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Some Favorites and No New to Me Games... What is happening?!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


Thursday was Fun Group! We had planned on playing Caverna with Forgotten Folk, but I had forgotten the expansion. Funny how that happened. The Folks were Forgotten. What the heck!

Instead, we landed on playing a 4 player game of Wingspan.

This is a game I learned the weekend before and was up and ready for teaching it. As explained last week, this game is pretty easy to explain. I hit all the rules correctly and everyone was feeling good!

Adam was rolling in the egg points and hidden cards but it ended up as a close race between him and Scott. Adam won with 84 and Scott was just 1 point behind!

I totally lost my focus and was trying to do too many things and ended up not succeeding in any of them. I was the big loser. Man, it was not a good showing for me. I will have to make it up this weekend.


Both Riley and Adam took off and Scott and I picked out Carcassonne for a 2p game. Scott hadn't played in ages and forgot most of the rules.

It was clear that I was going to win this game because he was so unfamiliar with it.

Joe doesn't own any of the expansions so it was really just base base base Carc. I can't even recall the last time I played just base Carc.

It was still great, but I do like it spiced up with more expansions or other stand-alone special Carc games.

I had won the game before I scored a million points for farming. Scott underestimated the farming scoring. I am not sure he was that invested in playing this game though. I am happy to have played it though.


This week we had a game day on Sunday! We started the day with a 3 player game of Blackout: Hong Kong.

I was so excited to get this game this week and just wanted to play it. I recruited Star to play since I knew he was also very interested in getting it back to the table. Shrey ended up joining in for a 3 player game.

The first thing I learned about this game was to play with only 3 players to help cut back on the downtime, and I don't think that is the wrong advice.

I picked this game to be in my top favorites from 2019 and I am still super pleased. This game is so engaging and keeps me interested the whole time. The first time I played this game we got several rules incorrect, but we were able to fix that and play correctly this time. It was just as good as I remember, and better because of the corrected rules.

In our game, Shrey was the one learning, but he had read up on it before and was ready to go. It was a relearning game for me and Star, but it was easy enough to get through. I love the player boards in this game because they really walk you through the motions easily and accurately.

I actually did pretty well this game. I got an early bonus to make my hand size 0-6 and take back cards. This would have been more useful if I actually had completion bonuses that were gaining me awesome things. I will work harder to get those check marks to show up more in my future games. I was feeling pretty good until I learned we only had one more round. I really needed 2 rounds to complete the goal I was going for and get like 10 or more points. It was a pretty abrupt ending, but we had been playing a while. It didn't matter much anyway since I managed to win the game with 104. I think Shrey was second place with 90 so he was right behind me.

I have to say I am even more excited to get this game back to the table over and over. I simply want to do better and see different possibilities. This is a game I haven't even scratched the surface. Seriously loving this one. I think the games are running like 2.5 hours long, which is longer than my usual favorites.


To lighten the load of thinking a bit, we scaled back the next game and took out Fine Sand.

Shrey had played before but Star and Leanne were learning. I explained it to Star and then Leanne showed up so I explained it to her! It is a super easy game to play so it was a good choice at that particular moment.

I was really sad to see the 3 cards go in the next installment of the fabled deck in Fine Sand. We lost a card we had JUST got in the last game that I was really excited to play with this game. That was disheartening. I almost reselected the 3 cards.

It was a close game and I was SURE Star was going to win. He had a crazy engine he was building and seemed to have a million things to do each turn. I wasn't able to end it quick enough and stop him. He did extremely well though and ended up winning. He won with 5 I was 6 and Shrey was 7 points. Leanne played too!

I am still really enjoying this game. I look forward to more!


We were looking for a lighter game still and had reshuffled the groups. We ended up with 4 players for a game of Pirate Tricks.

I got to learn this last month and really enjoyed it so was happy we could play it again. Dan ended up teaching it to Adam and Leanne. I knew they were both into card games and it went over really well!

Last time I played, I was bidding aggressively for the cards I knew I wanted. This time I tried a passive strategy, with an "I get what I get" attitude. Yah, I should have bet harder for the cards I wanted. It ended up in miserable defeat.

Leanne was rolling in the points and she was betting super aggressively. She knew what was up, it seemed. I think she had a near clean sweep the first round of the game and it was impressive. I stayed pretty even all game, I gained a few points here and there and lost a couple in one round. Just didn't work out for me this time around.

Leanne for the win! Made up for her score in Fine Sand!


Joe C finally showed up! We were at 5 players and I finally got to play my favorite 5 player game, Turn the Tide.

I have been trying to get this played for weeks. It is my go-to 5 player game. I explained the rules to Adam, Leanne, and Joe. And then to Joe again. And then to Joe AGAIN. And then to Joe... again. He had even played before!!! He was just not understanding it. It was actually pretty funny, but c'mon Joe!

Seriously love this game. It never fails to produce smiles on everyone's face at some point or another. I dare say this is my second favorite card game (after Tichu). It is that good! Oh, it might help that I won and I often win. Maybe I am just good at reading people.


Adam is not much of a Euro gamer, so it was tricky to figure out a game to play when Joe C said he wanted to play a worker-placement game. I had been itching to play Bunny Kingdom again so I suggested it. Both Joe and Adam didn't know much about it but were willing to give it a go.

I explained the game since Dan hadn't played in a while.

This game is so interesting. There are sooo many paths to victory and things to focus on. The upkeep for scoring in-between rounds can be a bit rough though. I mean it isn't so rough when I play, apparently. I think I only had like 12 points by the end of the 4th and final round. But I got about 140 points from the cards I had drafted to make up for the fact that I made hardly ANY points in the game. It was an insane amount of points. haha, it was awesome.

I still came in 3rd place but we were all within like 20 points from first to the last place. Not bad!

It was an added bonus that both Joe and Adam both really enjoyed the game! They like that you draft 2 cards even though you really want to draft like 4 cards to prevent the next player getting what they want. There is a bunch of great things happening in this game. It is still a mystery why the bunnies are collecting fish though. I want to hear the reasons why...


The final game of the night was a 4 player game of Skylands.

We were using all the Queenies too... or at least some of them were mixed in. There really needs to be a tile reference sheet so you don't have to go searching all the rulebooks for the building uses - it makes it nearly as annoying as the Japanese version. I still enjoy the colors and production of this game though.

OMG, I FILLED THE BOARD! This is the first game I have EVER managed to fill my board. Never in King of Frontier did I manage to do that. You get a bonus in KoF but you don't get a bonus in Skylands. I was really sad about that - mostly because I actually did it!

Oh man, I was proud of my score, I played a really awesome game and crushed all the guys. It was awesome. I think I managed a win this time since we didn't end up playing Ginkgopolis. Next week we will have to play Gink.


Monday night was at Joe's! This was awesome because Len promised to play A Feast for Odin.

I just played last week but I can't seem to get enough of this game. I might have to rank it higher on my top favorites. I am SERIOUSLY in love with this game. The new expansion offers so many amazing opportunities and things to consider.

I set out one goal in this game, and that was to cover my player board as early as I could. By round 3 I had surrounded all of the resources and was rolling in cash. It was amazing. I picked up some islands and just kept pumping out bonus materials. My cards synergized so well, they were basically unstoppable.

I have to say the "Artist" card seems too good to be true. So, the Artist card gives you $1 for each type of good used when crafting. Ugh, in the expansion, on the new board, you get AMAZING goods for one space that requires 3 types. Not only do you get awesome materials but you get $3 to boot. It was an amazing steal each time I went to that space and I think I only went 3 times in the game. #NotEnough.

By the end of the game, I had 3 islands and 4 houses. I could cover all the -1 spaces with $1 I had left over and I still had $10 remaining. First time in the history of playing this game I didn't have a SINGLE -1 point at the end. It was amazing, and it felt that way. I almost feel like I need to retire after that play since it was the single best score I have seen with 182 and there is NO WAY I will ever do better. I annihilated everyone. It was awesome. I freaking love this game so much.


The final game of the night was Tichu. Geoff got awesome new decks from a recent Kickstarter!! I got in on that and got 2 myself! I am always on the lookout for new and interesting Tichu decks! This one is quite nice too!

I was randomly selected to team up with Geoff! I think it is just fate since we are the bomb. laugh

This game we were on point. I think we had a few down rounds, but for the most part, we were taking down Ron and Dan the whole time. I think it helped they were calling and we were setting them. There was one hand I called and had a pretty great hand, but Ron overcalled and made it.

It didn't slow us down much though. We came back for an epic win. I love this game and will always want to play it.



New to the Collection:
Blackout: Hong Kong
New Tichu Decks!

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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