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Ticket to Ride, Cool Stuff Inc saved the day and a bit more

David Gregg
United States
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I've been slacking a bit on my blog posts, so here's a decent variety of things to make up for it arrrh

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride remains one of my families favorite games to play in the evenings and basically just have a good time together. Since we've been playing it a ton I've been going after the expansions and have even nabbed Mayday's wooden train tokens. My latest map addition to our collection was Ticket to Ride: Europe and we finally got in a couple games of it over the weekend (the tunnel system is interesting). I haven't quite gotten the feel for how the tickets link to go after the longest route yet, so my wins have been a lot closer then usual (beat wifey by just 3 points). Everyone has liked the wooden trains so far, though I do wish there were some wooden train stations to compliment the Europe set (would've been cool to include them in the Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912 expansion).

Next step is to get the game sleeved and find a better way to organize it all. Currently I've taken the insert out of the base game and am using the boxes from 1912 and Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 to store the cards, with all the bits from a given color in separate bags (e.g. red trains, train stations, depots and scoring token all in one bag). I've then placed both the USA and Europe maps on top, which allow the box to be closed rather perfectly. Unfortunately I'm fairly certain that the cards will no longer fit in the 1910/1912 boxes once sleeved, so I'll probably look into some deck boxes to store the various sets of cards.

Cool Stuff Inc

I recently placed a large order with Cool Stuff Inc and decided to go ahead with sleeving the vast majority of my game collection. I have a thing for Dragon Shield sleeves, but they didn't have quite enough in stock for what all I wanted, that is until I noticed they also carried packs of 50.

laugh Yay!

I happily placed my order checked the tracking info everyday until they arrived. Opening the box and unpacking all those sleeves was quite fun, right up until the point where I tried to sleeve a card... and while the first corner went in just fine, the second corner was quite obviously not going to fit...


After checking back online I noticed that these "mini" packs were not mini as in "50 is mini compared to 100" but rather they were Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game sized, meaning narrowing then what I had needed...


I emailed customer service to ask if I could exchange and they had no problem with it. Then, as I was packing up the sleeves to ship back, I figured I should probably double check the game entries on BGG to see what size cards each game uses and come to find out that I needed FOUR different sleeve sizes...


So I emailed customer service again to explain what an idiot I am and detailed the odd exchange I would need to sleeve my collection. They again had zero issue with the exchange and noted my account to make sure the exchange went smoothly. Woot! Newb mistake aside, I'm quite happy with this transaction as Cool Stuff Inc continues to be my favorite OLGS.

Wifey and Youngest AFK

My youngest got to head out to Washing D.C. to check out the monuments etc with her school and my wifey went with her. They left out early Wednesday morning by bus and returned late Friday night. This means I was going to have to both cook (wifey rocks at cooking, I, well, suck) and drive (wife hates to be passenger, I could care less either way, so she always drives). Not only would I be driving, but my sis-in-law (who was going to be watching my eldest) lives a pretty good hike away from home and I've never driven there before, so I got to break out the GPS for the last half of the week. Food was pretty straight forward, mostly sticking to easy stuff (spaghetti, ordering pizza), but I did try out something a smidgen fancy the last night and was glad I did, because it was DELICIOUS.

For the curious, I made pork chops (diced) with a ginger-cherry sauce over short grain rice (recipe).

SO GOOD zombie

Anyways, other then food, also took my eldest out to a local park that has a disc golf course (been wanting to try it out for a while now). We both had a blast. Even got to semi-dip her in a large creek as she had thrown her disc into the water and needed to retrieve it (hey, I wasn't going in there, the stronger of us needed to stay on land to fish the other out, or so I told my wife, lol). Now that wifey is home we plan to take the whole family disc golfing in the near future.


The kittens we had a while back are growing up nicely and just about ready to be handed out to friends / family. We'll be giving them their first round of meds something this week or next and then putting out the word that they're ready to pick up. We have 1 orange, 1 grey and 2 calico (1 light and 1 dark), though I've not sexed them yet, so not sure on the female/male count. Also need to get the mother spayed, can't afford to keep having these litters (and can't keep them either, no pets per landlord). They are quite cute though, as expected of kitties =^.^=

Geek & Sundry

Two of my fav geek celebs are starting up a cool web-show called Geek & Sundry, namely: Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. Shows include: The Guild (they're uploading the past eps in HD as well as new eps as they're released), The Flog (which is Felicia's video blog thingy), Written by a Kid (which looks promising), Sword & Laser (show about geek books etc), Dark Horse (awesome looking motion comics), Tabletop (geek celebs playing board games, this one has me pretty stoked) and Learning Town (comedy musical to release later this year).

Guild Wars 2

For those that've been following my want list, you'll know that I've had my eye on Guild Wars 2 for quite a while now. More and more info has been releasing slowly these last few weeks and it all looks to be coming together quite nicely. The gameplay mechanics alone look amazing, but then they just keep revealing more and more polish, from little things like letting crafting speed up exponentially so you don't have to wait forever to more critical things like ensuring that their in game economy doesn't get trashed from gold sellers (quite happy with their $/gem system).

Currently I'm planning to play a Sylvari Mesmer as I think the Sylvari have a pretty cool look about them and an interesting story (or lack thereof) for their race. I tend to lean toward caster races and love classes with lots of utility, especially if they have things that I can use to confuse my opponents, so Mesmer was a perfect fit (cannot wait to spam those clones).


Funny moment just now!

Backstory: Wifey made beef stew last night, it was delicious, I had 3 heaping bowls (so full).

Funny bit: Wifey made a comment that I must have liked the stew, I replied that it hit the spot, eldest commented that it must have hit all the spots...

They grow up so fast
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