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The Week of Campaign Games! Aeons End Legacy, Hero Realms Ruin of Thandar, Kingdom Rush Rift in Time... MORE

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Groot is my Guardian


I can't seem to get enough of Aeon's End: Legacy. It is certainly shaping up to be the best new game of the month for me and I am only halfway through!

This week we played through chapters 3 and 4. Ooh boy, the game ramped up in difficulty, and fortunately we made some pretty wise choices when we were presented with opportunities.

I like leveling up my character. I was sad when I couldn't choose a certain upgrade because of past choices, but I don't regret the past choice, so it was just something I had to deal with. I am sure I got an equally awesome power instead, but it wasn't my favorite.

We still managed to win both chapters and advance to the next. It was not all so easy though - it would have been fatal if the nemesis turn had happened before one of our turns. We got some extreme luck at the end, and as fate would have it, we were successful. We left the baddies in the ashes and rejoiced.

It is hard to take pictures of this because I don't want to give too much away. I only took a couple. I think I will take more next time and just keep them in the spoiler box.

Spoiler (click to reveal)


I recently picked up an older title called Zocken. New to me!

I thought it came out in 2018 - well, it was re-released in 2018. Didn't know it was from 1998! Things learned when writing a blog. Heh I also thought it was a Roll n Write game, but yeah it is just a dice game.

Zocken is a game that is best with lots of players because you are betting on others to roll and perform well. On your turn, you roll 7 different colored dice, but you'll roll them one at a time. Each time you roll one, you will place it into a line up, but they must be placed in ascending or descending order. After you roll the 3rd die, all other players get to bet on your roll if they think you will score 50 or more. Those who bet will either win half what you score (if you score 50+) or lose 20 (if you score less than 50).

There are bonuses to be had if you match the specific colors on their spaces or if you place all the dice in a line. Each die that can't be placed in the line will lower your score by 20.

My strategy is always to bet on the player. Worst case is that you will lose 20 points. It was not a losing strategy since I ended up winning that game. I mostly won because I had a bad first 3 rolls and no one bet on me in round 4. Yeah, worked out swimmingly for me since I scored big that round and no one else was able to cash in. Mmmhmmm, no faith in my rolling ability. I think that you have to lose a bit more than 20 for me to really consider not betting on people. Only risking 20, I like my odds.

It is a fun game. I can see this being played with the family over holidays and stuff. Very easy to learn and definitely not much thinking happening. I liked it well enough and will happily play this again.


I took out a classic that hadn't been played by the group called Thebes.

MAN, I LOVE THIS GAME! I am not sure that I won the crowd over, but most players had fun. If you dig sand, sand, sand, sand, I can see how that would be draining on a player.

I told everyone that we would play 3 years for a 4-player game. Midway through year 2, it felt like the game was near completion, so I looked it up, and sure enough, it should end after 2 years with 4 players. #badteacher No one seemed to mind, so we just finished at the end of year 2.

It ended up being a close race and I won by only 1 point! 3rd place was just 4 points behind me. It could have been anyone's game.

I never expect to win this game. I always find more sand. I just love the surprise of what I might find when I go digging. Such a great game. Everyone needs to play it.


I was looking forward to playing fun games so I picked out Most Wanted.

This is a really engaging, push-your-luck kind of game. Will I win the duel this time or will someone outshoot me? This is a game I will always lose, but I enjoy playing because I feel like I can win. False hope. lol

We were playing the first scenario, so we had a casino to gamble in and that wasn't coming up in my favor.

There was no way for me to catch up and the 2 players leading the pack decided to duel for the ultimate winner and then it was really over. I was the goodie-two-shoes this week and definitely not Most Wanted.


Another game I recently picked up was GemPacked Cards. New to me!

I am trying really hard not to write the word cute so much, but I have to. I JUST HAVE TO! Seriously, this is one of the cutest games out there, and it pulled me in because it was so cute. Love the cute art in this cute game so much. #cute

GemPacked Cards is a (cute!) set collection game where you collect small gems and combine them into bigger and better gems. Very entry-level color combos happening in this game - red and blue make purple sort of thing. Without getting into too much detail, it is just very basic.

I was bored to tears. I was not invested in anything any player was doing. I was just begging for the game to be over before we got through the rules. shakeshake Yah, not a good sign, I know. I still wanted to play though, because cute! I always gotta try the game and not just the rules. I think I ended up losing by a point, but I am pretty sure we all lost for playing.

Maybe this game is better for kids. I just can't see ever playing it again. I wish they would reuse the art though. Love that art so so much. CUTE!


To end the game night we played a game of Miraris.

This is my favorite of the trilogy that is currently on KS (click here!). It plays out super quick and you are constantly surprised at what happens.

This game I was CRUSHING IT! I think I ended up with 12 collected cards, and doing that in just 8 rounds is quite good. My end-of-game scoring card was that ALL my cards would be worth 7 points if I didn't have ANY 1-value cards.

In the final round of the game, I was forced to take a 1 card! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was all doom and gloom. However, to my delight, another player had a card that STOLE our cards. He got to do this twice and I was able to get rid of the 1 card that would have ruined my ability! It was shocking and excellent! He stole 2 cards from me but I still ended up with a score of 70 points. Like, incredible score. Boom. #ownedit.

Just makes me laugh that evil MWAHAHAHA laugh. Having a good time with this one.


Saturday I got to play a bunch of games and we started with Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time. New to me!

This game is hitting up KS in the next few weeks and my copy is a pre-release prototype.

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is a cooperative tower defense game. You and your buddies are working to build up some high-level towers to fend off the goblins and wolves. Your goal is to destruct the portals that are opening and advancing on your kingdom.

Each round, everyone will use the tower cards in their hands to place onto the board to attack the enemy hordes. Towers that you do not place on the board will be upgraded and passed to a neighboring player. You definitely want to be passing towers, because better towers do more damage! Each tower (in scenario 1) can get up to level 3! In later scenarios, it can be up to level 4. The greater the tower the more damage it will do!

If a horde is destroyed, it is removed from the board and you will gain gems from it. Gems are used to purchase new level 1 towers and it is the last thing to do in the round.

After the towers do damage, they are gathered back into your hand. Each horde will advance and a NEW horde of enemies will spawn. The never-ending supply of enemies! Eventually, a portal will be opened and will host a LOT of enemies in that horde. This is the critical horde, because if you can destroy all of the portals, you win. Portals can be damaged only by high-level towers, though.

This is the basic rules for the entry-level scenario 1. Getting into scenario 2, you start to be able to use special heroes and their powers. They will walk around the board and help fight the hordes. I haven't had the chance to play scenario 2 yet, but I'll get back to you on that.

It was really easy to win this first scenario and it was sort of an anti-climactic ending we had. It was like, "oh, okay, it's over." Regardless, it was the entry-level scenario, so it is probably like a tutorial on how to play.

We got a pretty good feeling for the game, but I am definitely looking forward to trying Scenarios 2 and 3 with the help from the heroes. The hero I already picked out is Magnus spellBANE. I wonder where they got the name idea for that. #Shadowhunters

I like the whole theme and puzzle aspect to this game. I am curious about how hard it gets when we start having to deal with 2 and 3 portals. Should be interesting!


It had been far too long since my last play of Letters from Whitechapel so I suggested we play this.

Maybe I just wanted to play some Jekyll and Hyde music like I always do. Definitely that.

So, turns out, I've always been playing this game incorrectly. Go figure. Basically, I have been playing that you move a cop and investigate, then move a cop and investigate. Yeah, that is not how it is supposed to be played. You have to move ALLLLLL the cops and then investigate. It definitely makes it much harder for the cops to win.

As a result of this finding, I played Jack and made it through to night 4. I was caught though. I spent too much time in Night 1 and the coppers were on my case from my first move. They were pretty sure where my hideout was all game long. It was hard to really make it work in the end. I am shocked I got to Night 4, though.

Nearly escaped with all my murders. I will have to try Whitehall Mystery next time.


Since I wanted a walk in the park, it was time to play Sanssouci.

This game is easy breezy. I like it and it is relaxing. Especially after the manhunt for Jack. It can be tiresome to run for so long.

I ended up with a very successful walk in the park. I got my secret bonus cards with top scores and a lot of in-game bonuses from the special spaces. It just worked for me this time around.

It is always refreshing to get this one back on the table.


At dinner, there were a couple of games of Brikks.

It is a pretty good dinner game. I really hate that D4 die though. It is really hard to pick up. angry

It is a cute game. I am not sure of the longevity of it though. There are just better Roll n Write games out there.

I always strive to complete the top-most row for the x4 multiplier. I didn't do it the first game but I still scored well. I did do it in the second game but scored poorly. Weird how that worked out. Dice were not in my favor the second game.

Got around 100 points that first game. I still managed to win both games I played. There is that! Success!


The plan for after dinner was to start the Hero Realms campaign game. To prep for that, we played the basic game to get a feeling for the mechanics again.

I have played A LOT of Star Realms in my day, but I can never seem to get this game down. I lose every time I play, and this time was no different. I had a deck that was very focused on damage. I didn't pick up any healing powers though and of course, I was playing vs a healer. Little by little I was getting nicked and it led to my demise.

It was certainly a losing situation for me, but it prepared us for the campaign game.


We played Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck. New to me!

This game is a cooperative Hero Realms. Players will select a character and work their way through the campaign deck upgrade and specializing their character as they go. Of course, I chose the fighter (red) character. The Wizard also joined the team for our 2 player experience.

The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck adds a new nemesis each scenario and they will get progressively more powerful and harder to beat as you level up. In order to play the campaign, you will need the base game for your Market deck. All of the nemesis cards are included in the campaign box and you will also need to buy the character packs that you want to play with.

Your character will get to start with a couple of upgraded cards to help specialize you. These items and skills will also be upgraded to be bigger and better as the game goes on.

Your goal as a team is to defeat the baddies. You will have to kill off the main boss guy in order to win. If you do, then you get to proceed to the next. If one of the teammates dies, then everyone loses.

When it is your turn, you have to reveal a nemesis card that might attack you or your neighbors. It could also be a power-up gem for him. Every card will have a color that will activate one of the nemesis' abilities. These cards are always bad. If any minions show up in your face, you will have to fight them off.

It is pretty straight-forward game though. It will work just like Hero Realms but you are beating up on the bad guy together.

We had a pretty strong start and picked up a few really great cards to add to our deck. I was all about the fighting cards. devil I don't think we were ever really nervous about the bad guys getting out of hand. Once the nemesis leveled up, it was more worrisome but we were able to manage it well.

I was nowhere near losing my final life before we were able to end him. I do think we had some good cards early on and we were both able to focus our decks pretty well to work in our favor.

We got sweet end-of-game rewards - two elixirs, which paired randomly and nicely with our characters, and two character treasures.

I can't help but compare Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar to Aeon's End Legacy. This game is easier to set up and play than Aeon's End Legacy. But I think if you like either of the titles, then you should check out the other. Very cool games.

I had a great time playing this. I am very much interested to see where the next scenario leads us. I anticipate the enemies getting more difficult.


I had to reorganize all my small games! They were a mess!

New to the Collection:
Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time
GemPacked Cards

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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Thank you.
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