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Ooooooh, Devon is a place on earth

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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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(The rest of) Thursday
The hotel is a long, thin block sticking out of an industrial estate but there was a badelyng of ducks honking merrily by a stone-banked stream outside my room's window so you'd never have known. Despite it being 'the setup', a handful of ne'er-do-wells had already checked in for gaming fun:

From gallery of tonyboydell

Messrs Breese and Turczi dobbering through Keyfoundland

From gallery of tonyboydell

Heckling from the sides, I watched the gentlemen rounding up their adventures on the new Key landscape (an island) and then enter the scoring phase which, scarily, began with Richard pulling out a sheaf of pages on which to record the points. Volume Six, sub-section B2 of the score pad came under some debate as potentially just rewarding the person who is already in front; other than that, the process of summing up took less time than the actual game (just)*

We decamped the Bar for some supper then, joined by Wei and Neil, played a five-hander for Tickets Please!. The sticky Bar table proved troublesome against the plastic sleeves of the tickets - next time: a tablecloth!

We repaired to a downstairs gaming room to give David's IP-based Spy game a first proper run-through: it has worker placement and room building and stuff - I can't say any more for fear of finding a digital horse's head on my pillow.

To close - because this is a game convention and what the Hell else am I going to do here?! - I found three willing players for Polygonia:**

From gallery of tonyboydell

We were interrupted, temporarily, by the traditional British hotel 1AM Fire Alarm; no-one admitted to setting the thing off but everyone seemed willing to blame me for smoking in the toilets***! I felt sorry for the shy, scantily-gowned couple who seemed to have been 'evacuated' in the middle of some rumpy-pumpy: perhaps it was the hot fire of their lovemaking that set off the sprinklers?!

And so, after a hearty - healthy - breakfast, to work:

From gallery of tonyboydell

Two sampler sessions of WIP Attention All Shipping kicked off a prototype-heavy day; a four and a three both coming in at about 90 mins each (the three-er was a more gamer-ish group) and happy noises abounded. I've made a couple of minor notes but, to be honest, I need this to be taken forward by a Developer now.

There was a diversion with new-addiction Polygonia which, for 90 mins, melted our brains. I spent the first half of the game building up a protected-from-destruction combo that netted me 10 points per round of in-game scoring; I couldn't compete with the winner (Dave?) in the 'scored buildings' race, however, and finished less that a single combo-round behind. I am SO excited by this one at the moment...and Matt Dunstan hasn't even turned up to Gridcon yet to have a go himself!

Pal Andy, from my London-on-board days, and even from older early 2000s Magic: The Gathering days pal Lawrence, had arrived and I grabbed them and their companions for a quickfire Tickets Please! which went down an elbows out / push 'n shove blast! Coming along very nicely:

From gallery of tonyboydell

(Friday evening)
...will have to be in another post as it's now 0202HRS and I need to sleep!

*I am, of course, exaggerating for comic effect; it IS a bit of a points category beast, however.
**Yes, that is Vital Lacerda; he went on to win while Neil and Justin's combos went off around them.
***[i]Dear reader, I've not smoked since 2005 and now have nightmares where I have a cig and then feel instantly-mortified that I have broken my long-term abstinence; hen I wake up and sigh in relief that it was all a dream after all!
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