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Games & Llamas: You Will Know What I Played Last Summer Part 4

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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And finally, the last part of this series.

It had take me a lot of time but I think that It worths the effort

Rajas of the Ganges
Finally we could play this game from one of our referents to look up! Markus & Inka present here a race of two tracks of victory points that you must balance a little in order to not get out of the game.

I liked it a lot but for reasons I don't know I didn't connect with the design. But if I see at a good price is higly possible that I buy it and give it more plays in order to try to connect.

For me, is like a hidden gem of Stefan Feld (but I don't know if the term 'hidden gem' is applicable here because the game is widely known) but it is very underrated.

If you want to play a majorities game but not to play El Grande (which, you should, and then, this one) you can play this one and have a great time. I like it a lot! Even with 2 players.

But this time the Doge track was too overpowered in ties... Will play it again with five players and warn everybody that this track is the key to win (or, at least, that was my feeling in this game)

Roll Player
This is kinde Sagrada on steroids. And I love it. I wish it was a little bit cheaper for a game with this weight, but the game is really great!!

The theme is awesome for me but, yeah, you can forget all the theme part and still have a really decent euro game.

I cannot tell more good things about this game. This game is perfect. And it is awesome how enjoyable is for 2-4 players. This one should be a must in every collection

Scythe + Scythe: The Wind Gambit
Scythe for me is something funny. Almost never want to play, but when I do, I enjoy it a lot! That's why is still in our collection. We played with the Wind Gambit expansion and it gives it a really nice touch to the game. We didn't use the zeppelins that much but the change of game ending added a awesome touch.

Sherlock 13
Some of you know that I don't like deduction games like Clue or any kind because I feel stupid among the players, and I don't like to feel stupid. But this one is easy enough for my poor deduction skills and pushes my brain in the good direction. This is a decent deduction game.

Space Race: The Card Game
Got it secon handed and I liked it. But I have to admit that is still in our collection because 3 reasons:

1) The theme. THE theme I love it and how it is implemented.
2) It has a small box
3) The games are really quick!

This is not a bad game at all but having Race for the Galaxy in our collection is probable that the chosen one will be RftG.

The best family dinner game EVER. Try it! Try to taught it to your family after having a birthday dinner. The y will be ask you for more! It is just a bowl and 31 dice. And that's the awesome thing!

One of the best abstract games that we have in oour collection. Played with more players and liked less (I think that I like to have more control of the situation) but is still good with 4.

Terraforming Mars + Terraforming Mars: Venus Next + Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium
We didn't played this game in a year! We decided to play for the first time with the Venus expansion and it was really really great!! It was that great that we have left mixed all the cards from the expansion with the core game. From now, we'll play it combined always. The H&E expansion we had played it before and it is something that is good to have. Sometimes you play with one map, other days with another.

Ticket to Ride: New York
Ok, so you have the biggest cup size of Starbucks Coffee but you don't have space in your stomach to drink a gallon of coffee. You still want for it? Just take an expresso.

More or less is this TtR, a TtR in 10 minutes (or 12). Liked it a lot but... but too quick!! It should last, at least, 20/25'!

Tinners' Trail
This game is so good!! We have interest in it because it has A LOT of wood to use in our prototypes, but as we always do, we always play the games we're going to use for prototyping. This one won't be for prototypes I guess! I liked it a lot!

Viticulture Essential Edition + Tuscany Essential Edition
We traded our copy long time ago because we didn't liked it at all. I wanted to give it another try with the copy of our friends but... still a big no for me. But despite a huge no for me, I can credit the success for non-core gamers. It's truly beautiful!

Vinhos Deluxe Edition
After the huge no, comes the incredibly huge yes for me BUT I didn't like so much the new artwork for this edition. The components have a great production but I didn't like how it was drawn the boards. It's more confusing than the original one and for once in this hobby, I'm glad to not own the deluxe copy: More shelf space & worse (quite pretty, but more confusing) artwork.

Welcome To...
One great surprise! I loved the artwork when I see pictures of the game. It's a roll & write but with cards! And works lovely well! If I have to comapre with a similar game, this is way better than Avenue just because of the replayability. Will snag a copy asap!

The last game of this series is Wendake. I have Placentia Games in quarantine zone since Bretagne (A game that I loiked but the development of the game and the redaction of the rules were really poor) and didn't jump in in the kickstarter. Glady one of our friends did and could tried! And I loved it! The core mechanism is gold. But, the last 2 rounds of the game didn't liked them. Why? It would be an instabuy for me if the game longed a little bit less was a little bit shorter. Those 2 extra rounds are the dessert after a large meal that makes your stomach hurt for hours (you know, dessert is good, but sometimes you had enough with the meal hahha)

Anyway, if I find it at a reasonable price will get it to give it more tries at home.

And that's all folks, here's the winners of those weeks. This week I'll talk about the Week 39 and Essen Spiel misc.

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