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App News: All the stuff we missed while on vacation including Shards of Infinity, Terraforming Mars, XenoShyft, and Lorenzo il Magnifico

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App News

My kids were on Spring Break last week, so we decided to make the most of it and had a good ol' family road trip to a warmer clime. As such, I've been absent for a bit, but I'm back now and a lot happened over the past couple weeks. Let's jump in...

Lorenzo il Magnifico coming to digital via Kickstarter
This one has been around for a bit, but it's down to the final 48 hours so we're going to tell you about it. I'm talking about a Kickstarter for the digital version of Lorenzo il Magnifico from Cranio Creations!

Lorenzo is one of those many, many euros that are currently sitting in my basement, still in shrink. Someday I'll play them all, but getting a digital version should make that a lot easier.

The Kickstarter includes both digital content with a PC/Mac version of Lorenzo il Magnifico, but also offers a new expansion: Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Pazzi Conspiracy Kickstarter Edition which includes many Kickstarter exclusive cards.

The most interesting thing is that there was a stretch goal of about 80K €, but they're claiming they've reached it while they're still under $50K. Hmm.

Anyway, the Kickstarter is fully funded (and more) at this point, but you might want to check it out for the physical expansion stuff you can still nab. You have less than 48 hours to add your name to the list of backers.

- Lorenzo il Magnifico Kickstarter page

Shards of Infinity hits Early Access on Steam
We mentioned earlier that Temple Gates Games LLC was bringing the card slinger, Shards of Infinity, to digital. I think a lot of us are in the beta and, unsurprisingly, I think Temple Gates has another hit on their hands.

I'm not a huge fan of the 'Ascension-like' deck-builder games, but this one is actually a lot of fun. I think the addition of the 'Shard', which allows you to instantly win if you reach a certain level of mastery is pretty sweet. Yes, I lose about 90% of my games attempting to get to 30, but it's a fun ride.

If you didn't get in the mobile beta, good news! Earlier this week Temple Gates released an Early Access version of Shards on Steam for Windows. Yes, it's only for Windows (us Mac users can go pound sand, apparently), but it's out there if you want to give it a go. I think we all know that you want to give it a go.

- Shards of Infinity for PC via Steam Early Access, $8

Terraforming Mars on Steam gets major update, card drafting
I know there's been a lot of hate for the digital version of Terraforming Mars that Asmodee Digital pushed out on Steam last year. I pretty much loved it despite its flaws, but I think I was in the minority. Anyway, they just pushed out a huge update for TM that, I think, will make many people happy.

Asmodee wrote:

Draft Variant
Each player gets four cards and chooses to draft one and then puts aside the others. He then passes the three other cards to the next player and so on. The process continues until all the cards drawn have been drafted.

The Draft Variant introduces a strategic layer by allowing the player and their opponents to draft a more customized hand of cards and play smartly by preventing other players from getting the cards they want.

The Draft Variant is available for both online multiplayer mode and hotseat, as well as for the solo mode.



A new feature, available at any moment during the game, allows the player to pause their current action and check the information they need before making their decision.

Players can see and compare the score of each player by mousing over the Milestone or Award icons, allowing them to see the impact of their potential actions and thus supporting their decision process.

Game mechanics:

AI improvements including solving the freezing issues.

Online improvements including solving the desynchronization issues.

Fixing the Awards calculation bugs.
I've been playing in the TM mobile beta and a lot of these features have been landing in beta town as well, making the game incredibly polished on the small screen. I'm hoping this release for the Steam version means we'll be seeing the mobile version release soon? If so, Asmodee isn't talking.

- Terraforming Mars for PC via Steam, $25

XenoShyft gets Forbidden Sciences expansion
XenoShyft is one of those great board game ports that everyone seems to forget exists. Everyone except Asmodee Digital, that is! They keep supporting it with the XenoShyft: Dreadmire release last year and, last week, the digital release of XenoShyft: Forbidden Sciences.

Forbidden Sciences is a mini-expansion that...

BGG wrote:
The Forbidden Sciences expansion includes all-new Division Cards for the Psychogenics Lab and Grafting Research divisions, as well as five all-new items for both Divisions, adding a wealth of new variety to your games!

Bring out the untapped potential of the human mind with the Psychogenics Lab!

Turn your Troops into horrifying (but effective) alien/human hybrids with the Grafting Lab!
You can nab it on iOS or Android for $3. It doesn't appear to be available for the Steam version, however. Not sure why...

- XenoShyft for iOS Universal, $5
- XenoShyft for Android, $5
- XenoShyft for PC/Mac via Steam, $10
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