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Kickstarters we've backed

Julia Ziobro
United States
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I discovered Kickstarter late last year and felt oh-so-tempted. I was scared, though, that it would become like eBay was for me, masterful drainer of thousands of dollars and deliverer of things I didn't need. So I held off on Kickstarter, and missed a few games that looked interesting, especially Caveman Curling: The Black Sheep of the Clan.

I got over my fear, and have gone a little crazy on Kickstarter. The other night, I decided to see what new-game deliciousness we have to come!

Realm Coins This is the only project that I've backed that we have in hand. They are better than expected! We have already used them when playing Mundus Novus, Puerto Rico, Runebound (Second Edition) and others.

Next to arrive will be Tumblewood. This game looks fantastic in that it is made in America by one person, by hand, and is of the highest possible quality. The Kickstarter for this one is still active too:

May will see four games hitting our front door!
I suspect that For The Win (Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens, and Monkeys) will be first. Just a hunch. This was the first Kickstarter project I ever backed; the game was cheap, it looked completely silly, and the stretch-goal rewards were too tempting to resist.

Next, probably, is the Darkana Tarot deck (not a game, I suppose).

I wonder (no offense intended) if the next two will miss their projected dates. They are complex projects!
Seven Sisters, which looks like a solidly amusing game, even if the card layout makes me think of Citadels (an unfair comparison!)
Poker Chips for Gamers, Ceramic Currency for Board Games, which is still open for pledges:

June will be a bit calmer; only Di Renjie should arrive. Its origami card holders look fascinating; certainly unique, and this game was so cheap that I actually paid more than the required level (only $10 including shipping for the game; I pitched in $15!)

July brings two new games from Kickstarter projects, if they stay on schedule.

The wildly anticipated Kings of Air and Steam was the first big, expensive project I backed. This game is so up my alley I can barely stand it -- it's trains AND airships!, though I'm sort of "meh" on the whole steampunk thing.

Blurble looked good and I'm eager to add it to our somewhat-thin party-game shelf. Yes, I know that these games are not "serious" but we do all enjoy them when they're brought out as filler, to clear the air between heavy games.

August brings two games as well, if we're lucky.
VivaJava: The Coffee Game is not what I usually consider "my kind" of game but I found myself raving about it and showing it to everyone at game night two weeks in a row... which pushed me over the edge to back it. The fact that it can be played by up to 8 is a huge selling point; we get tired of 7 Wonders sometimes and there aren't so many games that play well with so many people.

Chicken Caesar looks a bit crazy for me but I am guessing that several people who regularly come to our game group will LOVE it, so I figured it was worth a try. And I was thoroughly addicted to Kickstarter by then anyway.

September sees only one game so far, but it's probably the one I want the most of all of these: Fleet. This campaign is open for 30 more days, which is killing me, because I want this game NOW, but it's good too... everyone go pledge and drive up the huge pile of stretch-goal goodies! Seriously, the game design looks excellent and it seems to have real depth which will lead to great replayability.

And I'm sure we'll eventually end up with more, but right now, we have one game scheduled to arrive from Kickstarter in October: Zpocalypse. Boy, is this an unlikely favorite for me... zombies bore me nearly as much as pirates, and as a theme, it's typically a dead end. However, this game is really WORKING its theme... it's not just "any random game" with zombie art pasted on... and it actually looks interesting. Even if it does turn out to be the best zombie game ever & still boring, I will be glad to have it in our collection because I'm sure people in our game group will love it. And the stretch goal possibilities here are also quite awesome, so check out its still-open campaign:

What are YOU backing on Kickstarter?
Am I missing something? Are you avoiding the entire Kickstarter "thing" because -- well, why? I have heard some reasons, and I understand them, but I'm curious. I find it pathetically exciting, love the stretch goal bonuses, and feel glad to help games that I like make it to cardboard. I'm willing to take the risk, since I actually feel I am taking a similar risk whenever I pop the shrink on something from FLGS.
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