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I have been toying with Catan variants for years, and I'd like to get some feedback from other people who created scenarios and variants. One thing I like about the Settlers of Catan game is that it makes it easy to create playable variants without having to produce a new game along with the game material from scratch. Mostly when I look at a new member of the Catan family I tend to look at the rules as modules that can be used with other modules. Any input appreciated.
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AGoT Catan promo cards Minor Houses of the North: Another possible Legacy element for a Catan campaign

Jörg Baumgartner
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I managed to miss the A Game of Thrones: Catan – Brotherhood of the Watch: Minor Houses of the North Promo, something similar to the Helper/Heroes cards, but one use in any given game, and with a quite limited influence on the game while still providing a sense if identity that may have been gained in a previous part of the campaign/legend.

These are quite minor additions to the game, small extras that come at no specific cost and might be given out as rewards for certain achievements.

Here's the AGoT set:

This set of cards could be used with any Catan game that has a robber (which is the normal term for Thormund). They are played either if the owning player rolled a seven or if he became targeted by another player playing the robber on him.

So, what other sets of abilities could be expressed in such hereditary or acquired abilities?

There could be a set for trading, possibly as simple as "When you manage to trade in a specific type of resource, you may take an additional card of this type from the bank", or "When you make a trade with another player where you give more cards away than you receive, you may draw one resource card that you traded away of your choice from the bank." Again, all one-use.

Another set might be triggered when building something, possibly allowing to use one alternative resource card for building something, or allowing to place an extra road at half cost if you don't hold the Longest Road, or similar.
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