on a 2x2 and Ron's patterns were diagonal. You could play any number of cards from your hand on your turn and try to get patterns created on a 3x3 common board.

It is very thinky and super challenging in that you only get to draw up the number of rows you manage to complete. You still only have a hand size of 3 though.

It was a lot of fun trying to figure this game out. I really like abstract games and trying to outsmart the other players, but you can't really plan that far ahead since the whole board will change before your next turn! If you are a fan of 2-player abstract games I think this will be a fine choice for you. Really clever.

In our game, I was doing alright, but Ron was just better at it. Once we figured out how to actually draw cards it was clear I was going to lose that game, and I did a few turns later. It was just not happening for me! I really need a rematch asap.

Saturday was game day! So many new games to try out and play so we started with Wangdo. New to me!

I was super stoked to try this one out and play with those cute panda statues! This is a set collection game. It is really multi-set collection game too. You need to collect the right pandas to place on the board and then collect the right tokens for your personal board. Each player needs 2 each of 4 symbols to trigger the end of the game. When you get the second symbol in any set you get to draw a card. Cards are special uses in the game or might be an end of game additional coin/s. On some of the tokens are these coins and those coins are used for the tiebreaker at the end of the game if players all finish the full collection in the same round.

You get to claim these tokens on the game board by spending pandas! If you have no pandas you can draw 3 random from the panda bag, or you can take 2 from the temple tracks on the game board in the top right corner. If you had pandas you can choose to take a token from the board. The board is covered in tokens at the start and 4 spaces will get 4 random pandas from the bag. From there you can start claiming pandas by placing adjacent to an already existing panda but it has to be a unique color and you must also PAY another panda for each adjacent panda in the matching color of the one already on the board. I can place an orange panda next to a blue panda but I must also pay a blue panda to the temple track.

It is a very simple game to teach strategy concepts to new gamers and enjoy. The cute art and charming bears are very inviting. Fast choices make for a fast gameplay too. I love snappy turns!

In our game, we were all learning and it was a full 4 player game. It was going very well for me. Riley managed to get a bonus card that gave him essentially another turn! It was bogus! We were all pretty much on the same path and some were collecting lots of bears and I was using what I had when I had it. I was the first player and I actually managed to get all my tokens first! It meant that everyone else had another turn. In that turn, everyone else ALSO managed to finish with all tokens. unimpressed. Riley managed to collect like all of the coins and he was able to win the game. HE GOT THAT EXTRA TURN! He totally wouldn't have won without that. #IShouldHaveStolenFromRileyMore

Interesting game, not sure it will get a bunch of plays but I will gladly play this when requested. Very cute and colorful!

I was super excited to play Taiwan. New to me!

This is a push your luck engine/tableau building game. You first select a number of different decks to be in play for the game (like Dominion), so each game will be variable. On your turn, you get 2 dice for free and you can choose to pay extra money for more dice for up to seven dice total if you have the money. Once you roll the dice you generate the income the dice provides, which might be resources or workers. You will need all of these things in the next phase when you can purchase the cards and depending on the cards will get added to your player board according to their indicated position. Some cards take long to activate and get into play. Some of the high victory point cards take a LOT of time to get into play but they provide no in-game bonus. Other cards take only a few turns to activate so you get them into play quicker and start using their abilities right away. In the buy phase, there are a lot of different options to convert the tokens you have into other tokens and you almost always need workers to get anything done. You might even have extra to help move your cards along the track faster too.

After the buy phase, your cards will shuffle down the track and maybe fall into your tableau space activating them. Some of the cards are one-shot deals, some are in effect the whole game, some are mean cards that might hurt other players. You then get an income of money and you have to discard down to 5 round tokens only and all other tokens have to go away. The game is actually quite simple and easy to learn.

The game will end once 3 piles have run out from the supply and you have another round to finish it out.

In our game, we were playing with 5 players all learning so it was a bit on the slower side. Having played once I think it will go A LOT quicker next time and I could explain it pretty easily. I have to give a shout out for the art since it is bight and fun. There is a bit of area control on the map that will score for the person in first and second will get half points for the regions. I didn't try hard for that part of the game and of course, I lost, so there is something to be said about trying to get a majority or 2.

I was playing the mean game, picking up the mean cards and trying to hurt the other player's income or costs for buying cards. It wasn't working out too much for me. I wasn't so far behind in the end since I had a lot of points in the cards I was picking up. I am pretty sure Dan was the one far in the lead this game. He was controlling a lot of the majorities and getting a lot of buildings out.

I quite liked this game, but it wasn't a huge hit with the table. I don't think they liked the rolling of your dice element of the game and you get what you get. I think with the way you can convert the tokens it worked out fine, even though you might not get what you want. It is how you manage what you do get, that is the game.

This is a game that I look forward to playing again to explore the different combos and strategies. Fun times.

Next up we tried out a new game called Spring Rally. New to me!

This was great because it was a trick taking game with a racing mechanic. I don't think I have played a game like this before! It was actually quite simple you have a hand of cards and you have to follow suit if you can. If not then you can play any card. If you break suit you win unless someone else plays the 3rd color then they will win or the highest in that suit will then win. There are only 3 color suits. The high card will win in the given suit that wins. That player will advance on the race track the number of spaces equal to the lowest card played in the trick. If someone tosses the 1 you don't want to win that trick with your best card, save it for a trick you can maybe win with the low card as an 8.

Now if lose the trick you get to wind up your little car so you can spring ahead at the end of the round, or if you win a trick you can boost your spaces by the number of wound up points you have stored. It is a super cute catch-up mechanic and even though I lost every trick in the first round I still managed to spring ahead and keep up with all of the winning cars. You play until a player has done 2 laps around the board, or I think 3 hands.

I love that the board is double sided and you can play the beach track or the volcano track and there are different areas that make it harder or easier to advance through.

In our game, we were playing a full 5 players and I wasn't getting very far very quickly. I don't think I won a trick until late round 2! But at that time I was able to zoom wicked far in the lead since at the end of round 1 I got my boost and when I finally took the trick I could release my spring early for a solid boost. Timing just worked out in my favor.

In the final hand, I was able to actually cross the finish line a second time and win the game! We ended up not finishing out the hand since I was able to secure my win with the 2 laps. Worked out well for me, for sure!

I had a pretty fun time playing this game and hope to play it again soon.

Next up I was really excited to try out a new party game called TAGS. New to me!

I ended up playing twice in the day and it is just a riot! You can only play with 4 players which seems like only a few for a party game. It just works super well though.

In the game, you play number of rounds equal to the number of players. There is a lineup of 5 categories and a column of 4 letters. Your goal is to give answers to the categories that use the letters. C for Vegetable is Carrot, for example. You would collect the marble for that response. Each color marble is a different value with black being the most, so maybe you try and collect those first. When you are up you have 30 seconds to answer as much as possible. then you spin the box to the next person and flip the timer. It is VERY fast paced and it is your turn again before you can even think of another answer for any of the categories. laugh

The round ends when all of the marbles are gone or there is a full rotation of people that collect no marbles.

Super interesting and fast game and really makes you think. There are a TON of category cards and different topics and every game feels different. I can't wait to play this with my family. I think it will be a huge success!

Easily one of the best party games I have played and plan to keep and bring around for years to come.

Of course, I am terrible at this game and don't even come close to winning it. The 2 games I have played so far really just were disgraceful hahah I am terrible under pressure. I am sure this game is a lot easier if you are spectating it than you have with a timer in front of your face.

So much fun and I can't wait until we get t play it again soon!

Next up I was anxious to play Majolica. New to me!

This is such a beautiful game and tile laying/pattern building I was all in and ready to go. Wow, it is gorgeous. We had an early edition of the rules and found it very complicated to understand and figure out. The updated rules have now been posted and I think the next time playing will be a lot smoother and easier to grasp.

Because of the difficulty comprehending the rules, I found the game to be quite a frustrating time and it hindered my first play a bit. I won't get into detailed rules but more of an overview.

In the game, you will be collecting cards to try and complete. You will be drafting a row of tiles from the board and placing them into 1 factory location. Each location has a set number of spaces and the maximum quantity and colors. As soon as a location meets that requirement it is then processed and you can move some of those tiles up to the card (directly above), and then move and or break tiles to the next available location space. You are essentially moving these tiles and reusing tiles so you want it all to line up perfectly and make your factory run multiple locations at a time and hopefully complete the cards above at the same time.

The game will end once a player hits 5 cards completed and you finish the round and count up your points on the cards.

In our play, we had a ton of questions we couldn't answer so we went with the best possible intuition for the given subject. the game offers other modules that we didn't play with. I felt there was way too much build up to actually get a card completed and then at about the 3rd card the engine finally felt like it was rolling. We had a fast ending, which was good considering the build-up took so long.

For me, it was just all around fiddly and didn't work the way I wanted it to. I was planning poorly and nothing seemed to be going my way. I still managed to complete 3 cards and I would have gotten one more with another turn. I can't say I loved this game but I had a pretty good time trying to figure it out. Derek certainly enjoyed it more. I am glad better rules have been posted and it is one I will definitely want to try again soon now that we have the general idea on what's going on and mechanics. Sp freaking beautiful!

Next up, I read the rules! WHAT!? I know, I surprise myself at times, but I really wanted to play! We checked out Lindisfarne. New to me!

I didn't know much about this game but you got to make cool panoramas and in the game, they are called Frescos.

It is an area control type game but you are using dice to place your tokens onto the boards. Depending on how many tokens you have you get to roll 1 die for each. Beginning each round you will get 6 dice to roll. Each board will have different requirements for "winning" and each board will have a minimum of 2 winners. The leading winner gets the first choice and the second leader will get the second choice of 2 cards. There is always a 3rd option if you didn't want one of the 2 cards from the area that were on display, you could choose to take an objective card instead. If you do this it means there is still a card going to be left at the location and the 3rd place person could then claim it or an objective. It is even possible for the 4th and final place to claim a card if 2 people happened to draw objective cards. Strategy tip, maybe it is wise to place on every board in case this happens? I duno, it might work out it might not.

What is cool about the boards is that one board might want the highest value of tokens placed, another board might want the largest straight and the final board will want the tallest stack. Each time you roll you can select the values of the dice and place tokens on 1 board in the highest line. That will be your line and tiebreaker if it is needed. If I rolled 3x6s then I can place my 3 tokens on the highest stack board and have a stack of 3. Or I might want to take those 3 6s and place them on the highest value board also using my 1 4 tokens well to try and claim victory over there. You don't have to place all your tokens but you must place at least 1 token down. next time it comes to you, you get to roll the dice = how many tokens you have left. Play continues until all players have passed. If you pass with token/s then you get runes that will adjust your die up or down by 1.

Then all of the locations are resolved and you can collect the cards. Ideally, you are collecting sets of cards for your objectives, but you are also trying to complete Frescos. There are a few different scorings at the end and you can get a lot for the Frescos and having the most of colored banners. some of the gold banners offer additional scoring too, and all of the cards have some value of points on them.

There is certainly a lot to consider when trying to go after cards. Maybe you put all your efforts into completing a Fresco for big points, but then you miss out on the objective card. #prioties.

I had a great time playing this and creating my Fresco. I was so sad I missed out on completing it fully!! I just couldn't get the final card I needed. I did get one objective complete though, but it wasn't enough and Derek blew us out of the water.

Super cute game that caught me by surprise. I had a great time playing and the mechanics are fun and thinking. Super happy to have this in the collect as I can see playing this a bunch more. Small box is easy to bring around and play. Easy concepts for gamers to pick up and play too. great value in this game.

Final new game of the day was Seals. New to me!

Honestly, I thought this was a trick-taker so I was a bit sad to learn it was not. It is a set collection game. Very simple game of push your luck and game of chicken. There is a display of 4 cards and on your turn, you can take all of 1 number or all of 1 color (or fewer). You are trying to get 4 of a kind in numbers or coins, or a run 1-10 before any of the other players. Once someone claims they have done this then they get points depending on the set the collected. You shuffle all the cards and do it again. The first player to get 5 points win.

Very simple card game and it was cute. I am not sure it was inspiring or anything. We all played it and felt it was fine. No one was rushing to try it again. I don't really think it was for our kind of group, maybe just casual card players. I could see my family playing it, but for the solid gamer, it doesn't hold much interest.

Joe was interested in trying out Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game. This is such a quick and interesting game so I was happy to play again.

We were just playing with 4 players this time and I was Frankenberry. I don't think I have played him in the past so it was interesting. Joe was playing Boo and I don't think liked his abilities so much.

I managed to go out in the first round but then not even close in the others. I was playing very poorly in the final 2 rounds and could have had a second out if I played better. It was just a disaster!

I gotta do better next time. I definitely didn't win that time.

We had some time to kill while the other tables were finishing up and I suggested Illusion. It had been too long since I last played and Joel was interested even being partially color blind. He could still play this game.

You know this game is so unpredictable because everyone had 3 or 2 cards before I had one. But I managed to pull out a win this time, it was kinda crazy. I don't think anyone wanted to risk giving up the win to the other player if they guessed wrong. I didn't care and it ended up working in my favor!

I love just lining up the cards in order. There is something so pleasing about it. Also very pleasing when the numbers are 23/24/23 and it is just so damn close!

I was totally up for another game of Arraial. I wante dto prove I was the master of this game.

HAHAH yeah, not so much this time around. The cards were just not falling in my favor at all. I was playing a risky game and placing more tiles earlier and leaving specific spaces available for myself and it was just the cause of sadness and failure to complete matches. I left a few holes and the last game I didn't leave anything. It was just a perfect game last time I play and this time was just a mess!

I did manage to get a few lines completed but I was not getting the colored meeples like Shrey and Pat. They were just totally owning me. I think Pat ended up winning, possible.

Everyone actually managed to keep their bars for the whole game, unlike the first time I played. We were playing 3 players and it was a much tighter fit for us. I could feel the pressure of the space and I thought I would lose the bar at one point, but I managed to keep it at bay.

Super fun game and still loving it.

For a fast filler while waiting for everyone else to finish we played a game of Ticket to Ride: New York.

Always up for a game of this and it is like a 10-minute game that I absolutely love. It might have been Shrey's first time playing? Pat had played earlier in the day and was ready to go.

This time I wasn't getting any good route cards I think the highest I found was like 3 points so it was not a game I was going to win, and I knew it.

Shrey had a fair amount of points and I think even with the faulty final draw he still ended up crushing us.

Love it!

Yay it had been far too long since I played The Mind. I just got a new copy of the Rainbow Badger deck and we could easily have 2 decks being used from hand to hand and that made it so much easier!

Love it! So Pat, Shrey and I were on point. We played a very good game and we won with flying colors! Or rainbow colors as the case may be.

We ended up playing in the dark and doing quite well there too. Had no real issue until round 5 where we just blew up with problems. I always love a good challenge though and we just did soooo well early on and round there not one mistake. It was unbelievable. Seriously, love this game so much.

We had 5 players at this point and I suggested that we play a game of Carson City: The Card Game. I only had played it the one time before and Shrey had played it a few times prior.

I was teaching the game and it was pretty easy to teach, I found the scoring not to be too difficult to convey to the peoples. I really wanted Scott to like this since I knew he hates the board game. He was hesitant to play but I said it played differently and he agreed. To my delight, he didn't hate it and I think liked it well enough.

It was a fun game for sure, and I really love playing this one. It works so well with 5 and 6 players.

In the game, I totally misread one of the characters I picked up and it was giving points for the drugstores I had collected. I was collecting general stores so yeah it was a wasted effort card for me and I totally got no points for her. Ugh, it was sad times for sure. I was not winning that game I was reallly far behind. It was funny since Shrey and I had played before and we both were the losers. It was pretty sad. Scott ended up winning and about 30 points over me and Shrey. Wasn't really a close game for us. haha

Can't wait to play this again.

Scott realllllllllllly wanted to play The Cat Game.

I am always up for this game, it is just about getting the other players to agree haha. Pat is always hesitant about drawing games but he was a good sport and put up with a few rounds.

Adam was very good at this game and was off to an early lead. I think I managed to get a few points. Scott was on a mission to get at least one victory point. It was a duel at the end with Shrey and Adam for the final tiebreaker victory.

We had some creative drawings. Mine were usually about using more cats in a scene and less about the drawing and hoping people understood what I was doing. It was a good time and I am always happy to play this one.

Since we had played it a bit incorrectly the week before I decided to give Mutants another go.

It was really easy to explain to the 3 gamers who were learning, and we played it rather quickly. Dan had made some comments to the developers so they are still working out a few kinks to the game so I probably won't play this again until the final rules are in place and maybe those kinks are worked out.

I didn't have any major issues this game as we had the first time and we were still playing with 4 players. I ended up having the same deck of cards as I did the first game and I already had a better understanding of how I wanted to use the deck. Adam is a deck building fan and he picked up his character really fast and played into his strengths quickly getting a lot of cards into his deck as possible. Pat was turning through his deck wicked fast with his abilities. So everyone was really focused in on what they should have been doing. Shrey should have been beating up down more but he wasn't using his abilities to his fullest so he wasn't doing as well as the rest.

I was freezing as much as possible and ended up far in the lead at the end. I got some serious point from my mutant cards that give points per green card I had frozen. It was crazy.

So yeah I ended up with that win, I am not sure anyone loved the game, but I think they all enjoyed it well enough. Again, I am not sure this is one I will play again until the rules are in stone. But, I do enjoy what it is doing.

Shrey had never played Qwixx somehow. I don't know how that was possible, but we ended up playing this game. Adam had forgotten he had played it before but then remembered he had.

Yeah, it was a disgraceful game for me and Adam with a final score of 42 being tied. (hangs head in shame)

Shrey absolutely annihilated us with a score of 102. It was just horrible. He managed to close both rows with Adam and I still in shock. It was terrrrrrrible. We should just forget this game ever happened.

The final game of the night was Kréo. I dislike the name Kraus so I am glad I have the version that is Kréo.

Anyway, this game always fascinates me. It is way more complicated to explain this game than I always remember it being, the concepts are weird, but once you get going it is not too bad. It is a co-op after all and you can sort of give hints and strategy tips when explaining the game. There were times when I right out failed and revealed too much information during the game, but we moved past it.

We actually ended up doing okay without play and getting 3/4 elements fulfilled on the planet card which was very good. I still have yet to fully win this game and this was the one time I got the furthest I have ever gotten. I still haven't played with advanced rules. This game is just too hard. I always love this good challenge though and damn this game is so beautiful!! Love everything about it. Really fun game.

Since I have been highly addicted to it, I felt that on Monday night I should bring History of the World to Joes to play.

Yep, we played 5 players and it was Epic.

I mean, I was a total failure, and actually, to my surprise, I ended up coming in 3rd when I thought for sure I would come in dead last. So I will live with 3rd place that time around. It was still great to try and win though. I was just not getting the combos I desperately needed.

Since I was going first in the last round I ended wicked early and I knew I was last place (or thought). So I then went on to the next game. since they all let me.

I am loving this game more and more with each and every play and I just want to play it every game day. Definitely near the top ranking list for me and 2018. I love this game.

Since the group let me, I ended up playing 2 games of Neos while the rest of the History game finished up. I actually did my combats from the other tables.

I love Neos and will always play Neos when given the chance. I always want to try and get a perfect game with as many points as possible. I always seem far off from a perfect game though.

the first game Ron ended up winning with like 42 points which is incredibly good. But hey, I managed to come back and win the second game with mid-30s. I will take it!

Happy I got to play a couple games this Monday night. Always happy to play more!

I recently went through all my games for sale and updated a huge list... now 233 153 games are for sale:

In case you missed it... Selling gaming 2019 gaming calendars! You can check out cheers!

Also! BGG Show! I talk about some of the games I have been playing!

New to the Collection:
The Forgotten City
Mystical Seeds
The Bark Side
Wonderland Xiii

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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