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Cardboard Insanity is bringing 7 years of written boardgame reviews to the podcast world. It's time for the wit, humor and great opinions to pop off the screen and into your ears. We'll be bringing you news, reviews, interviews, and more weekly!
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Dr. Reiner Knizia, part 2! - 7/17/16 - Our fantastic interview with the legendary Reiner Knizia wraps up this week. We talk about some of his digital endeavors, upcoming reprints and new games, and more. Instead of reviewing just one game this week, we have something special. My mom, Diane Oksienik, joins us for a wonderful conversation about Battle Line, Schotten Totten, Ra, Orongo, Through the Desert, and For Sale.

Dr. Reiner Knizia! - 7/10/16 - Do I really need to say anything else? Horsey Avenger and I review Orongo this week. A brilliant game from a man with an incredible history of game design.

Trees are the Answer! - Part 2 - 6/12/16 - We wrap up our conversation with Dan Cassar this week, continuing the discussion about Arboretum and then focusing on Dan's win of the Cardboard Edison game design contest. The Blood of an Englishman is picking up a lot of steam and Dan goes into the details. Horsey Avenger and Steve review Dan's current masterpiece, Arboretum from Z-Man games.

Trees are the Answer! - 6/5/16 - We love high-energy people and Dan Cassar is definitely one of those people. Dan stops by the show to talk about his gaming history, how he became a designer, his first published design and Arboretum! Part 1 is full of information and part 2 wraps it up next week. Horsey Avenger and Steve review the wonderfully original Loony Quest from Asmodee and Libellud. This game is finally getting a US release so hear all about it and then get a copy!

Breaking Bad....Medicine - Part 2 - 5/22/16 - This week we wrap up our conversation with Gil Hova. We dig deeper into how Kickstarter makes independent publish possible, how errors in a print run can cause major problems, and so much more. Gil tears the house down with his incredibly intelligent thoughts. Horsey Avenger and I review a game that takes what it's predecessor did and does it better, but for 2 players instead of 3 to 7. 7 Wonders Duel is our game of the week!

Breaking Bad....Medicine - 5/15/16 - Gil Hova's love is like Bad Medicine! Well maybe not, but his game certainly is. Gil is back on Cardboard Insanity to talk about Bad Medicine and his current Kickstarter campaign to fund the expansion, Second Opinion. Gil is a force of nature touching on topics like Kickstarter successes and failures, launching his own company, the need for perfection in publishing, and so much more.

Parkour! The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - 5/8/16 - The best gaming podcast on the internet is back with a new episode about a game so fresh, it's not even released yet! This week we review the new The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game from Evil Hat Productions, designed by Eric B. Vogel. Plus, get to hear an interview with Eric as he tells us all about designing a game in Jim Butcher's rich world or wizards.

BRUNO! - Part 2 - 5/1/16 - You wanted more Bruno, and you've got it! Part 2 of our excellent interview with Bruno Faidutti is now live. You get to hear all about why Bruno likes working with other designers, what got him into game design, and what's coming up next. As if that wasn't enough, we are reviewing the dino-riffic two-player game Raptor from Matagot which Bruno co-designed with Bruno Cathala.

BRUNO! - 4/14/16 Folks, I say that we are a great podcast and I mean it. If you've stuck with us this far or are just joining us, then you are in for a treat. I've got the one and only Bruno Faidutti for the this week and next. You can hear me discuss all sorts of interesting topics with one of my favorite designers. Plus, this week we review Warehouse 51 from Passport Game Studios and FunForge.

The Wizard of Oz - Part 2 - 4/10/16 Part two of our interview with David Harding of Grail Games starts us off. We wrap up the episode with a review of the wonderful reprint of Circus Flohcati. Also, Cardboard Insanity welcomes our newest sponsor, Game Surplus. If you are looking for great games with superior customer service, look no further than

The Wizard of Oz - 4/3/16 You wanted the best? YOU GOT THE BEST. No, not the legendary KISS. It's even better: Cardboard Insanity has returned! Part 1 of our interview with David Harding of Grail Games is up this week. We then review his most excellent 2-player card game Matcha.

A very inappropriate episode - 8/24/15 Cardboard Insanity goes Adults Only this week as we spotlight Inappropriate Gaming. We lead things off with a great interview with Greg Cozza, company founder and designer. We start our reviews by looking at Shootin Blanks, a great social card game. Our Game of the Week is Americas Next Top Pimp. If you want an awesome blend of humor with great gameplay, this is exactly what you want.

Smorgasboard, smorgasboard - 8/10/15 We have a wonderful assortment of gaming bits for you on this week's episode. Our weekly interview is with David Brashaw, founder of Backspindle Games and designer of Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame and the upcoming Clacks: A Discworld Board Game. His love of gaming is matched only by his love of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.

Our game reviews start with Michael Schacht's Gold!, from ABACUSSPIELE. We follow that up with a review of Blue Orange Games newest social game, WINK.

For our Game of the Week, we look at the unsung hero of the Pandemic family, Pandemic: Contagion from Z-Man Games. This game fills a unique place as a super-filler game that plays equally good from 3 to 5 and does so in about 30 minutes. There's huge amounts of replayability here.

Abstract Impressionism - 7/27/15 Episode, time flies. This week's episode is called Abstract Impressionism because we are looking at the often overlooked world of abstract games. We start with an overlooked gem from Twilight Creations, Easter Island. That is followed up with a look at the first published abstract micro-game, Blue Orange Games' Attila. Then we look at our first Reiner Knizia game: Indigo, published by Ravensburger.

For our Game of the Week, we start with an interview of the games designer and founder of Yodeo Games, Ian Reed. We follow that up with our review of his game, Convert. This is a truly awesome abstract game that has infinite amounts of replayability.

Roll the Bones - 7/13/15 Life may have messed up our schedule, but we are back and better than ever! This special dice-game episode delivers some incredible games. We start with a review of Michael Schacht and Roman Pelek's 2-player dice game, Shanghaien from ABACUSSPIELE. We follow that up with a game that is horrendously underrated, Garden Dice from Meridae Games. Our Game of the Week is the modern Ameritrash classic, Luchador from Backspindle Games. We also have an interview with Luchador's designer Mark Rivera.

For The Birds, Part 2 - 6/29/15 - We carry the For the Birds show into a second part, chock full of reviews: Parade, Hero of Weehawken, and Martinique start the show off right. We close things with an amazingly good micro game that set a new standard of what you can do with 18 cards, Too Many Cinderellas from Grail Games

For The Birds - 6/22/15 - Episode 10 of Cardboard Insanity is live on iTunes and RSS! This week's episode is called For The Birds and with good reason.....that you'll have to figure out. The best news is that this episode is so big we decided to break it into two parts. Part one is live this week while part two will go live on 6/29/15. Part one focuses on our Game of the Week, Shadow Throne, designed and published by Teale Fristoe on his Nothing Sacred Games label. The Lunchtime Gang help out on this interview so you get a wide variety of opinions from the group. Plus, Teale joins us for an interview and tells us all about Shadow Throne, his other games, and what he's working on next.

Origins Spectacular 2015 - 6/15/2015 - Stormseeker75 and The Horsey Avenger made their first trip to a major boardgame convention. Origins was an amazing event, full of great games and even better people. The Origins Spectacular 2015 is full of game demos and interviews from a wide variety of independent game companies and designers, too many to list here. Listen to the podcast to find out all about the amazing games coming from some very talented people.

Hop to It! - Episode 9 - 6/8/2015 - I love games with unique themes and this week's episode covers that topic by reviewing Bullfrogs, published by Thunderworks Games. Keith Matejka, designer of Bullfrogs and owner of Thunderworks Games joins us for an awesome interview. We follow that up with a review of a wonderful introductory solitaire wargame, A Blood Red Banner: The Alamo from Victory Point Games.

Two Player Extravaganza - Episode 8 - 5/25/2015 - Since the Horsey Avenger and I do so much two-player gaming, we figured it would be perfect to cover some great, lesser-known two player games. We start with Longhorn from Blue Orange Games. Next is our first ever abstract game review: Stratopolis from Gigamic. And of course, our Game of the Week: Pack of Heroes from Adventureland Games. This is our second Phil Walker-Harding review.

Lunchtime Gaming - Episode 7 - 5/11/2015 - Our first episode on the new biweekly schedule! This week is all about lunchtime gaming at work. I've got my lunchtime game group together to review two of our most popular games: Eggs and Empires from Eagle-Gryphon Games and Dungeon Raiders from Passport Game Studios. Plus a solo review of one of my favorite all-time fillers, No Thanks from Z-Man Games.

Games from Oz - Episode 6 - 4/27/2015 - Another happy Monday is here, and that means a new episode of Cardboard Insanity is live! This week's episode features a man from Down Under, designer and publisher David Harding. Our Game of the Week is actually a double-shot this time featuring David's games One Zero One and Elevenses. There's some great games available now and upcoming from Grail Games.

Plus, we announce the winner of our Billionaire Banshee giveaway contest!

Episode 5 - 4/20/2015 - Want to win a copy of Billionaire Banshee? Of course you do! Listen to episode 5 where I interview the game's designer, Razlo Bailey. He'll tell you all about the history of the game and fill you in on our contest to get a copy of his awesome game into your grubby little mitts. Also, we do our Game of the Week review on Sons of Anarchy from Gale Force 9. If you're looking for a game with massive amounts of theme and great player interaction, this is what you want.

Episode 4 - 4/13/2015 - We've got a wonderful interview with Gil Hova, talking about his games, Kickstarter and so much more. Our Game of the Week is Samurai Spirit from Passport Game Studios and FunForge. I've got the one and only Horsey Avenger with me to help on the review.

Episode 3 - 4/6/2015 - Taking an in-depth look at The X-Files from IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games. We've also got a really fun review of my new favorite party game, Billionaire Banshee!

Episode 2 - 3/30/2015 - A summary of my time at ConnCon plus a review of Paperback, an awesome combination of deck-builder plus word game.

Episode 1 - 3/23/2015 - Interview with Steve Finn and Seamus Finn of Dr. Finn's Games plus a review of Institute of Magical Arts.

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13 Days in 60 minutes
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