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We Didn't Playtest this at all!

sean johnson
United States
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At Gen Con in 2011, one of my friends insisted that I demo this game because it is goofy fun. I tried it and could see this game having potential as a game teens in the youth group would like to play. On Sunday they had a special on the game and it's four expansions. So is this game just goofy or is it also fun?

Game Overview
In this game every player starts with two cards. On their turn they draw a card and then play a card. To play a card, they just read the card and do what it says. Some cards give points, some kill players with meteors, others change the rules by doing silly things like making it so players can not point. Every game takes five minutes or less. The winner is the last player playing or someone who wins because a card tells them so.

The Game We Played
We actually played two games. We played with this game and the expansion deck, We Didn't Playtest This Either, mixed together. In the first game, on her second turn my wife played an "I win" card. She would win if she was the only player with a star card (some cards are star cards, because they are better than other cards). She was going to win, but my brother played a card that if someone just won, they lose instead. On my turn I played a card that made it so that if anyone said "you" "your" or "yours" they lost. On my brothers turn he played a card, and as he read it he said you, meaning he lost. However, he had a "spite" card which made it so we both lost and no one won.

The second game only lasted one card. The game came with one blank card, so I made a card that says: "Tell a Helen Keller Joke. Then reveal this card. Anyone who laughed at the joke loses because they are a terrible person." My brother drew this card, when he started the joke I knew what card he had. However, he told the funniest Helen Keller joke I have ever heard. I will not repeat it because I suppose the jokes are terrible and offensive, but I could not keep myself from laughing. In the same way, my brother also laughed at his same joke. This meant my wife won.

Our Thoughts
My Rating: 3 (it's ok)
My Thoughts: This is less of a game and more of a reason to laugh together. I was right, the youth do like it. I think at this point though, I have played the game 30+ times, and often several times in a row. While the game is funny (and the humor on the cards well written), I feel like the game is a little overplayed for me.

Her Rating: 2.5 (do not care for)
Her Thoughts: This is really not that good as a game, but it is silly and funny.

Combined Rating: 5.5

Clearly this is not a game that we will ever get out for just the two of us, but it is a good game to close out a night playing games with friends. The youth group also likes it, so that is a plus. However, I should probably throw away that Helen Keller card.
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