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SO MANY NEW GAMES! 46 to learn before 2019 so I had to make a dent. Cupcake Empire, Cryptid, City of Gears, Tournament of Towers, Koi, Santa Maria + All The Others!

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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

A Sweet New Microbadge! mb

BGG Support Drive happening Now!! I made a super sweet offer in the 2018 Supporter Drive Giveaway / Rummage-O-Rama!

I am giving away a copy of Visitor in Blackwood Grove!

Last week I was gifted awesome games from my Secret Santa! #BestSantaEver


Thursday night was Fun Group and I got to play a bunch of games! We started the night off with Orbis. New to me!

This is a new title that I have been curious about since GenCon but didn't get to try it then. My Secret Santa sent it my way and I was looking forward to trying it. Riley was great and offered to read the rules!

This is a very simple tile placement game where you are trying to get the most points. In the game, you will take a turn and draft/buy a tile from the display of 9 tiles. They have a cost at the top and you have to pay the matching resources. Whenever you buy a tile you look at the color of the tile and then place a matching colored cube on all adjacent tiles from where that tile was. This makes those tiles more attractive to the next player, because cubes are really the only way of getting tiles to use in future rounds. When you take a tile, you are building a personal pyramid with a max base of 5. Once you have two at the bottom, you can then place a tile in the next level up, but the color you place in that location must match one of the two tiles below it. Also, when you place the tile, you get to activate the action if there is one. Some of them have end of game scoring, others have on-going bonuses or immediate powers. Most of them have some points though.

The game will end after 15 rounds and you have a complete pyramid. Simple!

I was hearing a bunch of mixed reviews on this one so I wasn't sure what to expect, really. I thought it was pretty good. I was prepared for the feeling of being restricted and not entirely sure how that would turn out for me.

You really have to plan in the final rounds because if you have a need for only blue tiles and there are no blue tiles on display then you are just out of luck. You really need to have a variety so you can choose from the available pool wisely. It can be tricky. I kinda liked the restriction here.

If the game was longer than 30 minutes, I am sure I wouldn't have liked this game as much. For a 30 minute game, there are some fun choices and I can see playing this one for a fast filler in the future. We were all just learning it too, so it can easily be quicker the next time we play.

I thought for sure I would win that game but I got screwed over in the final turn and wasn't able to purchase the tile I thought I was going to. It cost me a lot of points and I ended up not winning. Riley won with 23 and I lost with 20 so it was a fairly close game for 4 players.

I will be playing again for sure.


In an effort to keep Riley around for another game we ended up playing 2 games of Shadows: Amsterdam.

I have been bringing this one around a bunch and offering to play it with people when we are looking for a faster game. It is also the type of game you want to play a few times in a row, anyway.

I was teamed up with Derek, and he caught on to the clues I was giving him about 50% of the time. When he was clue-giving, I wasn't doing too bad, but he misunderstood the multi-colored spaces and wasn't taking me to those locations. Derek and I are just not the best team and ended up losing both rounds. He will do better next time for sure.

We all had a great time playing and it is definitely one for the Christmas crowd. Great game.


Riley took off, and Derek, Scott and I played a game of That's Pretty Clever. I really like this game. I think it is a bit long, but I like to try and get those massive combos.

There is always a challenge. I thought I was doing well, but Derek was doing better and he said he had his best game yet. He ended up winning by just a few points. Poor Scott was just way out of the running, but it was his second game and was a bit confused during the beginning when he was relearning it.

Great game and always one I will be willing to play.


The final game of the night was just a 2-player game of Patchwork.

Derek had wanted to take off and Scott suggested this one. I hadn't played it in a very long time, but it is a simple game to take out and play. Scott said he knew it, but he had forgotten several rules. It was fine though and like I said, it is super simple.

He absolutely crushed me, almost filling his board. I got the 7x7 bonus and I got like -28 points or something insane at the end of the game for the empty squares. I was still positive net value, but he was far above me. Boooooo I am still not very good at this game. I always will try though!

Fun game!


Saturday was game day and I was ready to play a bunch of games. I ended up playing 16 games, 11 of which were new, so it was a solid day of games. We started with the game called Forbidden City. New to me!

This is a new tile placement game from Knizia, so I was interested in trying it out. Since Dan had not been to game day in a couple of months, I figured he would be interested in trying it. He was, of course, and he read the rules!

It is a pretty simple tile placement game where you are trying to gather points by closing off rooms where you have a lot of influence. You get bonus points if the room you close is connected via archways to other rooms. There are no real restrictions when placing room tiles to the map except you can't align an open area with another open area of a different color. But you can close rooms easily by just placing walls to close it off.

When we started the game it wasn't clear that we could do that, so we were making very large rooms. Once we figured out that you don't have to keep making rooms bigger, it opened up a whole lot of possibilities. We should have been creating a lot of smaller rooms and it would have been generating a lot more points throughout the game.

Having played once, I very much look forward to going back and playing again now with this knowledge on how to play better. I think there will be more reasons for cut-throat play.

As it turns out, I am still the best player and managed to win this game by about 10 more points than the other players. I had a great time playing it and I look forward to future plays. I hope it will hold up over time.


Dan had played Cupcake Empire and was willing to teach. New to me!

I have been anxious to play this because the theme is awesome and there are so many colorful dice! The whole game is just so pretty and eye-catching. I had to twist his arm a bit in order to play because he didn't have the best experience playing the first time. But, I suspected it was group-dependent and not the game's fault. YAY, WE PLAYED!

This game is so cute!! In the game, you are managing your bakery and all the cupcakes you are making and supplying to customers. You are trying to get the most points. Whoever hits 70 points first will trigger the end of the game and you will finish the round. So it is really a race to 70 points!

Everyone has one of each colored die and a bunch of grey dice. You start out with the colored dice in their respective columns and roll the grey dice and place them accordingly. On your turn you will activate a column. Normally, you need 3 dice to activate the basic action in a column, but the more dice you have in the column, the better the action will be when activated. What is so great about the colored dice is that you don't need three dice to activate a column. If a colored die is in the correct column, that die can activate the next level action. So if you have 2 green dice in the green column, you can take the second available green action. The pink dice are wilds and can be an asset to any column. When you activate a column, you use all the dice in that column.

Each column specializes in something different. The purple column specializes in cupcake bottoms and the yellow column specializes in cupcake tops. The orange column allows you to open up new stores, and the green column allows you to sell to customers. The awesome pink column will allow you to gather new dice as well as cool upgrade tokens that will improve your column actions.

Each time you take your turn, you get to score your points that you generate in the turn and at the end. You are managing 2 tracks and the lower of the tracks you will get in victory points so you really want to try and maintain a balance between the 2. There are common goals for each player to claim if they can manage them. Those change each time you play so it will be variable.

When you are done with your turn, you roll all of the dice you just used and place them into the respective columns. There are ways to adjust their values and it is possibly a bit fiddly, but I think it works and it is not too complicated. I don't think you can easily be screwed over in this game which is great.

We played 3 players and because Dan had played before, it went pretty snappy. I mean I think it was like a 45 minute game, about how long it should be, and it felt right.

I was quite pleased with this game and had a great time playing it. I nearlllllllllllllllllllllly won it too! Dan was far in the lead all game - it is like he learned from the first time he played. My shop was bumped the turn before mine and it RUINED me. I could have gotten 2 end goals and got enough points to win, but because I lost that shop I missed out on the points needed to pass Dan at the last second. There were a few rules that were also not clear to me, like I tried to place 3 of the same upgraded actions in a column, but that's not allowed, so I didn't do that. The upgraded action I wanted wasn't available also, so I missed out there. Lots of things went poorly in the final turn.

I still had a great time playing and I will definitely win the next time I play. I think the characters are vibrant and fun, I love all of the components of the game and the quality. It was super cute. Definitely on the keep pile. Good times.


Next up was a game I wanted to play called Tournament of Towers. New to me!

This is a dexterity game. I am always up for new and exciting dexterity games. This one is SUPER HEAVY. It has top quality components and funky shapes. It is also a drafting game. You are drafting a set of pieces then planning them out in the order you want to place them. Don't mess that order up, because you can't change it! There are 2 rounds and you essentially do that twice, but the second time you have to build off of the structure you created in the first round.

There are advanced rules/variants that you can use with events too. We didn't want hassle so we didn't play with this.

It is a pretty simple dexterity game. I like that on the card artwork it shows you the size of the pieces. That is handy. The yellow pieces are single units and are generally pretty awkward shapes that don't stack well at all. The gray pieces are all easier to use in the structure. If you get the yellow pieces, they are worth extra points, so if you think you are clever enough to place them, then you get more points.

Not gonna lie, we were pretty lenient with our rulings for this game. Star and Derek kept knocking their towers over, but we let them rebuild it - over and over. hahah! It is more fun to let people get their goals/visions for the tower. In the end, I still managed to win anyway! I am awesome at stacking games. Dan said he liked Junk Art more. I think the pieces in this one are more interesting and better quality. I am thinking the gameplay is more interesting with Junk Art, however.

In the end, I would be happy to play this again. It is a huge heavy box which doesn't really make it convenient to bring around places but will bring it out at game day in the future.


Dan and Derek were interested in trying out The River. New to me!

This was getting some buzz at the past cons and I am always up for learning a Days of Wonder game! They always have top-quality production, which photographs well.

This game isn't as lavish as Yamatai but it is a fast entry-level worker placement game. There is a cool tile placement mechanic for set collection but you have to place them in order along the river. You will be losing guys along the way if you pick up tiles too quickly. Otherwise, it is a simple worker placement game where you go out and collect resources and fulfill orders/buildings for points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Since we had 3 players the game flew by. I think it is only supposed to be about 30 minutes of game time and we probably took that long to learn and play. Next time will be even faster though.

I am not sure anything really stood out for me in this game, but there was nothing bad about it. I predicted a few more rounds and was on point for it, but it was still fast ending and I had bigger and better plans, but then it was over. I think that is a great thing for a game. It means I have to plan better in the next game I play.

I enjoyed this one and would always be happy to play it. It is harmless and takes hardly any time. I will be glad to show people this one. Not sure about longevity but happy for now.


Next up was Railroad Rivals. New to me!

Normally I am not drawn to railroad type games (ANTI-MONDAY NIGHT FANBOY 18XX ). But this game was supposed to be an hour long with tile placement and I was interested to see about that. I love tile placement and trying to figure out the puzzle that a game has to offer.

You can win the game by getting the most points. Of course, the points are your bidding power, and you need to bid for turn order, and turn order is super important.

Each round there is an action for turn order and this is after you see the splash of available destination and company tiles available. Once turn order is decided then you will take turns drafting one of each type of tile. The companies are just set collection and help you focus on which to try and push. No one can take the companies' shares from you. The destinations are the interesting tile placement part of the game. You have a hand of 3 tiles and you will end up playing all of them in the game. You try to make connections. When people use your train or you use your trains' connections then you get points and the company share value will increase. At the end of the game, you will be awarded points for each share you have in every company.

In our game, we were playing with 3 players and they were just not bidding me up for the turn order so I kept going first. It was definitely in my interest to fight for first since you get first dibs at tiles in the draft and then placement and then the delivery phase. I would snipe the good tiles and I would steal other players cubes and deliver them where they couldn't reach them. It is all about how you can screw over people in this game, even though it might not seem like it from afar. The whole time, I was planning on my next move to screw over Dan. It ended up working out for me, and them just allowing me to go first was their big mistake. I totally kicked some major butt!

Things I like are that you will always get a share and you can't lose it. They come to you no matter what. I can see why people wouldn't like that since most people will want to invest in the companies and be able to do so when they see fit. This is all random timing so you have to bid for turn order accordingly. As far as the connections go I felt the board was cluttered with trains and it was hard to see the connections. You don't even really want to be giving points to other people and using their trains unless it REALLY makes sense to, but even then I find it not the best solution. The game never hit that wow moment for me. I didn't care about the random factor - it didn't bother me as it did for some.

In the end, I am just not sure it holds up to being a game I want to be playing over and over again. I think it was a fine entry-level speculation type game. I could play it again, but if I were to choose to play this or Raccoon Tycoon, I would pick the better art in Raccoon Tycoon.


I hadn't had the chance to play my copy of Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra yet on my table. NOW WAS THE TIME! The time was now.

We got to playing and I was surprised to hear Derek hadn't played it yet since he picked it up at Essen. I ended up teaching him the game with Dan chiming in as he does.

I was not planning my columns very well. I was trying to collect the colors and score them during their appropriate rounds but then nothing was working out time wise and I would be resetting all at the wrong times.

I still managed to stick close to Dan's score but he was definitely the winner that game. This game is just so pretty, I love it so much! Gotta play it more!


At BGG.CON, I learned a new quick game that I was able to teach next called The Golden Sails.

I remembered it pretty well, I just didn't know what a lot of the purple bonuses were or how to score the weapons. It was easy enough to figure out and play.

We were just playing 3 players and it went by in like 15-20 minutes, so hardly any time.

Simple set collection game with a bit of fighting. It is possible you never will end up fighting if you play a nice game.

Dan ended up winning this time around. I just couldn't get there and get all the points I wanted with the different sets. I thought Derek was going to win since he was going a different route than the rest of us, but he was beat up on too much to win.

Cute game and I am happy to play it more in the coming months.


There was a calling for a 3 player game of Santa Maria & Santa Maria: American Kingdoms. New to me Expansion!

I already love the base game, and I am just never good at winning this game, but I am always SO CLOSE to winning. With this new expansion, there are a whole bunch of different modules you can mix in with the game. There is a lot of content. If you think someone is just amazing at this game then you can give them a handicap board, which is interesting. When we played we only added in a few different additions.

We ended up playing with the extra goal tiles and cocoa tiles. Cocoa is a new resource that you can generate but you have to spend it before you can re-generate it. You can spend it on new ship tiles that are available and you can spend it to change any die face to what you want it to be. It is pretty handy. There is also a governor that will be moving along your board from the top left and you are trying to make him get to the bottom right for max points. You can say screw it and not try for him at all but you might lose a bunch of points.

Just these minor additions really gives you a lot more to think about during the game and I felt was more than enough to incorporate with the first play using the expansion.

Since we were just playing 3 players the game seemed to go by pretty quickly. I think I like the game best with 3 players. Sometimes this game can feel longer but this felt like a good pace and time spent.

I was complaining all game that I didn't think I was doing that well. I knew I was doing alright. I was really hoping for a final push at the end to take the win, but I was just a few points behind Chris in the end game. He was shocked I was able to score so high as it was. I think I only made 4 ship deliveries. He had like 10 or something. I got all of my points from the main board which I completely filled up and picked up as many people as I could.

The new expansion adds in some more polyominos and I really like the 1x3 tile. It is a costly $4 but it is so worth it and it helps to fill up your board and not make the tiles so fought over. I like them a lot.

I think the expansion is a great addition with a ton of content to explore. I don't think it changed up the game so much to make it an entirely new game and you and give or take as much as you want. I really enjoyed it.

I look forward to my next play to explore more of the modules.


It was time for a fast game and I was FINALLY able to get Let's Drink to the table. New to me!

Okay, so this is a re-theme of Cha dango, a game I absolutely adore. It works basically the same way except it adds in a fourth thing to match. It is a real-time game to match what is on the back of the card on the draw deck to the front of the card you just flipped up. With this information, you need to gather one bit of that and snag any number of matching items from the display of cards in the middle of the table. For example, if the back of the card shows colorful bunnies then you are looking for the color of the bunny of the card you just flipped. If that color is green then you snag all of the green cards in the center of the table.

It is a super cute and super fast game that I am very good at. This happens to come in the CUTEST little bunny plushie and OMG I LOVES HIM!

This time we were playing with 4 people, but it was really me vs Dan in the end since the other guys were just not really into speed games so much. I absolutely demolished everyone. Whoops! This is why I can't get the game played very much. But I LOVE it!! I gotta play this and Cha Dango more. I seriously love it so much.


Next up I have been looking to play City of Gears. New to me!

Dan read the rules! Thanks Dan! I was interested in this game for the theme. I like the steampunk feel and the cool gears. I got to check out the demo on the BGG live stream at GenCon and was definitely interested in checking it out. There is a fair amount of take-that in the game, but you can play with a nicer variant if that bothers you.

We played the base game with no added expansion stuff that the KS provided. All of the bits are awesome and the robots are super cute. Nice quality production on this game.

The game is played in 2 phases and the first phase will end once all 9 game board tiles have been revealed, then you will add in four white gears to the gear bag. The end of the game happens once three of the white gears have been pulled from the bag. The game will abruptly end on the spot, and you won't finish the round or even the turn.

On your turn, you will roll your dice and use the resources to perform actions. You can do any number of actions any number of times except pull gears from the bag, which you can do only once. You will need resources to activate the boards, to move on the board, or to attack people. You can attack someone's gears/links or robots. You are just looking to gather as many points as possible by making links on the gameboard and trying to gain control of the different tiles for end game scoring.

You might have gears that are developments and will generate actions or bonuses on your turn. I had one that provided additional end-game scoring for not unlocking robots.

Our game was a bit of a fluke. I think we only went around the table like 4 times and then the game was over. It was REALLLLLLLLLLLLY fast. We all rushed to explore the map and try to find good tiles. Once the white gears were added, it was clear the game would be over soon. Dan had a TON of personal development tiles and location bonuses that let him draw gears from the bag. He pulled like a million tiles and sure enough the game was over just like that.

Throughout the entire game, I was battling with the dice. I was just not rolling what I needed. You really need to roll gears each and every time so you can build up your developments and links. You really only get 3 resources a turn, so the ramp-up was slow and the ending was super fast. Turns also seemed slow while people were figuring out the game. I didn't get enough resources and I couldn't do a lot on my turn so I am not sure why it felt long.

I never rolled a lightning bolt at all! I couldn't ever attack another player, so that was lame. You can always convert 2 resources into another one but those are precious actions you are possibly giving up. I felt the game was over too quickly and I never really got an engine built or anything. It was all very fast and I didn't do enough to really explore different combinations of tiles or anything. I think having an even number of turns would also help, since the final player got one fewer turn and it really hurt him. Dan and Chris tied for the winning score with 23 points. I had 16.

I am not sure I am the right target for this game. It was a pretty rough play for me and it just didn't given me a sense of wonder or interest for further investigation. I would try again, but I am not sure it will be requested all that frequently.

The Board is looking at me!


I was thinking something a bit simpler for the next game and decided on playing Planet.

I got to try this game during Essen on the final night and Marlon totally cheated the whole game. He didn't mean to. haha It was fun times so I was excited to play it again.

I could easily teach this game because it is pretty easy and everyone was on the same page with the scoring. Dan is the picky one when it comes to rules and he always likes to know all the information there is to know at any given moment.

So, the biggest challenge was updating everyone about the current standings for all of the upcoming goals for the round and beyond. There was a constant question in the air of how many this and how many that. It kinda brings the game down when you are constantly asking these questions.

It was fine and we made it through, but it was a bit of a hindrance to the experience. I still really like the game, I just don't like having to do inventory each and every round for all of the scoring cards. I like the surprise of oh who won this time.

Shrey ended up kicking our butts majorly. It was no contest. I am just not great at getting the animal cards, which are clearly more valuable than the end game scoring cards. Fun game.


Next up there were 3 of us for a game of KOI. New to me!

I figured this would be a relaxing and easy game to play and I wasn't wrong. It quite reminded me of a game called Frogriders but with a little more control and planning.

This is a simple abstract game where you are trying to get the most points from eating dragonflies over the course of 7 rounds. Each round, players are dealt 3 cards they can use or hold on to. There is a hand limit so you don't want to hang on to too many, but there would definitely be a reason to hang on to some. The cards have any number of interesting things like movement patterns or items like lilypads or rocks.

At the start of the round, you will draw an event card and there will be effects that happen. For example, it might say you can play any card to jump a space this round. You will then have that option for this current round. When it is your turn, you play any number of cards from your hand and collect whatever you can collect. Once all players have gone you score for the round.

We were playing with 3 players and I think my biggest problem with 3 players is the start player rule for the rounds. The person who gets to start is the person furthest behind. Yeah, that makes sense, but then all of the turn order should be in the order of points, not just leading player. It is an easy rule to adjust for further plays, and I will house rule that. As it stood, Shrey was ALWAYS going second, no matter how far in the lead he was. Dan was always in the last place and couldn't get out of last place. It meant I was always going third, and that usually meant nothing remained on the board for picking up points. It was just frustrating for me. Again, I think it would easily be fixed just by adjusting turn order according to the player position on the score track. Or, maybe, it is best as a 2 player game! As it turned out, Shrey absolutely crushed us and there was just no hope for me and my sad koi fish.

I certainly LOVE the production of this game and the artwork is just brilliant. So very beautiful. I like the ease of gameplay and trying to figure out the best movement patterns. There could easily be another variant for drafting cards each round, which could be good or it might just drag the game longer than desired. It could help with the randomness of the card draw. I didn't have a problem with that, but Dan was finding it difficult at times.

I enjoyed my play and will be looking to play this one again to see about the turn order changeup and if that will work better for me. I like what I played though. So pretty! heart


Next up was a 3 player game of Hokkaido. New to me!

I had missed out on playing this so many times that now was my time to play it! Finally!

I enjoyed Honshu enough that I wanted to learn this one. I got the rundown of Hokkaido during Essen and it looked to be a great improvement on the original.

In this game, you are drafting cards, which is an auto improvement for me. I love drafting! They took out a lot of delivery spaces and just kept in 4 points per delivery and didn't bother with the lesser value spaces. But the major thing that was changed is the added mountain range you are forming. You will gain points for this mountain range and you will have 2 totally separated regions at the end of the game. You will actually compare the largest city from either side and score the lesser valued one, so you are looking to expand both sides of your mountain range pretty evenly. There are added goals you can play with that will also give points. There are also new uses for the cubes that help you gain single landscape regions which were a great addition. Otherwise, it is basically the same game as Honshu where you are over/underlaying cards to form a landscape. You gain points from forests and lakes the same.

This game played out much quicker than Honshu, which was awesome. Unfortunately, Shrey and I tied this game and the TIE breaker rule is that the person with the most desert type land wins... so yeah I lost! Booo! Shrey for the win again. He was on a roll.

I had a great time with this. I think it was like a 20-minute playtime and that is a perfect filler type game IMO. I will gladly play this anytime.


Scott was in for one more game and we broke into teams of 3 for a game of Trapwords.

I am always up for a game of Trapwords. This time I was teamed up with Ron and Dan against Derek, Scott, and Shrey.

I am not sure I have ever played by the official rules with all of the technical details but this game we surely did. No proper nouns allowed. Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Hahaha we had to re-do a round since I violated a whole bunch of rules.

It still worked out for our team since Ron and Dan were being all smart-like. I had no idea what was happening and was not really on their team at all. The other guys managed to catch up to us, but we still managed to complete the game with the dragon as the boss.

Love this game and will have to bring it around during the holidays in hopes that my family will try and play it. Clever clever game.


We had 5 players and decided on The Table Is Lava & The Table is Lava: Coconuts edition. New to me & Expansion!

This is a new dexterity game. The expansion adds a 5th player to the mix so we could easily incorporate that expansion for our 5th player! You just have to change out a few cards and you are good to go.

Everyone places their starting card in the middle of the table and places meeples on them to set up the game. Every time it comes to your turn, you select any card from your hand of cards to either throw into the middle of the pile or flick from the edge of the table. Your goal is to knock down or knock off all of the other player's meeples. Meeples standing on cards at the end of the game are worth 2 points, and if they are sleeping on a card then they are worth 1 point.

Very simple game and a perfect end of the game night with no thinking involved.

Ron ended up winning this game. He had about all of his dudes on the map. I am nearly sure that Derek tossed his card off the table each turn. It was pretty funny. I will gladly play this game anytime.


The last game of the night was Once Upon a Castle. New to me!

This is a new roll n write game from Blue Orange. I am always up for new roll n write games!! You can be creative and draw your own castle or use the outline of the one provided. In my case, this is an automatic drawing game for me. I also need to use colorful sharpies, so I need to always keep those handy when playing this game.

On your turn, you will roll both dice and use them. You will take discs and place them onto your board in the appropriate spaces. Each other player can use one of the dice. If you fill a column or row then you can also claim the reward attached to that line.

Your goal is to make the donjon and the 4 castle walls and 4 castle towers. There are other bonus points you can claim from banners and collecting people, but you need those other things to end the game.

I am not only colorful in this game but I am amazing. I picked up an early card that gave additional people when I took a Turkey die and that was awesome. Really cool combo and it helped me a lot. I ended up winning.

I would have won anyway because I had the prettiest castle. Ron and Dan had weakkkkk castles.


Monday night we played a 6 player game of Skull King.

Last time I played with 3 and I was interested in seeing how this would play with more. It was highly entertaining.

I wanted to play the whole game betting 0, but that is impossible if you are dealt the Skull King himself. Unfortunately, my hand was also terrible so I had to bid 1 and that is what I took for round 7 or something. Totally wasted. Turn 8, I didn't have much better and I was not great at bidding.

Turns out I was still BOSS at this game and ran away with it with 380 points. You really get higher scores with more players. More cards are offered up and more chances to pick up bonus points.

I had a great time playing. Works well with any number of players it seems.


I was interested in trying out Cryptid. New to me!

I was hearing a lot of different things about this game but the overall consensus was that people were enjoying it. Since you need 3-5 players, we broke off into 2 groups of 3 and Dan was able to read the rules.

This is a deduction game where everyone has a hidden piece of information about a mythological creature, like, "cannot be within one space of a mountain". On your turn, you get to ask another player about a hex on the board and see what they have to say about their information. If it is not a valid location, they will place a cube, or if it is a valid location, they will place a disc. If you think you know the exact location of the creature, you can make a search, and if it is not a valid location for someone, they will place a cube.

You keep continuing the gameplay until a location is found that is valid for all players.

I had a great time trying to piece out this puzzle. I was the first to search on like turn 4 or something, and I was able to guess the correct location. I tried to figure out everyone's hidden information the best I could. I ended up guessing Eric's spot on and I had the right idea for Dan so I will give myself half credit.

I had a great time playing and I wanted to play again right then. I think they enjoyed the play but they weren't interested in playing again. I definitely look forward to the next play!


I hardly ever get to play games with Eric, and when I do, I make a point to try and play one of my #top10 games called Cities.

This game needs more love!! It is so one of my favorites and I could play it every day and several times a day at that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I was consistent with both of my plays, scoring 66 in both and winning both games. On the plus side, Eric managed to do much better in the second game. Dan was still terrible at both games, but he tried, I suppose?

Hahahahah, I could have done better, but I will take my wins and leave. #anytime


Dan was bringing around Woodlands and I have been anxious to play this one again. It had been far too long and I really like what this game offers.

I didn't want to play the base mode again though, so I asked if we could play chapter 2 with Robin Hood. Eric was learning but he was up for the challenge. He played perfectly well. Not everyone can just jump into this game on level 2 and do well.

I really thought for sure I would win this game. I managed to screw up the final round royally though, and it was just rough. That last round was a challenge, and you have to rework your brain to think a different pattern scheme. I liked it a lot though. Dan managed to sneak that win. Dang.

The next chapter will be awesome. I can't wait to play it. Just need to find some victims to play with.


Eric was willing to play a new game that Dan brought around called X nimmt!. New to me!

I didn't like 11 Nimmt but I do really like 6 Nimmt so I was willing to give it a shot!

This is very much like 6 Nimmt but with a few new rules and restrictions. In X Nimmt, you can only play 2-4 players which is interesting. There are 3 lines of cards that will bust on 3/4/5 respectively. The major difference is that when you bust a row, you take the cards and add one to your own personal row, and the others get added back to your hand of cards. If you end up busting your own personal row, those cards are scored DOUBLE.

In the game, you, of course, want the lowest score possible. Double points in your score pile are bad. You also get 1 point per bullhead from the cards remaining in your hand when it ends. The round ends when someone has no cards remaining in hand.

I have to say I really like the added rules and smaller player count. I think it makes the game very interesting since the cards are essentially cycling through and through in the same round. I really enjoyed my play of this.

I was glad I got the chance to check it out. I even ended up winning! Woohoo! I would definitely recommend checking this one out if you like 6 Nimmt!


The final game of the night was Tichu. There is always room for ONE MORE game of Tichu.

I was somehow paired up with Dan. WTF?! After last time, I thought for sure I could get Geoff as a partner and destroy... nope, I got Dan, and we proceeded to fail just like last time. At least last time we were able to get in a few good rounds before getting our asses handed to us. This time was just a beat down with no hope of survival. I am not sure we ever broke 100 points. It was over in about 45 minutes.

Definitely not one of our better plays. I don't think we ever made one of our Tichu/Grand calls. It was a sad day. We will have to do better next time.


New to the Collection:
Cerebria: The Inside World
Spirits of the Forest
Movable Type
Dominion: Renaissance

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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Thank you.
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