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January 2019

Isra C.
Valdemoro, Madrid
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Hi everybody!

What a January we had! As I said in the "Our 2018" I'll try to summarize what we played every month because I really like to write these posts. Analyzing the number of plays, we had played at least 3 times to at least 10 different games. We're going to try to do a 10x3x12 challenge. We'll see if we make it!

The 10 chosen ones

I think that we can play this one forever. We have played around 30 plays if it and still liking every time we put it on the table.

Surprisingly addictive like RnW Tetris. I can recommend this one very much but I'm afraid we're spending a lot of sheets playing and playing! We should laminate it.

Circle the Wagons
The best 18 card game I've ever played since Love Letter. This game is amazing.

Imhotep: The Duel
One of the highlights from 2018. This is one of the best representations as "2-player version" of a game I already liked. Quite engaging and quick that makes you wanting to play it again and again.

Not liked a lot but we played this with our little nephew that loved it so... one game after another ahahaha

My goodness I want to play it every time I think about it. I should play it now! I want an expansion for this one asap!! It’s really multisolitaire but… this puzzle amazes me every time I play it.

To be clear: This is not Azul. It is nor best or worse. It's different. And I love it!! This games pushes my brain in the good direction making me planning ahead and "sacrificing" points options in order to score a better card.

Teotihuacan: City of Gods
Traded already. A really good game that didn't clicked for us. I don't really know what happened to us with this game but I have a few complaints but, still, it's a really good game.

Twenty One
Random as a it is, but I pretty enjoy this dice system. If you don’t mind the amount of luck it’s involved, this game will please you. If you want to modify rolls or compensate those numbers, this game is not for you. We’re running out of sheets so probably will have to laminate one of each!.

Underwater Cities
One of the best eurogames of the last year. Despite having flagrant production issues, this game is gold. A little bit AP prone but if you play it relaxed and in a low player count, you won’t notice. This blend of worker placement & Terraforming Mars is just perfect.

Less than 3 plays

There’s no family reunion that they ask us to play Ramen. And we cannot say no! We’re very proud of the gameplay of this one

We played it the 1st of January because if you want to start properly good the year, you have to do it with a masterpiece. Still on of our favorites. But I have to admit that Caverna is more refined and focus more on playing the game instead of feeding people. BUT, it’s Agricola. It’s perfect. Period.

Agricola: Family Edition
This play of the Family version was the ‘goodbye play’ Don’t you do this thing when you trade a game? We usually play one last time to the game that leaves our shelves. And we could experience the differences with the big brother one more time. It’s not as good as his father and his young brother (ACBA) Since we have the ACAB Big Box and the old version of Agricola with all the decks, we really don’t need this one. Anyway, when we played this with non-core games, it worked smoothly.

Architects of the West Kingdom
Really cool game from the guys of Raiders of the North Sea. And liked it more than the first one! It’s a worker placement game with resource management with a twist (as always do Shem Phillips) We have to play it with the bot for 2p but still, is a great game.

The Castles of Burgundy
Our all-time favorite. It’s perfect. Every time. And in this play I was beaten so hard by Shei with a score 250something-150something. The choice of the board was my dead sentence.

Cool dice filler with push your luck and set collection. Didn’t expected so much with this kickstarter and was surprised! It’s quite addictive and it gets played in ~15’ so it’s a perfect deal for playing it having coffee.

Exit: Orient Express
One of the best Exits in the series. But I have to warn you: You MUST pay attention to the clues because at the end you must resolve the mystery. I don’t know if in the rules is stated but we overlooked that and didn’t resolved it But it is one of the best Exit.

Five Tribes
We’re trying to play our 3 favorite games once per month too. The Castles of Burgundy, Agricola and this one. Cannot say anything more about this game that I WANT THE EXPANSION AND IT’S SOLD OUT AND VERY EXPENSIVE IN 2ND HAND AND I COULD HAD IT LONG TIME AGO WITH A DISCOUNT AND I SAYED THAT I WON’T NEED EXPANSIONS ANYMORE AND I WANT IT SO BADLY.

Grand Austria Hotel
To me, the best game of the Italian design team. Yep. Even better than Marco Polo (and Marco Polo is one of my favorites too!) but the draft and the way the cards combines is amazing. It’s a pity that it won’t get an expansion. I’d buy it without looking.

One of the best 2-player card game I’ve ever played. It’s elegant, easy to play, but with a big depth that you’ll discover it with plays. And the plays last about 15’ so you can find it soon.

Heaven & Ale
The first time I’ve completed the whole board! But it was useless because Shei won. We’re giving it more playes in order to trade it soon because we think that we enjoyed it already and we need the shelf space!

The brother of my beloved Honshu didn’t disappointed us! After reading the rules, we thought that it will be Honshu again but it’s not. The feeling of the game play is rather different and we’ll keep both. So now We have to travel to Hokkaido to play Hokkaido in Hokkaido

A classic! I didn’t tried Anxio yet but I don’t know if it will please me as Ingenious does. It was a long time since the last play and I enjoy every time I play it.

Mint Delivery
The ‘sequel’ of Mint Works that didn’t pleased us like Mint Works. Didn’t liked it It’s a bummer because the production of the game is awesome and we waited so long to have it but…

Mint Works
On the other hand we have Mint Works that is awesome. You cannot do more with the components without messing too much the rules. This games is as portable as awesome!

A pleasant surprise! We bought it in Spiel from a guy and after reading the rules we realized that it’s a game for more than two. But it was really good only with two!! At first you start to think that there are obvious decisions but they’re not that obvious. Liked it a lot. Want to play it more.

This game is as good as weird the blending of the theme & mechanics. I mean. Birds queuing to have seeds politely and seeing squirrels and ravens approaching and not moving at all? Seems legit. (The game is really good!!)

To me, better than Qwixx because is more thinky and quick. If you enjoyed Qwixx, this one will please you as well!

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue
Don’t pay attention to the contrast of the beautiful artwork with the ugly result board. This game is cool. A surprise really! I didn’t wanted to buy it at Spiel but I don’t regret that Shei wanted it.

Another disappointment and this one hurt a lot. I saw the core mechanic of Samara long time ago and it was in my wishlist for years. Finally got a copy second handed on the Spiel and tried it out. Not liked at all. To me has a lot of ‘design faults’.

San Marco
This game is really cool! I’ve played it at its best player count (3 people) and tried a strategy of getting out too soon but it didn’t worked hahaha Hopefully this game gets a reprint

One of the finest (and meanest) abstracts we have. This tridimensional component of the tiles is really cool. We do not play this that often but we should do.

That’s Pretty Clever
Nothing to add. It’s addictive as popping bubble paper. Looking forward to Twice as Clever.

Unpublished Prototype
And here we go again! We started 2 designs this month, hopefully we have something playable for the prototype convention in Zaragoza 1st to 3rd of March. To us, Protos y Tipos is like the Essen Spiel of prototypes in Spain and we always work hard during December, January and February to have something solid to play for.

See you in March with the report of February and thanks for reading!!
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